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Default August weight loss challenge

Hi Ladies

It is time to start our new month again. Congratulations to all of you that had weight loss last month, for those of you that maintained, and also to all for just keeping at it! Ready for another round? Hope to see you all here in our new thread and fresh new month. All are welcome so for any of you who would like to join us, please do so : ) the more the merrier. We simply state our goals for the month and measure our success in any fashion we feel is best for each of us whether it is via the scale, measurements, clothing, and/or simply feeling better psychologically and physically, etc. Our main goal here is to support one another along our journey.

I would like to say thankyou once again to the super team of ladies here for the support and insipiration and helping me along during these summer months, which is typically a trying time for me.
My goal for this month will be primarily a maintenance (first few weeks while gallavanting with dh on vaca) and then a couple pounds lost the final portion of the month. I look forward to our new month together and to seeing you all here , as well as meeting those of you who may just be joining in. Let's keep it rockin'
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August already jeez!! Well i didnt meet my goal of 5 lbs off for July, 2lbs off. Im setting my goal for August to be 3lbs off. Im desperate to lose these 5lbs to get into my next stone, i havent been 14 stone something for about 4 years, so it would be nice to see!! Heres to a great month, and thanks to everyone for their support and advice last month, especially FSA!! Hugs to you all!!
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Default Sign me UP

I have just re-discovered this site and I am excited about incorporating it into my lifestyle changes! My goals for August will be to STICK to the Weight Watchers Flex Plan, and to exercise 4 times a week. I have started a 3FC blog entitled Out of the Ashes. My blog user name is Phoenix. I look forward to giving and receiving support in this journey!
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Hello all I am part of the Labor Day challenge and was wondering if you mind my joining this one also. Give me a month goal at the same time as a longer term goal. After the Labor Day we are moving to a Christmas one so I could maybe continue to do both!

I am gonna assume a yes since everyone in these forums is so nice all the time. My Current weight is 189.5 and I would like to get to 182 before August 31st. We are going to Disneyland the week after Labor day and so I would love to be over 20 pounds down by then, at 180

Besides that when we get back our Y membership (which has been on hold) will be back open for us and I would love to start lifting weights and such at 20+ pounds down from my start weight. That way I slowly incorporate stuff to keep from a platuea. Ok well good luck to all and I will keep an eye on this post from now on.
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I would like to lose 5 lbs by August 31st. That would put me from 226 down to 221.
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I'd like to lose 5 pounds this month....I'm feeling really tired and beat....
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I have less blubber!
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Welcome to all of our newcomers!! Nice to see some fresh faces here

As for August, I am setting a goal for 8 pounds lost. I have been setting it at 10 in previous months, and it just isn't happening. So I am hoping to see 187 by the end of the month

Looking forward to another lovely month with you lovely ladies
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Ugh, i weighed myself this morning and apparently i'm back up to 144? A two pound gain over night? I'm hoping it was just a fluke with the scale, so i'll check again tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to get down to 135 by the end of August/labour day, eand reaching my goal of 128-130 by October 1st. I think it is all doable, even if the scale wasn't wrong this morning and I am at 144. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning and determine what exactly it is i'm looking to lose, but at this point it sounds like 9lbs by August 31st, then another 7 for October. Although I didn't reach my goal of an 8 pound loss this July, I came quite close and stuck to all of my adopted habits. Except I did end up drinking twice (and quite a bit at that!) , but you win some you lose some. I look forward to hearing from everyone!
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We can do it.
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Hmmm last month I did really well. I even surpassed my goal for weight loss. So this month instead of aiming for 5 I am gonna aim for 8lbs. An 8lb loss by the end of August.
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Well, I didn't meet my July goal of fault, no excuses...but I did lose 5lbs, and lost a total of 8.25 inches. So I am happy with that.
I am going to set my August goal for 5lbs. We are away on holidays for part of this month, so I want to be realistic. If I surpass my goal....great!
Thanks for the support ladies....July was alot of fun!!!
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Can I join?

I would like to lose 5 pounds this month...stick to WW Flex plan...and exercise at least 4 times per week. I need to get motivated!!
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I'd like to do a goal, too! I'm setting mine for five pounds. I've got a couple of small changes I'm making - more water, less wine - and I'm going to incorporate more exercise. Hopefully I'll get there! Good luck to everyone!!!
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Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, trying to settle into the new job and all. Hopefully I will be getting my computer fixed within the next two weeks so I can be able to be online more often. So after TOM decided to show up last week, I've blown up about 4 lbs. No biggie. Ya, I said no biggie. Life has been hectic anyway and I can't sit here and say I've been OP. But I just turned 21 Sunday and this is a new start. I'm a big kid now and I got to get my **** together. August is officially Shari's month, yall. It's my month to get my WL plans back on track, get my bills in order, and treat myself because **** yeah I deserve it!
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Oh and my goal for this month is 10 lbs.
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Hi all, hope you don't mind me joining in! Goals are important, so time to make s'more. My goal for August is a 6 pound loss, from 203 to 197. Let's do this!
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