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hmmmmm....a straw that broke the camel's back? How about STRAWS plural ?

1) Having people ask when the baby's due. Actually, the baby was born a year ago, but my belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
2) Two words: FLESH APRON.
3) There is nothing distinguishable about my side profile: the breast/belly combo is one big lump.
4) Removing pictures from my Facebook profile in which my friends tagged me in (embarrassed because I have let myself go so much)
5) It is not fun going shopping for fat clothes!!!
6) Not wanting to be in family pictures/being in video camera
7) Realizing that I spend $$$ on fast food each month
8) I'm ready to have my chin and cheekbones back!
9) Realizing that even a good tan will not camouflage cellulite lol
10) Discovering that my knee-high boots are tight in the calves - yikes!

good luck to everyone in your weight loss journeys! I certainly need it!
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Default Example to my daughter.

I decided a week ago enough is enough, I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant a year and a half ago and I worry that I'll end up with type 2, my legs and back ache every day, I look more pregnant than I did when I was pregnant and I get light headed and I have no motivatation to do anything when I get up in the morning. I also want to have a proud daughter and healthy daughter and not be the fat mum on the playground that no-one talks to. So I need to set a good example for her. I don't wnat her to end up unconfident and depressed about being fat, most her life like I have been so far.

It's been brewing for a while. I have decided this time to take it slowly though and work myself up to fitness fanatic in stages. I used to say to myself, right diet starts monday, keep fit regime starts as well and I will lose a half a stone each week. I lasted half a day max! It was like I was going to climb Everest in my head on monday morning. I realise now that this was unacheivable. So I have started with the keep fit videos, and then I will improve my diet over time, and not completely restrict myself of anything. I will then introduce different keep fit things as time goes on. Just hope it works this time. I think I just need to stop pressurising myself to the point where I give up as it seems impossible
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I graduated college at 399lb, brought myself down to 370 and figured "yeah this is great" but then kind of gave up on continuing and stayed stuck there for a while. I'm 23, my life is just beginning. I was borderline diabetic, close to high blood pressure, and more...but i never really took it seriously. I had to shop in stores the rest of my girlfriends walk past without even considering on any of our mall trips.

A best friend of mine moved down to Florida, and set her wedding date for October 25th but when i went to book a plane ticket down, i found out i'd need to buy two seats, i was too fat to fly. The hardest part in facing that was knowing that i never wanted to miss out on big moments in my friends lives, in my life, because of my weight EVER again, so i started on track, and since september I've lost about 52lbs.

Now that i'm almost down below 300, i couldn't be happier with the decision i made.
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rockin' my 60s!
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My straw was my knees. Doing nothing more vigorous than descending stairs too quickly, I severely injured my left knee and mildly injured my right knee. It's taken a year and a half to rehab them to the point where they don't hurt when I walk. 300+ pounds is just too much weight for any 5'3" gal to be able to carry, and not expect knee troubles. For 25 years (since my 30s) I've been happy as a fat woman, but now it's time to change!
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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
Seeing weight loss, diet and exercise as ways to pamper my wonderful self, rather than as a way to punish my horrible, worthless self has been much more successful.
This. This is the reason 3FC is so valuable to me. I always see something that really resonates with me that day. Weight loss, diet, and exercise are incredible things I do for myself. And I feel GREAT when I'm doing them. Just an incredible thought for me. Thank you.
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I was depressed and I started walking to get away from my problems I guess. I hadn' t weighed myself for a while but I guess kidded myself I was still the same weight as years ago. Hubby had made comments about my weight but thought he was being mean or relating it to his weight loss.
Then I checked my weight...what? I am obese? So that was a shock. I had been walking and then started c25k program and started eating better. Its working so I am going to keep at it.
I am almost 36, been a mum for 14 years and it was time for me honestly. Never tried to lose weight so this is all very new and eye opening.
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For me it was to finally put my foot down and say this is it! I have PCOS and want to have children one day. I'm 27 and I'm not getting any younger. In order to get my PCOS in check and make it possible to have kids I need to lose the weight. There for awhile I was all about just love the skin you're in and just didn't care if I was fat or not. But about 2 weeks ago I was like, no this isn't alright. There's nothing wrong with being big if you're healthy and happy. I also have HBP and don't want to be on medication the rest of my life so I'm trying to make food my medicine and eat a clean, whole food diet. I want to feel comfortable in cute clothes and DEFINITELY want to get rid of the giant flesh apron. I wish everyone well in their journies!
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Default Pants

When I realised that I have a full closet of beautiful clothes and only one pair of pants fit me and that I eat 100g (3.5 ounces) of chocolate every day.
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When I was at my lowest weight and lowest BF% in graduate school, just last year, I bought myself a few hundred dollars' worth of nice clothes for interviews and work. Currently, none of the pants fit me properly, and some of the shirts and dresses are too tight as well. I want to wear my nice clothes!
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Determined to do this!
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Default Straws & straws

When I look at my 79yr old Mom who is in a wheelchair now because of her weight (and the many health problems it led to) -- and I weigh as much as she does now -- and I absolutely KNOW that in 30 years I'm going to be her if I don't do something NOW.

