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That is scary! Did you ever figure out why it got so infected? I have been looking into getting microdermals in a few places, including my wrists. Was it due to improper cleaning or rejection or something that could have been done differently?
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Well I got them done, looked after them properly (I am a freak about keeping piercings/tattoos clean all the time!) then a week later it got a bit red and sore round one of them. I went to another piercing place to see what they thought cos the original one i went to was closed for the day and he told me to go to the hospital and get antibiotics. I did, and took them for a day or 2 but they swelling started to travel further so i went back to hospital where they decided to pull the infected one out under local anesthetic. That was the most agony I've ever been in! I continued to take antibiotics for another day by which time my whole arm was in agony and bright red! I returned to the second piercing place where he took out my other microdermal and said they had been put in far too deep and was probably why they had been infected. After that, I returned to hospital where I was told i had to stay so I could be put on I.V antibiotics. It was the most horrific experience of my life!
BUT on the other hand, I know loads of people who have had them done with no problems whatsoever. I guess I was just unlucky!
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ahh, horror stories :/ I know what you mean about keeping body mods clean, I am kind of obsessive about it as well. It's hard for me to not over clean.

But yes, I know quite a few people who have them and didn't have to much trouble healing. I have an anti-eyebrow piercing right now, and am planning on getting it mocked with microdermals after this semester, I also am planning on getting a vertical surface tragus piercing mocked with microdermals, and then my wrists as I said before.

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Cat do you think the problem may have been with the type of metal they pierced with? I am allergic to nickle, before I learned that, I had a tongue piercing done (with a surgical steel stud) and battled infection for WEEKS, but eventually my body got used to it. Had a navel piercing done with a surgical steel stud as well, and also had a really tough time with infection. Eventually had to pull the navel piercing because my body wouldn't adapt to it.

Now I will only have titanium or gold in my body, as I know they are both completely nickle free. I had my hood piercing done with titanium and not a hint of a problem.
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MMmm - love my piercings. I have my tongue and nose done. Right ear has lobe, helix/daith combo and a snug. Left ear has a lobe, rook, daith and tragus. I had two eyebrow piercings but had to retire them due to migration - I miss them. My eyebrow was my first piercing as a celebration for losing 100 lbs. Other than the migration - the only one I've truly had issues with is the snug. It has been about 10 months and it's just settling down. My piercer says it is typically a very difficult piercing to heal. I'm doing the cocoa butter thing on my eyebrow in hopes of maybe redoing that one at some point. Only downside to all the cartilage piercings is I can't use a bluetooth anymore

My son just had a daith done - I talked him out of an industrial because I thought he'd have trouble catching things on it - plus it would have to come out for baseball season.

I really want to get a VHP but i LOATHE my body and wouldn't have the courage to do it. I really hate that I can't do it.
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Thats probably just infection. Keep soaking it with a sea salt solution and it'll go away. All of my cartilage piercings (I have 6 including my nose) and my nipples have gotten them and they will dry out or they will burst and then the skin will peel off around them. Another thing you could do is wash it with tea tree oil soap. I love that stuff so much that I even wash my face with tea tree oil face wash. Tea tree oil naturally kills bacteria. You can also use Dial anti-bacterial, but I'm allergic to the sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a sudsing agent but it drys skin out pretty badly. When I told my piercer this she said that she likes tea tree oil better anyways so I tried it and it works wonders. This is just what I do. It should go away if you at least soak it. I hope this helps!!!!!
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i have a friend who has her targus done and it has a little bump on t. Vitamin E oil and a hot compress should do it.

i have had many a piercing. i have had two piercings per lobe (done at around 10 or 13. the usual walmart/clairs piercing gun fiasco. i know better now). i am now the rpoud owner of 3/4" plugs. i was thinking of getting a second hole for "normal" earrings (i found harry potter earrings that are just to DIE for!!!!)

i have had my eyebrow done and taken out for job hunting. my labret done and retired (which i want back sooooo bad. had it for 7 years. two tongue rings. my nips done at a diagonal. anti naval. annnnd a septum ring. which i LUUV. when i want to be a badass out it comes ;P

i am pretty ocd so most of my stuff has been in pairs or in the center. (eyebrow being the only exception) i would like to get my nostril or industrial done but A) i am afraid of needles and B) i am afraid of needles and i heard cartilage hurts like the dickens.

i think a mini goal of a new piercing is in order ^_^
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a work in progress :)
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I have my nose pierced and my ears stretched. I started stretching my ears because they were pierced when I was a baby and I have very elastic skin and the hole basically grew as I grew and was a little slit. When I got fat it looked like little a$$es lol not cute. So I figured I'd stretch to a 2 gauge to get rid of the slit. Well, it's just as addicting as tattoos, I'm currently at 3/4 of an inch and taping to get to 7/8" I love them <3
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Originally Posted by stargzr View Post
Hey-o! I got an industrial piercing in my ear last October. I love it, but at the same time I don't love it... It's SUPER cute, but it is always in my way when I tuck my hair behind my ear. Also, the guy said it would take 6-12 months to heal, but mine's pretty good... I think I just keep getting shampoo in it or something and it gets puffy for a day or two (like once a month) then goes back down. I also have a small fleshy bump behind the top of the top hole. I'm thinking now about taking it out...
So those of you who have this or are familiar with it (you know someone who has it) do you/they still have yours/theirs? For how long?
Also, so as to keep with weight loss questions - I also have my belly button pierced (got it done like 6-7 years ago). Have you had issues with it as you gained or lost weight?

