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Default Tuesday Chat

ok I'll start!
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Feeling better today....rested and less stressed. Left work around noon yesterday and got a few errands done then went home and finished a project I have been working on for a friend. I felt like I had accomplished something at the end of the day at least. DH had a meeting last night so I was all my myself and didn't mind at all.
Made myself some low carb teriyaki chicken and had a small salad for dinner.
After the weekends food and you don't want to know what ate yesterday!!!!! I am back on track today.

So I noticed that PMS is starting in again and went looking for a natural form of diuretic (if anyone has any ideas let me know) and found this article. Interesting.........

I updated my resume last night and I am going to send it out in response to the add I saw in Sunday's paper. I don't really want it but I will see what happens. I feels good to at least have my resume updated.

Hope you all have a good day. It was awful quiet on here yesterday!
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Morning all!

Jane: It always feels good to have options, and sometimes we just need to know we have options to be content where we are.

Yesterday was soooo poopy. I started feeling like crap yesterday afternoon, went home and took a nap and I was SO COLD. I just couldn't get warm enough and believe me, I tried. However, I did manage to get up out of bed and go walk with my sister when she called.... which I was pretty darned proud of. I spent most of the night on the couch feeling icky. I thought today would be a better day but my sinuses are soooooo plugged up right now that my face is constantly throbbing. PFFFFFT. ONe of these days I'm going to fill my sinuses up with rubber cement so they can't get so messed up!

Today should be an easy day though. I have a million things I SHOULD do but nothing really that I MUST do.... so I think I'll take today easy and see what tomorrow brings.

Hope everyone is having a great morning. I'll check back in later.
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Greetings to all!

Jane: Yowza on getting back on track! I think the hardest thing is not staying on the plan for extended periods but getting back on track when you've had a little burp on the road to good eating!

It seems like I'm just not able to check in as often as I'd like anymore. Work is incredibly busy, with a new and challenging student showing up just yesterday. Checking in during the day is impossible, and DD's softball schedule makes evenings just as difficult. But I'm trying!! Got that darned cactus garden repaired with enough boulders (read...large rocks that were a pain to carry) to hopefully discourage my greyhound from digging to China.

Back on plan after a wonderful departure last week during visiting back home. My intestines are saying "thank you, thank you, thank you!" I never realized how sluggish carbs can make you feel. Hello chicken, goodbye rye bread!

Hopefully, I'll check in later to see how all you chickies are faring.....
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Hi Jane Way to go on getting right back on track and for updating that resume. Good Luck!

Well....I weighed in this morning, and was quite surprised. I went back on strict induction last week, and am down 6 lbs. This has me quiet shocked because TOM is here. But I'll take it! Looks like another rainy day for us here, so won't be working in the yard any this afternoon after work. Hope everyone has a great day. I'll check back in later! hi to those yet to come in today!

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Good Morning! It's bright and early here in NM but I'm up and ready to start my day.
Yesterday was Day 14 of Induction and DH and I both are losing, just not lots. We are staying strictly on Induction until our vacation coming up April 25. I feel good on this diet and have more energy than with any of the others I've ever tried ssooooo my resolve, stick with it!

Yesterday we ran to Home Depot to buy a new gas grill. Got it and a rotissierie and so I fixed Salmon with lemon, along with 4 mushrooms, 1 bell pepper and 1 onion (for flavoring) and we put it in the rotissierie basket and it was the best!!!!!
If DH and I can break the cycle of eating out, which we haven't for 14 days, then this WOE will be easier. I see all of the low carb stuff advertised and I wonder, is it really?
We did stop at Taco Bell JUST FOR A DIET PEPSI! We drive off, take a sip and it was REGULAR pepsi. I was sooooo angry but DH said not to get upset so we just tossed them in the trash at Home Depot.
Makes me mad cause what if I was diabetic or's just hard to get good help nowadays.

Well, ready to go do my Pilates....a new strategy for toning up for my 30th reunion coming up in August. That's my new motivation.
Have a great day and I'll check in later.
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Shimma and two snuck in on me!

Shimma: Sorry that you are not feeling well. Hope that you feel better soon. Congrats on that walk last night. That is great that even though you didn't feel well you still got some excersise in

Paula: Great job on getting back on plan! I understand about the hectic schedule. This time of year our evenings are filled with ballgames also! I can also relate to your little dog. We have a black lab, and that sounds like something he would do too. Always courious and sneaky!

Have a great day ladies
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Bzy you snuck in on me too. Ohhhhhhh I love my rotisserie. The great meals that you can cook in there are endless. I use mine all the time! Dont' that really tick you off when you order and pay for DIET pepsi and get REGULAR pepsi. It has happened to me more times than I can count, and really makes me mad! Great job for you and hubby staying on plan! Have a Great day!
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Good Morning

Shimma~ feel better soon!

Bzy~ good going on not eating out!! Thats a biggie for us too!

MrsH~ WTG on the 6 lbs!!

Finally after 2 weeks, I was in bed by 10, and had a great night sleep!! Ive been up til 3 or 4 every night for too long. Its amazing what happens when you quit eating sugar!

I have been having "senior moments" lately, mom tells me its the start of menopause. Ive been forgetting phone numbers Ive known for years, and yesterday in the grocery store, I really had to concentrate to remember my pin number!! Ive suspected this for a few months (hot flashes at night) and Im just not ready to do the research on it. (Im afraid of what I might find) Besides how can someone who is so young at heart go thru menopause <~~~ Denial Any of you chickies have strange things happen to you perimenopause? So I wont think Im loosing my mind.