Big straw... really big.
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Blessed Person Here
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I'm turning 30 this year. End of story.
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I feel for Redonkulous & greenlights1 - I have the flesh apron, that disgustingly hangs down over my lady bits. Over recent months it has grown so big I had to ask for an extension belt on my recent flight to visit my husband. Thank the lord I was alone on my row and could cover it with my cardigan. I was just too mortified and in shock to cry.

I also hate that I cannot pull down the plane seat table in front of me and balance a drink there as my tummy gets in the way. If the seat next to me is free I use that otherwise I only drink bottled water instead of my fave G&T
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She's A Firecracker!
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What happened with me was, there were so many factors already that made me decide to lose weight, but the final straw was when I fell in love. I fell for a guy who made it seem like he genuinely cared and accepted me, which I knew couldn't have been true due to the fact that he was like majorly thin and athletic. So sure enough, he broke up with me. A month after that I decide to message him and he randomly sends me a photo of his new girlfriend. NAKED. Random like that you know? And I played it cool. What happened after that was I just thought it was a slap in my face because she did happen to be thin and he wanted to make me feel insecure. It worked. Not only that incident but he used me to try to get to other girls. One night I was like "I always thought you were a handsome man, just look at you! You're perfect!" (after we broke up, still talking) and he literally said to me "Can I be honest with you, just don't get mad at me?" I said "Of course you can I want you to feel like you can always come to me and trust me to express yourself" he says "I think your friend is hotter than you. Sorry". Ladies let me tell you, it's a ****ing scar on me because it replays to me ever single day. So now I'm not giving the ****er the time of day when I reach my goal. I can't express how angry I still feel at that. No matter how nice he is to me, i can't let that go. I'm usually really forgiving and forgetful but that takes the cake. I'm doing this for my dignity, pride, and self esteem.
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Oh man....I think I finally was just fed up! My nosey old neighbor also told me that I was gaining weight and deep inside i knew it but It took someone actually saying something to get me in gear. I was already over weight and then I gained more weight from being in a relationship (like 10 pounds) but I had to catch it before it got REALLY out of hand. I didn't want to be that person who lets herself go once she finds someone. Also despite being overweight for 7 years I always had a waist but I started to lose it! I was getting bulky and losing my feminine figure Also when I started the thin girls in the kitchen I work in told me cutting carbs wasnt going to work and now that they know I lost 35 pounds they kiss my *** So I had to show them what was up 25 more to go until I'm back to 18 year old weight and under 20 more untill I'm not considered overweight anymore!

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Lose 1lb. Repeat 99 times
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Originally Posted by thirti4thirty View Post
I'm turning 30 this year. End of story.
^^^^ THIS !!!! I turned 30 last November and I just knew I had to do something about my weight, I spent my entire 20s as a fat girl, I wasn't going to let my 30s be dictated by my weight!!

plus it took a whole stack of straws in my case..
- this lady at work once told me to take some party leftovers home to the kids! I don't have kids, I didn't even have a husband.
- my friends would joke about my weight and I would ignore them like one time we went to this park where everyone was doing adventure sports like climbing and zip lining and my friends told me that I would not be able to do it, I'd just make excuses saying I wasn't up for trying it out anyway.
- This one time at 6 flags where the attendant told me they couldn't let me ride because the belt wouldn't fasten and I had to get out of the ride and my entire group of friends got out with me (I cried like a kid that day)
- the airplane seat belt wouldn't fasten and I would get too embarrassed to ask for an extension so I would just sit and pray for a safe flight (yes I never fastened that seat belt, the entire flight, I hid the belt under my jacket pretending it was clasped

The signs kept coming and I was in such denial about my weight I guess I decided to do something about it when it started threatening the future of my relationship. I got dumped for being overweight once, I didn't want to go through THAT again. No matter how big the ego, sometimes it's for the best to just listen, take charge and do something about it.

Needless to say, 50 lbs later, my colleagues keep complimenting my weight loss and so does everyone else on this super supportive website!! I don't need the extra seat belt in airplanes anymore, I went to 6 flags again and went on ALL the rides, I zip lined TWICE

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