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Default What is WRONG WITH ME???

For breakfast I had two scrambled Eggs and 1/2 cup Coffee...

I just finished 1/2 of a half Carrot Cake and 1/2 of a Brownie w/ Chocolate Frosting-chocolate chips..

and a Large Glass of Milk.

Whats going on with me??


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Well, to start, STEP AWAY FROM THE SWEETS!! Can you trash them?

maybe if you would have had some fiber with your protein at breakfast you would have felt more satisfied?

Go for walk

I doubt if I could resist the brownie either.

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I agree with Mandy. Sometimes what you really crave is the feeling of something substantial between your teeth. There's nothing wrong with you. Try eating a different-textured breakfast in the morning, I bet you'll find you feel more satisfied. I've also found that I do better if I eat more than one item as breakfast, like eggs with sliced apple, or with a handful of grapes, but never just one thing. That's what makes me feel deprived and sends me to the sweet foods to comfort myself.
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It has been said many times around here, and I find it to be absolutely true- eating refined carbs and especially sweets, creates a craving cycle, particularly in us girls, that leads to a type of insanity. The further you can get from them, the less the cravings will be, and sanity will return. Good luck- clearly you are not alone.
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i eat fried or scrambled eggs made with olive oil and served with green vegitables quite often. spinach is a good one to add in as it boosts iron absorbtion. i love serving eggs over sprouts or baby salad greens.

i would skip the coffee for a while along with the simple carbs or sweets.
coffee may upset the balance of the GI system. opt for green tea or herbal tea.
chai, herbal or green tea sweetened with a tbsp of RAW honey is a good morning substitute for coffee. raw honey has alot of enzymes which are also good for digestion.

Rebalancing your digestive system will go a long way in controlling cravings, it has helped me. it sounds weird but if you give it a try, i bet you will feel a difference.
Find a good probiotic and take it in the morning before you have breakfast. Pearls is a good brand.

if you get hungry later in the morning, have an apple or more tea. better yet, before you eat, have pre-biotics or probiotics when you first feel hungry again. then have a snack a little later. i've also found i like to keep walnuts on hand to snack on.

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I find if im satisfied, im not drawn to those sorts of delicious foods- carrot cake is my favourtie!

Breakfast should be your biggest meal to get you going for the day!! Fill up! Get some wholegrains in there to keep you satisfied for longer, it defiantely helps with the cravings!
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You are not alone
I started the day well:
B-1 slice of whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter and jelly
L-white rice/pinto beans/grilled chicken

Then I came home
1/2 a bag of tortilla chips
1/2 of a container of nacho sauce
4 slices of pizza
4 chocolate chip cookies

I feel gross...this is after binging both Saturday and Sunday. I set myself up. I didn't have groceries.

I got home from the store a while ago. I stocked up on healthy, quick meals. Tomorrow is a new day.
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Thank all of you for your responses..

I'm starting over and I will stay away from sweets..

FutureSkinnyChick, I understand 100%...WE can do this..

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Sweets are HORRIBLE! They are so bad for what we are trying to accomplish.... question... Do you eat pretty much the same thing everyday, or do you change up what you eat? Maybe you're getting bored always eating the same thing.... I know I used too, I always ate the same thing, the only variety I got was maybe chosing between the 5 or 6 Smart Ones meals that I eat!
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I notice that i do good all day and then for dinner i eat everything is site. Because I feel like i did good and wasnt hungry and apparently i wasnt full
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Have you ever noticed if you're a stress eater? I'm a delayed stress eater, often, which means I'll be fine all week while I'm busy and stressed, but when I get down time, I start to stress eat.

Maybe you're making up for stress or other bad feelings you've been having all week.
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I understand all too well......
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Oh boy, I know where you are coming from. I have had so many days like that where it seemed like I already killed my progress for the day (even if it seemed like the day had barely gotten started!). I agree with the "trash the sweets" statement. Also, get your day off to a running start by exercising ASAP after you get up. Your sense of accomplishment will help curb bad eating.
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that was me today too! did really well at work all day, and then came home and totally binged....
Must go on, tomorrow is another day...
Hang in there, and if the sweets are too tempting, don't take that first bite. Keep gum close by...
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i know what you mean, today i got up and had 4 chocolate biscuits for breakfast despite being able to fold my thigh fat!!!! omg! im not a happy on to it though .....
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