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Default Never Binge Again!

This was the title of an email I got from "shrink yourself" so of course I clicked on the link. I thought the advice below was worth repeating.

Never binging again is possible, but the biggest mistake that people make is saying to themselves, "I'll never binge again!" Yet, we all do it. The food is finished and then we promise ourselves that it will never happen again. This false promise only tends to set us up for feeling more self-hatred, guilt and failure. Because no one that ends a pattern of binging does it cold turkey.

You don't decide to stop and then never binge again. It's just not how ending a pattern of binging works. That's because the binge serves a very important purpose. It makes you feel better emotionally, even though it is temporary. So, if you're committed to never binging again, pay attention to these signs that indicate you are moving closer to success.

* More time between binges
(I used to binge every other day and now only do it every third day.)

* Shorter binges
(My binges used to last two days, now they only last an hour.)

* Binges on smaller amounts of food
(I used to eat a gallon of ice-cream, now I eat half a pint.)

* The ability to stop a binge in the middle
(I used to not even realize I was having a binge, now I can stop myself in the middle.)

* Forgiving yourself more quickly after a binge ends
(I don't talk to myself in a mean way when I binge, I have compassion for myself.)

* Bouncing back more quickly when a binge happens
(Even thought I just binged, I am still committed to ending this pattern.)

* Understanding what feelings set off the binge
(I was able to see that I had the binge after I had a fight with my boss.)

* The ability to see a binge coming(I was aware that I was going to binge, but was not yet able to stop it.)

Being able to acknowledge the small successes along the way is a really important step on the road to recovery. It can be all too easy to see how far you still need to go and forget how far you've already come. Ending a binge pattern is hard work but you can do it. One day you might not binge at all but it won't happen by making a declaration, it will happen by being loving to yourself and staying aware. So, don't say, "I'll never binge again." Instead, take it one gentle step at a time. Remember, you're looking for progress, not perfection.
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Yes, it is very good advice. Thank you.
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Thank you for sharing this.
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This is good advice and a good reminder. I think it's dangerous to use absolutions like "never." I need to accept the fact that I AM a binge eater (kinda like the first step in a 12-step program). I AM a binge eater, and I will always struggle with it, but by being aware of it, I can make an effort to control the behavior. For the rest of my life, I'll be a binge eater in recovery. This doesn't mean I'll never binge again, but it does mean that I'll always work on improving my control. Saying "I'll never binge again" or "I'm not a binge eater anymore" is dangerous because it sets a person up for personal failure which leads to nothing but guilt and hopelessness.
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I think what's easiest is "I won't binge today" or "I won't binge in this moment." But there is definitely validity in counting binge free days because it gives me strength to keep going when I might no otherwise.

Thought this was a good article, because last night I near-binged and realized that what my mini-binge was small in comparison to what I might have binged on before.

Also, good reminder, that even if we do binge, noticing the shift in mindset and patterns is really important - Progress without perfection.
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