Off to make my eggs......have a great day everyone
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WTG Ladies
Rhonda ya feeling better today
Marilyn 30th Anniversary of what ? you go girl
I am back on plan today also, I ate like a PIG the past two days, and am to ashamed to tell you how much I ate oh lordy. But today's another day
Star good going on the blood work YEAH!! I gotta call our medical dept to see how my blood work turned out.

Well ladies, have a wonderful OP day.

Hugs !!
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Good morning ladies!!

I am getting off to a late start this morning, without a busy 4 yr old in my bed I seem to sleep through my alarm. We bought the boys bunk beds and for the first time since birth my 4 yr old DS is sleeping in his own bed!!! Amazing! Doing great on re-induction after my easter eating, felling ALOT better!!! Ready to go to the gym today! Yesterday i drank soooooooo much water I could here it shloshing in my tummy! hahahaha

GREAT JOB Mrs H!!!!!

Sped glad you got the garden back in !! Crazy houndie!

Leenie maybe you and I were having an eating contest and we didin't realize it!! ahahahahahah

Shimma feel better soon!

Robin have a great day!

BZY I hate that!! They put beans in my taco salad once! AHHHHH!

Jane great job getting back on track, tell me more about the Teriyaki chicken, what teriyaki sauce did you use?? MMMMMMM teriyaki!

Have a great day gals, talk later!

Love TG
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TG: I got this recipe off of They have a new low carb show that is going to start in May.

I just used the following...his recipe was for more than I was going to use.

1/3 c. teryiaki sauce (no more than 2 grams per serving) I bought Kikomans
1 1/2 tbs sesame oil
1 clove garlic
1 packet splenda
1/4 of a lemon (juiced)
1 tbs toasted sesame seeds

I cut the chicken into strips or use tenders and marinate in a zip lock with the teryiaki. I put the chicken onto wooden skewers that had been soaking in water for a while and grilled them 4 minutes on each side. Toast sesame seeds in a dry pan until golden brown. Sprinkle over chicken.

When I enter it into Master Cook it says it is 4 grams per serving and I figured I marinated enough chicken for 4 servings. The recipe on-line said it had zero carbs!
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Jane: Good for you on updating your resume and sending it. I'm at the point where I'm a little disatisfied with my job (and getting more so). I'll send out resumes occassionally. The more bored/angrier I get at this job, the more that will go out. My plan is to get a fabulous job, and then quit this one to the surprise of all invovled!

Shimma: Hope you get to feeling better! Also... did I miss something while I was gone?? Are you engaged?? I didn't read all of the stuff I missed, but I noticed you said something about looking fabulous in your wedding dress...

Spedmom: You crack me up. The idea of intestines talking is just hilarious.

MrsH: A big congrats to you for losing 6 pounds!!

bzyathome: Your dinner sounds delicious! Great job for sticking to induction!

Robin: Uh-oh. Memory loss is a sign of menopause? I'm in trouble, and I'm only 25!!

Well, the weigh-in last night went much better than expected. Somehow, I lost 1/2 pound. That is totally amazing with all the junk I ate. But, I realized I hadn't updated my signature in awhile, and I had gained at some point and hadn't added it. So, my signature is up 3.5 pounds from my lowest weight. I'm so up and down lately. I feel like I've been the same weight for months.

I got a renewed sense of motivation. Summer is nearly here. If nothing else, I've got to get my arms in shape. I've never worn tank tops, and there are so many cute ones, so that is a mini goal -- to have non-flabby arms. Now, I would say my goal is to look good in a swimming suit, but I'm being realistic and realizing that ain't happenin' this summer!! (By the way, Star, you're going to look great in that swimsuit you bought! And, I missed out on something. You have a female admirer??) OK. Back on track. What do you all do to get rid of arm flab? I don't have access to a gym. I do have some hand weights, though. Any miracle moves for me?

Well, it's great to be back. I already feel more motivated just reading about your guys' success.

Hope you all have a great day!

Take care,
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Due to my incredibly slow posting, I missed some folks:

Leenie: I ate like a pig, too. It's OK. We're back on track now!

TG: Great job on doing re-induction! You sound so motivated and positive -- that's great!

Star: I know I missed out on this, but I assume you are fully recovered and seeing beautifully? Great job on the blood work!
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Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Jane - the teriyaki chicken sounds wonderful! Since that stuff is just used as a marinade, wouldn't the carb count be lower than fitday says? It's not like you're consuming the whole concoction....

Shimma - You set a date! Congrats!

Spedmom - I want to see pics of the cactus garden. That sounds great!

Bzy - what kind of Pilates are you doing? I'm a complete addict!

Mrs H - whatcha been up to?

Robin - I hear you on the sleep. That's my biggest problem. I generally go to bed around 12 or 1 and then get up at 5 or 6. I need more sleep!!!!

Leenie - Can't wait to hear how the blood work went!

TG - It must feel great to have a bed back!

Jina - You missed out on my many adventures! In short, the eye surgery went beautifully and I love this new ability to see! And last week, a married female friend of mine told me she's in love with me. Ah, the craziness

Yesterday was good. And today I get to go visit my favorite-est gay boy in the universe. And since I'll be surrounded by people who most definitely won't be interested in me, I've agreed to wear a short skirt. (just above mid-thigh ) Hopefully this will be my last night out for the week. I need some rest!
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