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Hi all,I am new here too.
I had a few last straws.
1. Was not being able to buckle up in an airplane and I used a sweater to cover up the fact. During landing I braced myself,but I was very afraid I would leave my seat.
2.My husband is 12 years younger and I want to live a long,happy life with him.
3.I also had some issues in the restroom.
I made a deal with myself in mid-January that I need to lose 100 pounds.That will only get me to 240,but I am much more comfortable there.If I do not succeed,I will have weight loss surgery.I have already lost 48 pounds and I am determined to do this.I watch my carbs throughout the week and allow myself two meals on the weekends that have carbs if I want them.
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Hey. this forum goes real quiet a lot don't it!
I recently had a few things that made me realise how bad i have got!
1. I was playing the just dance game on the Wii and my sister recorded me That wasn't pretty..made me cry a bit! That was terrible!
2. I run out of breath just getting up the stairs now!
3. I can barely fit in my tub anymore I love having a nice soak but i couldnt stay in there for more than 10 minutes! It just hurt too much!
4. My mother telling me how all my clothes look too small and that i need to do something about my weight!

im glad for having somewhere i could vent all this! I am sure there are many other things i could write here that would be reasons for me wanting to lose weight but these are some recent ones that really got me thinking!

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Hi, I am sort of new here. I signed up a while ago, but didn't really post much.
When I realized that I can't hide forever. People want to see me. People want to take pictures of me. I wish I could just hide away, but I can't. Not long ago, I thought I saw someone who I used to know, an old friend, and I didn't look up. I was too ashamed to say hello.
Can't live like that forever... (I am too hard on myself even when I am only five pounds over my ideal weight. Which has more to do with my brain than my size) I just want to be really healthy.

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Originally Posted by chaitea View Post
Hi, I am sort of new here. I signed up a while ago, but didn't really post much.
When I realized that I can't hide forever. People want to see me. People want to take pictures of me. I wish I could just hide away, but I can't. Not long ago, I thought I saw someone who I used to know, an old friend, and I didn't look up. I was too ashamed to say hello.
Can't live like that forever... (I am too hard on myself even when I am only five pounds over my ideal weight. Which has more to do with my brain than my size) I just want to be really healthy.
I hear you and understand completely, i still struggle when i meet old acquaintances, i'm not nearly as ashamed of myself as i used to be but the feelings persist and linger, i know no matter how hard i try or how well i succeed it will never be enough, this realization is both liberating and oppressing at the same time.

I've been told a lot lately how i always beat myself up, sell myself short, am too hard on myself, it's guelling work to change mentally, between focusing all my inner strength at a single point (goal) it's left my psyche exposed so to speak, my emotions are barely contained just below the surface, things i used to figuratively bury come to the surface and i am left dealing with the fallout, usually results in waves of depression or oddly euphoric (joyfull) feelings every once in a blue moon, yes i've been at this a long time now.

Some days it's all i can do to remain on plan and not totally break, i refuse to budge on my change though, even if i go off the deep end it will ( need/must )remain my lone anchor. You're not alone in dealing with inner turmoil.
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When I looked around me and realised I was the fat one in my group of friends.

Going clothes shopping and having to get the next size up, and again, and again.

Having a thin boyfriend who's so active and in shape, as well as his family. Visiting them and feeling like the odd one out is awful.

Not sucking in my stomach, looking in the mirror and realising I have a fat stomach.

Calculating my BMI and working out that I was Obese.

Not feeling happy about the way I look. Ever.

It all had to change!
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1. Hitting the 200lb mark(something I told myself would NEVER happen)
2. Horrid stretch marks on my hips
3. My boyfriend saying my tattoo looks weird now because of the stretch marks
4. Not being comfortable in anything but sweatpants
5. I don't fit in my AE jeans and I miss them
6. Being winded from easy things(I used to be overweight but still very very very fit, a lot changed since I went to college...)
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Because I was fat, angry and bitter at the world. I was disgusted with myself and when I went back home I was pretty much told how fat I was. I had enough of it and I sure as **** didn't need any fat bashing comments. I say losing weight has helped me out alot, I'm not long fat (maybe a little chubby some day but mostly skinny), hardly ever angry I feel like I got this whole second chance at life to do everything right even though I had nothing life threatening. The compliments feel great!
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It wasn't a last straw for me, it was something that made me feel that losing weight might be a possibility at last. I've been severely disabled for years, I rarely make it out of the house and have to spend a lot of time in bed. My medical condition is made worse by all exertion (ME/CFIDS), it's difficult to stick to a set routine when my energy fluctuates so much, and I was starving hungry all the time.

