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S/C/G: 294 / 155 / 160-ish ?

Height: 5'9"


I try for 2000 a day . 4 hours of kickboxing a week for exercise . I probably should be getting some more, but I am kinda scared to actually

I am at a good weight now, just not a good "look"
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Height: 5'6.5"


I am eating 1200-1500 per day but typically around 1400 in general, little to no exercise but I am also breastfeeding currently.
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S/C/G: 210/197/135

Height: 5'2" Age: 28


I'm 5'2" and 24, and I weigh 160 currently. I can lose on 1600 a day, but I lose less than a pound a week. I'm pretty lazy, so minimal exercise.
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S/C/G: 223/SeeTicker/135

Height: 5'5"


Ok so I dropped down to 1,500 and and now lost 7 lb more in 1 month putting me at 172 pounds as of today.

As for the age, I'm 26 and 5'5"

I don't exercise at all but maybe running after 18 months old twins counts for exercise ;-)

I don't think I can go lower than 1,500 as I think I would feel very deprived an binge because of it.

I would love to see more people respond with their stats as I find it very interesting as I am sure other people do too.

Thanks again for all your input!
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S/C/G: 209.4/149.2/150

Height: 5'9


Age 43
Height 5'9
Calories: 1450-1800/day....I mostly stick around 1500-1600, have high day at around 1800 one day per week.

Have lost 33lbs in 3 1/2 mths!

*EDIT* - Exercise (run) for an hour 4-5 days a week

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S/C/G: 195/180.2/165

Height: 5'9"


Originally Posted by seagirl View Post
I'M 5'8", 185. I eat ~1700 per day, and do about an hour of exercise per day. On weekends when I hike or do more walking, I'll eat a few hundred extra.
Posted this a month ago. Wasn't losing weight... Joined WW and now I eat about 1300-1400 per day and am losing.
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Staying the Same
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S/C/G: 160+/116-120/maintainer

Height: 5'5


Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Calories: Target range 1200-1500/day, most days 1400-1500, only "on plan" during weekdays (therefore maintaining/yoyo-ing)
Exercise: Cardio and/or body strength exercises every day
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S/C/G: HW:300 Pregnancy: 160/167/185

Height: 5'5"


34, 160 lbs, 5'5"

Right now, I am dieting lightly because we are undergoing infertility treatment. I average 2000 calories a day and lose about half a pound to a pound a week. I do one hour of moderate cardio a day and light weights every other day. I have been doing some pretty extreme cycling: 1600 Mon-Thurs, and then Friday-Sat-Sun can be 2400-3000-2000 and I average 2000, which is really pretty sweet after a year of no indulgences.

I maintain on about 2300 calories a day with an hour of exercise.

I lose 1-2 lbs a week on 1600-1800 calories a day.
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S/C/G: 232/see ticker/150ish

Height: 5'2" and change


41, 216, 5'2" (and a little ) here.

I'm eating around 1500 calories a day. Most days I'm slightly under at around 1400-1450, but a couple of days a week I wind up a couple dozen calories over. (One of the lessons I'm trying to learn is how not to sweat it when I'm marginally over.)

I do some form of exercise almost every day. Light-exercise days are a half-hour walk, my bare minimum of activity. More active days involve lifting and half an hour on the "hamster wheel" either in addition to or instead of the walking.

I'm losing just under two pounds a week on average (this is day 65 of being on my plan and I've lost a bit over 16 pounds).
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/140

Height: 5'7


This has been a really helpful thread for me.
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S/C/G: 180/130/130

Height: 5'5


I have been maintaining for a few months now on 1,800 calories a day + an extra 500 for breastfeeding. I am 26, and get moderate or more exercise, nothing set in stone but just running after my son
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S/C/G: 185/178.8/130

Height: 5'


This thread is kind of eye opening. I have just started, seriously this time, I'm serious, but I had previously used Livestrong's calorie counter which tells me I should be in the 1250 area. I don't want to start low and have to stay low, plus I'm trying to swim as often as possible, so should I go higher?

Age 31, 182lb, 5'

Edit: Actually, I end up at the 1250 after the exercise deficit, so I guess I am at about 1500. Does that mean days I work out I should go up to that much?

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S/C/G: 375/187/167


I am 43 and 5"9 and do 7-8 hours of moderate intensive exercise per week. And i stick to 1350-1500. I find if I go over 1500 calories I dont lose.
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S/C/G: 350/350/175

Height: 5'10"


Weight: 350
I eat about 1200 calories a day.
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S/C/G: 240/140

Height: 5'6"


Age 47
Weight 164
I eat 1600-1800 calories per day and have lost 71 lbs. in 6 months.
I exercise for an hour every day. Intense cardio and weight lifting.
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