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soozie 07-30-2002 11:42 PM

Girls, I've been behind because I guess that the move wiped out my automatic emails that notified me when someone posted in the alternachicks site. I just spent over an hour reading everything in our new forum. Can't really respond to everything individually but, know that I heard you, and I care, in a very personal way so...You are great, weird, funny, interesting, lost in the 3 fat chicks web site, really ?, hmmmm, you don't say...(Choose appropriate response to your post, feel free to add smilie of your choice. Thank you, your personal and intimate friend, Soozie)

The kitchen is finished except for one cabinet. The electrical is finished. The foundation of the original house and framing are repaired!!!! The house will not fall down.

YAHOO!!! Now we just have to wait for a new front door, new tile by the fire place and in the entry area by the front door and new carpeting.

Then the entire house will be done and we'll be broke and in debt up the wazoo. But, I'll be losing weight with the alterna*****es! oops, I mean alternachicks.....

Chub-ba-bubba Sooze. :lol: :spin: :lol:

ellis 07-31-2002 06:57 AM

You have a fireplace, Soozie!?! Waaaah! I want one, too!

Kat, I think I already said this, but

Happy Anniversary!!

Ruth, has that girl been found yet?


[email protected] 07-31-2002 08:58 AM

Good Morning Chickies, I hope that everyone is well!

Happy Anniversary Kat!!!!:hb: I hope that you had a fun, romantic & naughty evening to celebrate!

Soozie, ALL DONE? I didn't think a house was ever done! There is always something lurking waiting for the most inopprotune time to require more work! :lol: Just think though if you sink all your money into a house, there is nothing left for snacks!

Ellis, OHHH a dead mouse? Ick! I think that I would have made the old movers take it with them...haha! We had the same issue with our fridge last fall! I thought the delivery men were going to kill me, when they had to take off our front door & the doors off the fridge just to get it in the door. It always makes me laugh that they act like it is the first time they have ever ran into that problem, when I bet that it happens at least once a week!

Mauvis, Have a great time on your trip! We will all be waiting for the post cards!

Hmm, 160 sticks of butter too. That sounds pretty bad too! I wonder what other comparisions I can come up with!

I wonder how long until I can say that I am a size 6! After yesterday mornings delightful shopping, we went at lunch too! I got another pair of shorts & a dress ALL 6s! My girlfriend says I have to wait until most of my clothes are 6s, anyone my big stuff now! (Even if it still fits, I would be willing to get rid of it just to declare that I am a 6!):lol:

Ok need to get to work. These silly people actually think that I work to earn my money, so I have to make it look legitimate from time to time!

Have a good day to everyone else that I missed!

fluid_fiction 07-31-2002 02:56 PM

*sniffles from crying from being lost*

but i'm here now. :) look at us! our own forum! *is impressed*


checking in. sounds like you're all doing great! *hands out hugs and congratualtions. am just checking in on lunch quick.. will post at length on Friday, when i have a spare 2 seconds. :) miss you all.


Ruthxxx 07-31-2002 05:30 PM

Sheesh! My ISP was down today and I am in InterNet withdrawal!

Welcome new chickies - this is a pretty nutsy place but everyone seems to fit in well. Square pegs in round holes? Never mind! Don't take that one any further!

So - what are we gonna do about a moderator? Am I stuck with it or does someone else want the job? Anyhow, tomorrow I am going to close this thread and start one for August. What shall we call it? Alternews? The Whining Weekly? The Monthly? Help me here!

No word on the kid who went missing with the carnival - not that the cops will tell us anything!

My friend Rob's sister died this week so I am off to steamy Belleville for the funeral tomorrow. (I am Rob's grandmother - he is gay and calls me his fairy godmother.) The good news is that there is a great Chinese buffet place on the way home at Napanee - Hmmmmmm! I have not had restaurant Chinese since early June. Shall I?

