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Question Hallowe'en Plans

So anyone getting nervous about the impending abundance of sweets and HIGH CARB GOODIES? I was in the drug store the other day getting a prescription filled and was amazed at the amount of junk food/hallowe'en goodies filling the shelves.

I have heard many strategies as some people buy things they would never eat and avoid chocolate in any form. Others get their kids to pick out "favorite treats"...then get rid of the rest by giving them to the Hallowe'en fairy and kids get a non-edible treat in return (books/toys, etc).

I think I will be okay on Hallowe'en evening, but we do sort thru kids stuff and I need to make sure nothing accidentally JUMPS into my mouth . My fear is the leftover stuff at home that will be there for days and days.....may try the "fairy" trick and see if kids will "trade" but otherwise need more coping strategies.

Want to know what others plan to do. I think I may not actually hand out candy this year - noticed the McDonald's has gift certificates (8 for $1) so may get a bunch of these to hand out (My kids are already protesting!).

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I'm giving out all gummy crappy candy this year, I usually give out full size candy bars but ut uh ! tough titties kiddies !!! My little one is only 2 years old so she won't be getting much considering I'm only taking her to 4 or 5 houses

Here's some helpful tips:
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I don't have kids - except for the one I married , and he works as a bouncer at a local bar that's crawling distance from our house so I'll be spending halloween there watching a bunch of dressed up adults doing things they won't remember the next morning. Always a good time!

So, while I don't have specific advice for halloween, I can tell you what I do as a person who lives with a junk food junkie and has a mother nearby with chocolate within easy reach in every room of her house. We won't even get started on my pizza, donut, and candy toting co-workers!

Ok, so since I'm frequently in a situation where I can't control what little evil goodies are lurking around me, I visualize. One of my goals is to have a butt that looks great in a thong, so every time I'm tempted by something, I picture what my butt could look like if I stick to the plan and compare that with the biggest, chunkiest, cottage-cheese looking butt I can possibly imagine. I'm then so disgusted with my negative potential, that I'm usually a little nauseated and have no desire for the little evil - even if it's shoved right under my nose.
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Starprincess - I'm just totally FOTLF at you!! Omgosh - that is hysterical.

I have a candy/chocolate/high carb addicted dh who always has either a bad of candy, bag of candy bars, chips, etc handy. He eats more candy than anyone I've ever seen in my life - and I used to eat it right along with him... but don't now thank goodness.

I have had a jar of plain M&M's (my personal fave) on my desk for the past 2 weeks. I haven't had one of them, but people keep coming over and eating handfuls of them... they will be gone soon but it sure is tempting. Not as tempting as the cookie dough.... but still tempting.

OH, I forgot to add, we are living with my mom right now while we are trying to find a house to buy - so she can hand out the candy and I won't be there to see it. We aren't really taking dd out much (19 months - VERY cute, but can't eat any candy due to her severe food allergies) so any candy she gets will go straight to dh.
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EWWW Star - what a visual - and right before eating my lunch too! That's sounds like an interesting idea - I will have to try the "visualization trick" next time I feel tempted to eat something bad!

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I'll have to try the visualization thing also. Thanks for the idea.

I'm giving out spider, skull, and bat rings. The only candy I bought was smarties. I didn't want to tempt myself with chocolates or lollipops. A couple of years ago I had a ton of leftover tootsie rolls. I bought for 40-50 kids and only had 2. I found myself dipping them in peanut butter for supper and breakfast. I can't do that again.

Storybookmama, I'm also a cookie dough addict but have resisted it so far. I agree that the dough is better than the finished cookie. I used to make it to keep in fridge for a quick snack or meal.
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Default This is so pathetic!!!!!

Halloween is the worst time of year for me. All other sweets days of the year I can control as the mommy of the house. BUT Halloween is when dd comes home with a whole load of candy that stays here for months. She is not a real sweet eater so on her own she will take maybe 2 pieces a day max. - As you can tell just by this trait, she takes after her father - NOT ME!!!!

Every year I struggle big time to avoid her bowl. My mouth will actually salivate if I see it. So this year I bought her a little metal "locker" with a combination lock. She thinks it's cool and I do not know the combination. The rule is - all her candy MUST be locked up at all times. If I find some lying around - it will be tossed immediately.

I know this sounds ridiculous but I would do the same for an alcoholic. It's so weird because if I have one drink per year - that is a lot. I have no desire - yet the sweets just call my name!!!
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Talking didn't do it this year......

For the first time I just didn't buy any chocolate treats. I did buy some of the chewy tootsie rolls and starburst stuff but I don't eat those nor am I going to. My boys still have Easter candy so I will have to dump that and the leftover Valentine stuff before they bring home the Halloween treats. We usually seperate it all out too, funny thing youngest (5 yo) has no idea what some of the candy is and doesn't recognize most of the wrappers. He trades with his brother all his chocolate away and takes bubble gum instead. I wonder if it will change this year? lol
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