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Starting Over...
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CruiseCat: I love that last pic! You look great!
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Cindy - love the pics, especially the last one. You look so full of joy and happiness. Guess that's the Noah effect!!

So, I have been having a good long think about my life in light of my recent exhaustion and health issues. I have been feeling lately like a hamster stuck in a fast-spinning wheel and I have decided I want to get off! So there are going to be a few changes around here:

1) I need to stop obsessing about weight loss and the figures on the scale, getting upset when I don't lose as much as I want to despite my best efforts and letting it affect my mood. The scales are going in the closet and will only come out once a week for my weigh-in (I will no longer be stepping on them 3 or 4 times a day!)

2) I am addicted to exercise and it has come to the point where it is no longer a pleasure but a chore that I need to do and that is becoming counter-productive. No wonder I am exhausted! So I'm going to cut back and rather than exercise intensely for two hours nearly every single day, I am going to do 2 x strength sessions, 3 x balance and 1 x flexibility per week, my walking and the occassional swim. I will have at least 3 rest days per week.

3) Less exercise will allow me to concentrate better on the food I am eating and stay on plan! I'm hoping Jillian's book will give me some ideas to further improve things.

4) I need more "me" time so am going to have a Pamper Night at least once a week - even if it's just a long soak in the bath with a face mask, some soothing music and candles. I am also going to plan my holidays from work a bit better so I don't end up running on "empty" like I am now.

5) I am going to stop striving for perfection in everything I do and beating myself up if I fall short of the high standards I myself have set - it's self-defeating!

Hope you don't mind me sharing, but writing it down helps me commit to these changes!

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Learning to fly again
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Hi chickies!
Have not forgotten this thread, but the weekends always get in my way LOL.
Still dropping some weight in between challenges and I am hoping to start the summer one with my next mini-goal in mind, which would be 40 lbs. lost...Of course I would first need to reach the 30 lb. one but I am almost there....I am challenging myself to get there before I post my starting weight next weekend for the challenge!
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One day at a time
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Hey all. I'm kinda new all around here. I joined the board not long ago and ran across the new challenge, thought it would be a great motivator, plus I would get to know people. I'm 24, in college, and been obese my entire life. I've tried different things to lose weight and it never worked. I think a big part of that was the lack of support (my family is the I'm big and proud of it type). I'm really hoping this challenge will help motivate me and make me accountable while making things fun with friendly competition and of course, support from people who have been there. I'm very excited and cannot wait for this to start.
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I skipped a couple of exercise days this week, so I ended up with only 1/2lb loss. I will do better this week........
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Cruise- that picture is adorable. You have much to be proud of.

I was 189 even today. I am happy with that. i just need to keep going in that direction. I need to shope for shorts and capris. mine are all huge. It is kind of a double edge sword. I need clothes, but it is hard to spend $$$ on stuff I won't wear too long.

Well gotta go. TV is calling me. I got my workout in, so the rest of the night is mine.
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Here are my current progress pics.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 2008-2009 pics.jpg (28.9 KB, 20 views)
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The Sky is the Limit!
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Hey everyone!

I am excited to be signed up again! I got through about 3/4 of the last challenge as a bluesers... injuries and life kicked my booty. I'm back with a vengenge, well rested and wanting my body back.

Glad to see so many familiar faces. All the progress pics are super inspiring! I'll keep checking back! Bring on the challenges!
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Believe it, be it
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Looking good CRUISE, you too mtiger!

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CruiseCAT and mtiger - you guys look great!

It's so inspiring to see before and after pics, Thanks so much for sharing them!


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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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Yes, I love seeing the pics too! Glad you all are posting them!!! You all look greattt!!!!

I have to start cutting down on my salt. I only eat it on a few things but I like alot on those things. I think it's making me bloat and hold water. I also need more water again. But I feel like my eyeballs start floating when I drink way more than what I really want to. So lately I'm mostly drinking coffee and water and some tea with sweet and low. Or whatever is there. I really have no preference about equal, swt and low or splenda. LOL.

Anyway, Zinke, I hope things are better soon. And to everyone else, maybe we could do an exercise challenge where we log minutes per day and hafta come report them? Doesn't matter what the exercise is. I am posting my minutes now on my calendar here at home. But we could do it here. It may help us do a little more. Some days are literally only 5 minutes or 3 minutes but at least I'm trying to get my habit back where every day there is SOMETHING there.

Hope you all have a great OP day today.

I'm very hopeful that this coming challenge will help all of us to move even closer to our goal.

Hugs! Selina
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Day Dream Believer
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Hello Friends!

Just checking in to say that things are well here and I've been really enjoying the sunshine we've been having here! I've been riding my bike a lot lately and am working towards using it as my main source of transportation. I took an aerobics class at the Y yesterday and there was a sub instead of the regular teacher. The sub was the step challenge teacher and crazy intense, she busted out these new torture devices called "gliding disks" and this morning I can barely move...grrrrr. I am excited for this new summer challenge and hopefully I'll be able to be more active on the chat threads. I feel like this last time I really missed out on that portion of the challenge. Also, one question for the mods...I'm going to be backpacking for Memorial Day weekend and thus won't be back until the late afternoon on Monday the 25th. Should I do my official SW before I leave on the 22nd, or will it be okay to post it late on Monday?
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PR 1 Mile: 9:44
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Originally Posted by Hungry4AChange View Post
Also, one question for the mods...I'm going to be backpacking for Memorial Day weekend and thus won't be back until the late afternoon on Monday the 25th. Should I do my official SW before I leave on the 22nd, or will it be okay to post it late on Monday?
Either is fine, as long as your weight is posted by Monday at 11:59PM (as in one minute before midnight, Eastern). Personally, I'd post it before you go. Who knows how tired you'll be after hiking all weekend, you might accidentally forget.
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Hey everyone! I'm new-ish to the forum, and just found this part of it.
Just signed up for the next challenge!
Best of luck to you all!
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Learning to fly again
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Those are great pics Cat and mtiger!
I am not quite at the picture posting stage yet, but soon I think
I have actually fallen into the groove for all of may and I have been exercising regularly. I joined the May weight loss and exercise threads and it surely has helped that I have to post my minutes there..or anywhere for the world to see for that matter.
5 days to go before submitting my SW...gotta keep going!
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