Frassing AC is on the fritz - blows air but not cold air! Seems to be missing the point. I've been sleeping with a big square fan blowing on me and am NOT happy about it - especially since the dog joins me to get cooled off. The AC guy might get here tonight - if not, he will be here in the morning. I've not yet caught up on my sleep since the Fair - maybe tomorrow night?

Gotta go figure out something for dinner that does not need an oven. Maybe clam pasta or pasta with pesto? My basil is in great shape even if I'm not!

Catch you later.

mauvaisroux 07-31-2002 07:35 PM

Hello Fabulous Femmes!

Whee:spin: only 2 days left of work then I am on holiday for 10 days!

How about "Alternachat" for the August thread? or maybe "Pass the meow mix" no wait isn't that the venting thread? I'm confused-so many threads so little time:)

Ellis- how about Saturday, August 17, for the Dim Sum get together with Ruth. I 'mbusy this weekend and will be in the U.S next weekend. Is that a good weekend for you? how bout you Ruthxxx? If so where do you want to meet and when...PM me one way or the other.

Ruthxxx- I told Jennifer 3FC that I would be moderator if someone showed me the ropes and the rules...I haven't a clue but I don't mind learning how to do it. Sorry to hear about your friend's sister, that must be really tough on him.

Shel-glad you found us, pop in on Friday if you have time for a longer chat.

Christina-way to go girl! I can't believe that you are now almost a certified size six:cp:

Soozie-Iam so jealous that you have a fireplace! Glad your reno is almost done and no animals or partners were harmed in the making of this kitchen:lol:

Dentrassi-ewww your toe! Hope it gets better soon!

Tiggerdiva- hope things are going okay with you...

Hey, what happened to the other two ladies, did we scare them off?

Gotta go and pack now!
Seeya goils!

dentrassi 07-31-2002 08:27 PM


Soozie-I'm jealous too!!! I love fireplaces. Glad to hear the kitchen is done though!! Exciting to fix up the house, but a PAIN IN THE *** to live through!!! Seems like yours was done pretty quickly though!!

Mauv-I love all the names that you AND Ruth come up with for new threads!!
Thanks for the toe wishes. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it sure looks bad!! I have to wait until it falls off or grows out at this point!!

Ruth-Sorry about your friend's sister. I'd say YES! stop for the Chinese buffet!!

Christina-YUP! And I still have MORE than 160 sticks of butter hanging on me!!! We could get pretty strange, you know, like...YOU HAVE LOST 40 cans of beets!!! Or YOU HAVE LOST 320 2oz JARS OF MOISTURIZER!!!!!(not including the jars..)

Shel-SEE YOU FRIDAY!! (hope you can check in before that!!)

Ellis-We are posting at the same time!! HEY!! If you three meet for Dim Sum, try to get pictures and post them here!!!


Ruthxxx 08-01-2002 07:09 AM

Just bumping this up for reference purposes. I'll close it too. We can now post on the August thread.
Gee, Mauvais, I've stomped on your territory. Hit me with a shrimp toast on the 17th - OK?

ellis 08-01-2002 07:33 AM

Chris, that poor little dog. You were very sweet to pick him up.
Let us know what happens. I hope that your friend is alright...

Oh! Fire and a sing-song at Soozie's! Sounds lovely darling. We'll all be there for Christmas.
Listen, could we NOT talk about fires on one of the hottest days of the year? It's going up to 34 degrees C today, and there's a Humidex warning. Which means that elderly people should be lying naked in their bathtubs in a few inches of cool water with a whiskey and a magazine.
I will be lying on my bed in front of the fan all day with two hot children, watching movies and eating popsicles.

Okay Den and Sooz... we'll try to get pictures of Dim Sum. Do you want to see US or the food? Ruth, Mauvais... my camera is on its last legs. Have either of you got one that works? Ruth, how is your friend? I hope he's doing alright.

Mauvais... almost holiday time!!!

Shel... are still there?

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