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Default Sugar Addicts

I'd like to hear some advice from current or ex-sugar addicts. I think there is no more denying that I am one myself. It's always the sugar that gets me to fall off my weight loss wagon or exercise regimen. It's upsetting. Please give me some advice how to successfully cut down or eliminate sugar from my diet, how to stop obsessing over it, and anything else I should know. I need to really get this thing under control!
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If you are really a sugar-addict, I'd reccomend you stop cold turkey. You're probably a "slow oxidizer" and you can develop diabetes 2 from this "addiction".

Otherwise, If you feel you can control it- I guess moderation is always key.

I found atkins very helpful to quit my sugar addiction. If you can survive two weeks without the "white evil", you'll probably not crave it anymore.

Look out for fructose-candies (although I wouldn't completely recommend fructose- it gets diverted to glycogen and not glucose- but it's still much better than sugar). Stuff like chewing gum/sugarfree jelly/sugarfree chocolate mousse and other things sweetened with sucralose/saccharine/stevia are also great options.

Sugar really kills . Its nutritional value is pathetic

Email me if you get stuck. Thanks for your reply btw

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I'm a sugar-addict and just resumed my sugar-free/low carb diet...from past experience, it takes a few weeks to kill the craving and then from then on its all down to self-control. Also, once you've reached this stage it's better NOT to allow yourself a 'treat' because even though you may THINK you can control it, in my experience it just awakens the monster inside me and I end up eating enough sugar to last one a DON'T DO IT!!! Stay away...accept the fact that you'll have to go sugar-free for a very very long time...a scary thought, but worth it! Good luck!
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The only thing that worked for me was cutting it out cold turkey. I didn't just cut out sugar, though, I cut out artificial sweeteners too at the same time. I also stopped fruit for about a week (but then introduced fresh fruit only afterwards). I did that for about 6 months.

After 6 months I started eating some sugar again and had the occasional diet coke. It took a bit of practice to find the right balance so I wouldn't binge again but I've gotten there over time. I still don't like keeping sweets in the house but I can do it if it's not one of my favorites now. However, things like M&M and chocolate bars are still banned.

Recognizing it as an addiction was a really important first step for me. I just treated it like I know how alcoholics treat alcohol. I cut it out cold turkey and forced my body to get used to it. I do cook with natural sweeteners now (although not right away at the beginning) and it took some testing to find the right amount in recipes (I normally cut the amount of sweetener in half from what the recipe calls for) and testing what sweeteners taste best in what recipes.
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