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Default Weekly Thread: Aug 9-15th Be Good to you!

Good Morning Girls!

I think its time to really get back to basics here. I so want this board to be about recovery and not about how we have screwed up today. The thing is WE DO GOOFY **** WITH FOOD. Its who we are, no judgements, no anything. I am going to see if we can post a daily recovery checklist here. As I went through it this morning I thought all of us could benefit from this.

Here are real feelings and what is up with me this morning. It is so beautiful outside, the valley I work in is lovely. Work sounds pretty much like it is going to suck today, but I am okay with that. I have my food packed my gym clothes and I am going to have the exact day I am suppose to have. In my personal life I have some of the bestest friends in the world including many ladies (and gents) on these boards. My marriage isn’t in a healthy place right now. I need to quit avoiding it will do me no good. But as the recovery checklist goes I got to put that above all else. I need it. I feel hopeful for abstinence just for today.

There are so many things to be grateful for and I love you gals so much. Go gently and be the beautiful daughters of God you are today!

I love you!
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Sorry I didn't mean to put the negative on here. I apologize I know we all try to be positive and I didn't mean to bring anyone down

Chris so glad you have beautiful weather today perhaps it will make up for the not so great day at work. Let us know how the gym goes I'm planning on a bike ride today

Things I'm thankful for:
1. My very loving and compassionate husband.
2. My beautiful daughters.
3. My home that I own.
4. Air that I breathe
5. All of you.

thanks chris for putting me in the right direction I'm still new to all this confession and healing business I'm thankful for this group to get me on track

have a wonderful day ladies.
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Originally Posted by MichelleRae
Sorry I didn't mean to put the negative on here. I apologize I know we all try to be positive and I didn't mean to bring anyone down
We love you as you come! It's just true!
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Originally Posted by Jennelle
Lately, I've actually been looking in the mirror. Usually, I can barely bear to brush my hair fully clothed. The other morning, I found myself brushing my teeth in front of the mirror in the nude. I'm also actually smiling at the mirror, instead of (a) sticking my tongue at it or (b) flipping it the bird.
Jenelle wrote this in the NSV at the 100 lb. club. This is so totally awesome!!!!

Okay heads up I just got the tough love speech from my sponsor. If I want to get better I got to work for it.

1. I have to call my sponsor at least 1 time a week wether I want to or not
2. 2 weeks max for all writing assignments
3. Ask for tough love from my food sponsor
4. Call 1 person a day and ask about them w/not a word about me
5. Minimum of 2 meetings/week

I can work it, because I am worth it! ya'll!
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It's only 6:00 and I feel like my day is over. So, this will be more of a reflection on my day...

My loving choice for today was to pack my lunch. I also remember to pack an extra apple so I wouldn't be starving at lunch. (I leave the house at 6:30, and lunch isn't until noon. I like to try to eat a piece of fruit at recess, which is at 10:45.)

I am grateful for:
(1) Parents who care about their children's education.
(2) The fact that my own children seem to be turning out well.
(3) A husband who is a total softie at heart. (I will have to tell you all about the kitten he tried to save last week. )
(4) The fact that the price of gas is well under $2.00 a gallon now that I am driving 50 miles per day.
(5) All my Internet friends who pray for me and hold me in their hearts.
(6) The fact that I'm finally making friends with the mirror.
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Default Hi all

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. They mean a lot.

Today I held a surprise going away party for a work friend at my place. It went well.

I am still feeling down. Guess I am just going through a bout of depressions. Wish I wasn't but I am. And it's only natural, after losing someone you're close with.

DH is also suffering through this terribly and it's been pretty bad the last few days. His movie is over and now he is on the job hunt - not something he feels capacble of right now. So it's stressful.

What I am grateful for:

1. To have known and been friends with my MIL
2. My relationship with my own mother
3. DH's love
4. My HP
5. OA
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Chris--Thanks for your positive attitude today.

Kat--prayers are being sent in your behalf.

To the rest have a good day.

I'm off to ride the bike.
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Good morning, all!

I'm working a couple of days this week to get my classroom ready for the year. All of this planning and organizing always makes me excited about the challenges ahead!

This morning I'm thankful for...
1. I finally got my prescription for antidepressants filled. It was a big step for me and I look forward to feeling better soon.
2. The air here is cool and autumnlike this morning. Beautiful!
3. Friends who love me when I can't.
4. My family is a joy.
5. God loves me just as I am and wants me to be able to do that, too.

I'm dealing with a lot of self-hatred right now. I would appreciate any prayers you're inclined to send up on my behalf. I know that I shouldn't feel so badly toward myself, but knowing that and actually doing it are so hard for me right now. Baby steps, right?

I'm off to work on my classroom. Have a great day!

Love to you all,
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Hi Ladies - I'll have to make this quick, because I had so much to read and Mr. Big is already squawking. (I can't believe he'll be 1 year old tomorrow!!) He's been waking up in the middle of the night to play - last night we went outside and watched shooting stars - it was pretty cool.