*edit: I just realized the other piercing thread closed a while back, feel free to share any others you might have!
Hi there,
I see this thread is a little old, so not sure if your industrial piercing issue is resolved or not.

I've had this piercing for almost a year, and mine still bugs me. Granted, it would help if I cleaned it every day like I'm supposed to. I have a couple bumps on mine, but they dry up relatively quickly and don't bother me that much. I'm hesitant to take mine out...some days I want to and others I don't. The piercer that did mine measured the bar length slightly short, so I wonder if this has anything to do with the pain.

I have other piercings, too. My first lobes are stretched to a measly 10g...I'm trying to work up to 8 or 6. I've got seconds too. Just the other day I discovered that one of my thirds is still open (I'd taken them both out several weeks ago). I've got a tragus piercing in my left ear, which is healing considerably well given that I'd had one about a year before with a ring that didn't heal at all. Having a barbell instead of a ring did the trick. Lastly, I've got a nose stud that I've had for nearly 3 years - I got a it a couple months after I turned 14.

Those are my babies But I don't think I want to get any more lol.
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I'm going to re-start the stretching process this summer, and I really want to get my septum pierced, but my mum would cry I'm more than old and ugly enough to be responsible for my own body and that, but I don't want to upset her
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I have my nose and my lip done. My lip has never given me a single issue. It has always been great. But my nose has sucked. I had it pierced on the right side at first, and then after having had it for 2.5 years, I took it out to change the ring in it (I had a stud in, and I wanted to put in a hoop), it like immediately closed up. So I went to a piercer a week later, and she said she could not re-pierce the right side of my nose for a month to make sure I didn't get any infections or nastiness, but just going a week without it had made me feel naked, so I let her pierce the left side. Then after the proper amount of healing time, I went back to the piercer to have her change the ring in it (she wasn't there but one of the other girls did it), and I guess it started closing again because she had to put a taper pin in it while she was changing it, and it hurt really bad! So, needless to say, I haven't changed it again even though I want to. Plus I regularly get the famous "nose bump" (which sounds similar to the bump near your industrial piercing) even though now it's been almost a year since I got the left side pierced. I guess it's just a bad idea to pierce cartilage.

I want to get my nipples pierced, but I'm wondering if I should wait until I lose at least some of the weight? During my gain, I went from a C cup to a D, sometimes a DD depending on the bra, so I'm sure that I will lose some boob in the process, and I'm not sure how that would affect nipple piercings.

Never had the urge to get my belly button pierced, so can't make any comments there.
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My industrial never healed. I had it done in March of last year and nearly a year later it just...wasn't healing. At all. I had a ball of scar tissue on the bottom exit hole, it went through the cycle of being fine, acting up, being fine, acting up. It just wasn't worth keeping.
On the bright side I got my philtrum pierced in May =]. I looove it. It's so cute.
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I'm planning on getting a new piercing as a reward once I reach 130lbs.

Haven't decided if I want a trangus or a rim piercing. Oh well, I suppose I have plenty of time to decide.
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I had my industrial done in March of 09 and I had a lot of problems with it healing. I just figured it was my body since I had my cartilage pierced on both sides twice, but they were ALWAYS infected. The first time I just took them out and let them heal and thought trying again would help. Well the second time I had them for over a year and they still didn't heal. Then I was in the E.R. for a migraine and they made me take them out for a test. They were only out for a few hours since I was too hopped up on meds to put them back in and they holes were closed.

Anyway back to the industrial. I always had issues with infections till I met my b.f. 4 months after getting it done and he told me about hibiclens. He used on his nipple and cartildge piercings. It worked wonders. So that has helped me. I also had the bumps everyone talked about. I just massaged it like crazy and it went down dramatically. I barely have a bump now.

I also got my other cartlidge pierced last summer and haven't had any problems with it.I also have my tongue and my nose. My tonuge was done April of '10 and I got my nose done in April and was fine till a month ago. I've been having a lot of problems with swelling inside the nostril and have been using salt water. The swelling finally has gone down a bit and I have no more puss, but the swelling is still there.

I also had a piercing down there, but removed it for a an ex-b.f. which was a big mistake. I'll never do that again. The piercings are me and if you don't like them then you don't like me. I do want to get it redone, but am waiting till I lose weight.

I would love a micro derm, but am too scared. I hear a lot of horror stories about them.
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