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Thumbs down LWL #105 - week of 2 June 2003

Howdy y'all!!!

Another beautiful weekend is past...thought I'd start a new thread for this week right quick before hitting the shower...

How is everyone this fine Monday?

I'll post more as soon as I get to work and have a spare moment!!
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Height: 5'2


got up early saturday to head to the gym and guess what? can't find my license OR my gym id. I searched EVERYWHERE with no luck! so no weight lifting for me. however, i worked non-stop in my house from 8:30AM til 12:30, doing laundry, sweeping, mopping so that (i think) counts for cardio at least. Sunday was BEAUTIFUL in the motorcity. I cut my lawn, edged, cut hedges, pulled weeds for 3.5 hours - cardio for sunday.

i grilled out sunday afternoon and after i had cooked all the turkey patties, turkey franks and chicken that I had, my coals were still hot so i threw some fish on there. MAN THAT WAS GOOD!!!!! I am in the market for a weight set for home. DS needs some strength training for football and with my hectic summer schedule starting today, getting to the gym for weight training will be more difficult.

hope the rest of you ladies had an excellent weekend filled with sunshine, fresh air and healthy eating choices.
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Oh *man* Tiki - the front counter folks at your gym must be pretty harsh - didn't they recognize you?? (I must confess that generally at 4:45 am the guy at the front counter at my gym is usually asleep...he leaves the barcode reader out so us early birds can check in without waking him up!! The few times I do go in during the 'normal' day, when I forget my ID, as long as I know my DOB and driver's license number they let me in...)

Are you looking at PowerBlocks for home?

This weekend was another beaut...had an awesome lesson on Saturday but yesterday started feeling BIG TIME why I should NOT have leg day the same morning as a riding lesson! How was I to know that most of my riding lesson would be done without stirrups...including cantering...so yesterday and today my inner calves and thighs are BURNING. But it's a good burn!

Gotta get back to work - have a 3-day meeting starting tomorrow...
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S/C/G: 202/144/Lean/Fit

Height: 5'2


they don't play around at the Ballys up here. FOA, I alternate between which gym I attend and I also change up the times that I go, so I see a variety of people working the front desk and they see countless faces. They give me a hard time if i have only my license and not my membership card, so without a license, I know i can forget it. sorry bout those sore legs. soak, stretch and keep on going!
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LOL @ Tika and Karen, the joys of living in a smaller city is that EVERYbody knows your name (as the song goes) Doesn't matter what time of day you go the front dest clerk knows you by name...and if not which is rare they don't give you a difficult time at all, just have to give your phone#, or now they have this pad that you just type in your own #....

HAd a great leg workout this am... food is good, I feel good... and it's ok out.... a bit of a wind but cool... the weekend was horrid with rain and dampness.... yuck!! Let's hope JUNE will be sunny and bright...

Later all...
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Default Sun at last

Wow- it almost feels like spring here, and of course it's Monday, so I was back at work. I spent the weekend digging gardens and hauling mulch, which I didn't realize was such a good tricep workout until I went to the gym to do bi's and tri's today. Boy were they sore already! Actually got a good workout tho. BIG armed, shaved head guy walked past when I was doing hammer curls with 25 lb dumbells and called me a "dangerous lookin woman". Mind you, this guy probably curls about 110! Maybe he thought I was going to drop them on myself or something. I would have prefered "powerful" or "shredded" or even "hardworking". "Stunning" might have been nice, too (stunned is more like it tho.) But dangerous? what the heck does that mean?

When I was at the gym, I noticed a sign for a new class "Kick and Core" that I'd love to try. But I'd already done 30 minutes of HIIT, then a 45 fast dog walk, and arms and calves, so I don't think I can try it today. Next week I think I'll skip am cardio and try the class. Then I'll really be dangerous.

Hope you all had a great day!
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Dangerous is a great compliment. Think of all the hot, sexy villans in the movies... don't they just look dangerous?

I moved this weekend to a great new house and I love it. The move was terrible but worth it. My boyfriend and I were carrying a desk to the "mysterious alley of disappearing furniture" and he was having to take a break every 3 feet! I finally took the "heavy end" of the desk and off we went. He said I was just trying to show him up. I told him to go to the gym more often.
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Sounds like you're all right on track

I had a slight blip today... an Ice cream bar *Sigh* but they are all gone now and out of my life! *banish*

I got my 20MAS in today, so I feel pretty good about that eats was mostly watermelon and chicken so thats good as well.

Tomorrow is UBWO and I really want to work my back hard! Must have lats... must have lats!

Im finding it actually easier to eat "lite" with the extra light and warm weather. I dont WANT heavy salty stuff so veggies are featuring in my eating like they are goin out of style! Im pretty pleased about that

Only a week and I'll be home with my family for the 1st time in 2 years! I cant wait!!

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Wow -- so many good workouts!!

I have a question for ya'all. I was eating 22oo calories a day and losing pretty well. Now that I have lsot 28 lbs., I have gone down to 2000 a day and am still losing. I would love to not drop really low throughout this whole process and am thinking about upping my intake by 200 or so calories once a month for a week (like while PMSing -- since I never lose that week anyway). Then I would return to the lower intake after starting my period. Have any of you ever done this? I didn't read it anywhere...just thought it might work to prevent me from dripping too low in calories.

Your thoughts??

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Hey guys,

I had a good relaxing weekend but my week has been **** so far (it's Tuesday here). Hopefully things will even out again soon. We won soccer on the weekend 3-2 which was good and DH won 4-1 which was excellent. I have training tonight - which I am really looking forward to as well.

I spent 5 hours cooking on the weekend since I was just in one of those moods. I made all of my stuff including a quiche, caeser salads and some shannycakes for the week then made up a shepard's pie, choc mud muffins, pumpkin soup and potato and leek soup for hubby.