The weather here's been nice as well - been playing outside with the kids a bit.

DH and I had another earthquake over the weekend, which aired out a lot of our bullshit and made things better, but was difficult at the time. I'm feeling hope for our marriage for the first time in quite a while. All the shakeups in my personal life recently - I could feel that God was behind them, and they would have a purpose, but I didn't like it. It's making more sense now, and things are getting better.

Kat, I'm so sorry you and your DH are having a rough time. My thoughts are with you.

Christy, I love you. We love you. You just need to catch up. Take care.

Tracy's Thankful List:

1. HP - My God and My All
2. The stars, the crickets, and the lurvely moon
3. My baby boy-boy
4. My Mr. man-man
5. My Super Sarah
6. all of you!
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Hi everyone.

I'm VERY new at this whole thing, so please bear with me.

This morning in the shower, I actually thought "Today is a new day, a new chance to get it right. Yesterday is behind you".

I did not plan for today as well as I needed to, but I will make it a successful day anyway!!!

(((HUGS))) to everyone.
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Good Morning All!

This morning was a beautiful drive into work. The sun was rising with beautiful oranges, pinks, and blues. Absolutely stunning. We are also experiencing fall type weather here in the Corn Belt, 55 F and I am wearing a sweatshirt. Actually the sweatshirt thing was kind of funny. One of my friends wrote me a note the other day about how all character defects are strengths taken to extremes and are useful to us at one point or another. Well I decided to have coffee on the way in this morning, and planned to brush my teeth when I got here. I got myself a new abstinent toothbrush Okay I am a secret bathroom ritual person, so I have a bathroom kit and a change of clothes as needed. I have often used my toothbrush stuff, but never my spare clothes. This morning for the first time when I am just brushing my teeth to brush my teeth I drop toothpaste all down the front of me well I changed. Thank goodness for spare clothes including sweatshirts lol: You think God is trying to say something? Oh whatever.

Sandi- Your right on girl, but let’s kill the should thinking. You heard about the person with the list of shoulds? They had a pretty shoudie life Reminds me of something I read in the Big Book last night about half measures availing us nothing. Sometimes what we think is a half measure is a full measure of willingness just for today

Tracy- Happy Birthday to your little man! August is a heck of a birthday month. I am glad to hear things are going better with DH. I wish DH and I could have a major blow out. Right now I feel like a single girl

Christy- Hey you took a huge step towards self love by getting those meds filled. ODAT. And yes there is ahuge chasm between knowing and doing. So I am finding just doing without the thinking is helping me a lot. Many prayers for you. We all know how beautiful your spirit is Love you Christy!!!

CJ- How was the bike?

Kat- (((((((((((Kat)))))))))))))))) Baby steps, mourning takes its own time.

Jenelle- What wonderful things you are doing for you. I don’t know what to say you’re just awesome!

Michelle- Whats new today girlie?

Gratidue List:
1. That there is a God.
2. That I have a job and family.
3. I have a program that is helping me.
4. I have lots of people behind me (I LOVE YA’LL!!!!)
5. This day will be exactly what is suppose to be.
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Today I am thankful for:
1. The smell of fresh cut grass.
2. Envelope Moistener with Adhesive
3. The ability to just start over from where I'm at
4. Kittens!
5. All of you guys!!!!!
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Default One week until vacation

And I can't wait. I have 3 weeks off and am really craving it.

Christy: Thinking of you, hun. I've been around that self-hatred block a few too many times, so I can relate!

Tracy: Glad things are looking up for you and DH!

Jacobsmommy: ODAT, isn't it great.

Chris: It's ove 100 here today I bet, so I am jealous!


Today has been a better day so far - for DH, too. Work was a pain but my mood overall has been OK. ODAT.

Gratitude list for the day:

1. Tivo, because I am planning on vedging on the couch soon

2. The sun, for giving me warmth

3. My friends

4. My snuggly kitties

5. Frsh, summer fruit
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Hey guys! Just checking in on everyone and I hope everyone is doing well. My psychiatrist gave me an RX of prozac so I'm hopeful it will work, but he said that I have to work on my OCD too before a change is possible. Right now I am re-considering my job as a counselor, I always told myself that if I dread to go to work everyday, then something needs to change. I asked God last night to guide me toward my destiny, to show me what my purpose is.
Right now it's looking like a thunderstorm is ahead, and I'm glad b/c nothing puts me to sleep better than listening to the rain at night!
My gratitude list for today:
1. My intelligience
2. My Garfield collection
3. Diet Crush!
4. Friends that listen

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Today, I am grateful for:

(1) feeling sleepy, because it means I'm still alive!
(2) fellow professional teachers who know that it's all about the kids
(3) the hard work our students did on last year's state tests (We found out today that we've gone from a Level 2 "Underperforming" school to a Level 4 "Exemplary" school in the space of a year! )
(4) that my son got into Driver's Ed.
(5) that even though it's four days to payday, we've got food in the fridge and gas in the cars.

Love you all...and a big welcome to Sandi! ODAT, girlie. And baby steps!
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