Then my doctors put me on low-dose amitriptyline for pain. It hasn't done anything for pain yet, but it immediately reduced my appetite considerably. It also caused stomach cramps, but they put me on Buscopan for that - and I've learned to be careful to take it with meals, because if I take it before and then get side-tracked for half an hour before I actually eat, it causes nausea. Anyway, the meds are more or less under control. After a week or so of not being particularly hungry, I decided to take the opportunity to try to lose some weight. Being less hungry made it fairly easy at that point, so I got myself all organised, started thinking about how I should be improving things (snacking after naps was a daft one - the hunger I get when I wake up passes fairly soon), joined FitDay after a week and discovered that calorie counting is actually fun rather than miserable, bought scales after a month once I could see the difference and feel my clothes getting a bit looser. I'm glad I waited for that, though. I've had them for three days, and my weight stayed the same for two and then went up an entirely insignificant 0.2lb. Thankfully I feel secure enough in what I'm doing not to be bothered by that; a month ago it would have stressed me out.

I don't know if the lowered appetite will last (been rather hungrier the last couple of days), but I feel so much more in control now that even if it doesn't, I think I've got myself organised and into much better habits and am determined to see this through. I feel much happier doing this than I'd expected. For starters, indigestion caused by eating too late, eating too much and/or eating in bed (which I need to do through illness sometimes, and then it somehow turned into a habit) is gone! And weirdly, I have a bit more energy!
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I have always said that I did not want to date because I was in school and I never wanted a guy to hold me back from getting my degree (which is partially a lie). I am almost done with my master's degree and I have never been asked out on a date. I know that am pretty but I am tall and currently 207lbs. I want to date and feel great about myself. This is one of several reasons however, it is the most significant at this time in my life.
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Suddenly finding that the only size 18 trousers (UK size 18, not USA!) that fit are my stretchy jeans and lycra leggings. I have very high BP as well and arthritis so it does not help being overweight! My side view scares me. How many chins does one person need??? My stomach is disgusting. I hate when any high waist knickers roll underneath. Ugh.

Is this enough reasons??
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1) Having two close relatives die of heart- and weight-related diseases or complications in the past year. Genetics are not on my side, sadly.

2) Realizing that everything in my life -- my job, my relationship, my hobbies, my family -- is going well except for my health. I'm not ill per se, but my general energy level is low and I don't sleep well.

3) Always being included in the "big girl" group by my roller derby coach when we're discussing strategy. I'm only 5'2". I should not be playing with the 6-foot Amazons.

4) Never going shopping with friends anymore because I have to buy most of my clothes from plus size young women's stores like Avenue and Torrid.

5) Realizing that I have trained myself to avoid mirrors because I hate what I see so much.
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Being tired of missing out on so many things and hiding myself away, wasting my life.
My ex-boyfriend is still a good friend and lives quite far away from me, and when we met up recently I wasn't able to get my seat belt done up in his car. We moved the seat, he was pulling on the belt and it just wouldn't fit, and I wanted to die, I felt so humiliated. That same day we had to go up 6 big flights of stairs (?!) where we were staying and I had to keep stopping because I couldn't breathe. He was trying to be nice and wait for me but I wanted him to carry on without me and not see me like that. It was too much humiliation for one day. He now has a new girlfriend, (who is thin and very outgoing), and I felt too disgusted and ashamed of myself to see her.
I either shut myself away at home, or I make myself go out and do things and there is always something to make me wish I hadn't gone, like someone shouting something at me or that I find myself struggling to keep up with friends. This has been the final straw for me. I am done with feeling this way. I want to feel better about myself and be able to hold my head up high, for me.
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Stepping on a scale and weighing 2lbs less then I did when I was full term pregnant I was up to 193! It was bad
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I've always been big; but I always had a flat stomach. Now I have this belly that's just limiting me. It's starting to hang over a bit and I just couldn't take it anymore. My profile doesn't look the way it should. The thickening of my neck and then I started noticing a double chin thing developing. My "fat" pants are too small. It's a lot of things. Things that I shouldn't have ignored until it was this bad.

My parents have fought their weight their whole lives. I won't let that be me. I won't be limited by my size.
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Clothes shopping - wanting all these kinds of clothes from Gap, Old Navy, etc and even though they go up to size XXL or 18 or 20, I can't fit into them. I'm only 22 and most plus size stores have clothes appropriate for women in their thirties or older, and Torrid, the ONE store that 'cater's to girls my age has poor quality and awful options lately. I'm tired of having 4 stores to pick from and not wanting clothes from any of them.

Thinking about the future - my boyfriend started gaining weight once we started dating and it hurts to feel like it was me that brought it on. Along with those goes with not wanting to be a fat bride. I watch a lot of shows like Say Yes to the Dress, and the selection of plus size gowns is really really limited. I don't want to look at pictures of my wedding years down the road with the same regret that I have when looking at my high school and college graduation pictures now.

Those were the big two. There are more lesser reasons that are like icing on the cake. I also like the feeling of empowerment - being fat for as long as I can remember, I like not letting my body and my fat control me anymore!
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