Hope that everyone is having a successful week!

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I also had a good workout today. Day one of C2 on BRX. These exercises are going to kick my butt!! I feel like jello hehe

I lost about an inch all around with C1. I am going to weigh myself tommorrow since I am ending my TOM. I know I lost a few lbs too.

Have a good day all!

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Had a great workout this morning. I decided to walk to the gym this morning. I loved it. I didn't have to warm up and got to skip the elliptical machine. ahhh yess. I think you earn extra points in heaven if you really, really hate the music at your gym. I can tune it out when I'm lifting but have real trouble with it while doing cardio. The music sucks but we do have two different people showing up in those plastic workout clothes lately. It never fails to put me in a good mood to see someone wearing what looks like an industrial strength garbage bag. tee hee.
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Morning, all! Our Internet and email have been mostly out since Friday — DH is ranting about why are we spending the big bucks for a cable modem if this is the lousy service we get, etc. It’s hard for me without Fitday and without being able to read here, especially yesterday. It was a food struggle from beginning to end, starting with the peanut butter cookies that DH asked me to make for him and ending with total starvation after the gym. The good news is that I didn’t eat any cookies or anything not on my plan, but the bad news is that I ate a little too much of the good stuff. One thing that the past two years has taught me is the difference between “appetite” and true “hunger” and I was genuinely hungry all day yesterday so I don’t feel too bad about eating a little extra. For years and years I have had it pounded into my head not to eat at night, especially carbs, but I have discovered that if I eat something like oatmeal and PP before bed, I sleep a lot longer (a good thing for me since I have been struggling with insomnia for the past year). Maybe I was waking up way too early because I was hungry???

I LOVE your story, Mel, about being a dangerous woman! Perhaps you need to start dressing the part? Like all-black workout clothes, perhaps a few chains and random body piercings — a tattoo, maybe? I don’t have any stories that come close — the only time I ever intimidated anyone in the gym was when I was standing by the incline press that had 225# loaded on it (for my lifting buddy, who was getting a drink) and a guy came over and asked if that was the weight that *I* lifted and I told him it was my warm-up set.

I’m trying to take new classes at the gym too and mixing things up since I get too comfortable in the same old routine. Kick and Core sounds interesting. We have a new one called “Pain in the Butt” and I’ll bet you can guess what it targets.

Clover — I never had a chance to welcome you with my limited time on the computer lately, but when I read your story, I found myself saying “yes, yes, YES!” to what you were saying about the joys of lifting weights. I completely agree with you about the psychological benefits of weight-lifting — it’s definitely my mental health hour. I think that you’ve found a little corner of the universe here with other women who feel the same way, so please stick around and keep posting! About the gym music — I defy anyone to lift to Celine Dion (this was on yesterday) so I have an iPod with tons of great music for cardio and when I am working out by myself. One of the best investments I ever made.

Jessica — you are indeed a moving day goddess! WTG on the desk and a great comeback to the boyfriend!

Paula — on the calories — I am a big advocate of experimenting with yourself. None of us react the same way to food and calories and exercise, so try to devise your own plan and see what happens. So long as you are tracking what you are doing and what the results are, you’ll know if it works or not. Let us know the outcome!

Robin — a big congratulations on finishing C1! Regardless of what the numbers are, you know that you have done something good for yourself.

JC — I have cooking moods like that too, and the family loves it. I have a big freezer in the basement and like to keep it stocked with soups and chili and stock and baked goods etc. for emergency dinners.

Tidey — have a wonderful trip home and post (if you can) and tell us all about it. How long will you be there?

Yesterday was chest day and I moved up a bit in weights. Today is back day and I’m going to try to get that pull-up today. I can dead-lift more than my body weight, so I can’t figure out why I can’t pull it up all the way. Anyone use wrist straps when doing pull-ups? I’ve seen it done but don’t know if it is a big help or not.


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Quicky post here....

Last nite went out in the a NW wind and biked 20k, talk about being out of breath when you get off the bike!!

Meg -- Good for you for sticking to healthy food when you were hungry, someone once said that if you are truly HUNGRY, you should eat good healthy stuff it's because MUSKELS are building... So what if you are going over your normal # of cals there's a reason for that, IMO, and that's MUSKELS...

Guess what girls, I'm feeling FLABBY and CELULITY (sp) lately!!! What is up with that??? Is it true about the old rumour that the FAT is leaving... please say YESSSSS!!?? I feel so good tho...?!

Later all... work -- ick -- calls me!!
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Default :)

Hi girls!!

Looks like everyone's week is going well!! Hi to the new(er) people than me This is a great place.

Speaking of (not so) great places, I just got home from a BFL seminar at a gym I am not a member at. I thought I would check it out, pick up a hint or two get some motivation.... well I was wrong.

It ended up being a 'hard' sell for their training programs. Which costs $3,000, including a personal trainer for EACH of the workouts, even cardio... there were some less expensive programs, but of course, this was the one that was pushed the most.

I am a commercial real estate agent and saw every single one of their techniques, at one point as I was trying to escape the room I felt like taking the 'trainer' aside and using my new found strength to give him a good hockey punch to leave me alone! I had a giggle on the way home thinking about the poor suckers that were left behind. I had to go through 3 people on my way out the door... what a joke! It was almost 'cult-like' and made me shudder.... and as a long time lurker at another familiar site which has its own 'cult like' atmosphere surrounding another program it made me think how people can be manipulated.

Oh well... I walked away with 3 free pkgs of myplex lite (vanilla) so I can see what the fuss is about. I had a free sample handed out to me that was already made up.... it was pretty darn good. Too bad it sOOOOOOO expensive over here.

Well... it is late, I have an early workout and a crazy day ahead of me ......

Have a good one. *yawns*

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