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fluid_fiction 07-23-2002 02:15 PM

OOOH!!! new emoticons!! and on a manic day!! hurrah!!!

:cb: :cp: :cp: :sp:

these are great!!

sorry. *sheepish grin*

ooh! or would that be :sheep: -ish :D ???

next manic in 20 minutes, lovlies... don't miss the train! ;)


soozie 07-23-2002 03:22 PM

Came home for lunch . Gotta go back to work. Will write again later. :cb: :cp: :joker: :cp: :cb: :sheep: Love, Soozie

[email protected] 07-23-2002 07:21 PM

Hello Dollies!

Ellis, you must have been posting the same time that I was this morning, I never even saw your post till just now! I do agree with you though, not once have I ever gotten a raise because my boss said "Wow, you got an A in Professor Noodle's Phsyc class, here lets just give you a 10% increase right now!" So don't fret anything that gets you a passing grade! 10 years from now you will see that you had your priorities right!

I guess that I have to go check out the new smilies! It looks like they added some good ones!

Spoke to SIL today, it is official with a confirmation from the Dr, she is expecting , due in March. They are coming up this weekend to tell the outlaws! I can't wait, we are going too, with a gift...simply to be a brat so the wicked MIL figures out that I knew first! :p

Today was a horrible day at work...does anyone know how many calories you burn choking the life from someone! Because I was about to today, if it burns many calories I may just do it tomorrow! The only good thing is at the end of the day, she went to the bathroom, & it backed up & exploded all over her! :lol: She came back in the office litterally with her shirt soaking wet all down the front, we asked what happened, she told us nearly in tears. I was able to manage not busting out laughing right in front of her, but luckily she just went & grabbed her purse to go home, so we only had to hold it in about 2 minutes. Of course the door was barely shut till we were rolling on the floor. Of course my Ad Min blamed me, & swears I did it somehow. I just laughed & said that I wish I could have taken credit for it, but at least the next time she ticks me off, I can just see her there with "Ick" running down the front of her & I am sure I will suddenly feel better!

Well I need to go find a simply adorable outfit for my little one tomorrow! This is cowboy week at Daycare & tomorrow they are having a pony ride & getting pictures taken on the pony with their cowboy attire. Of course I can never do anything half way, so we are going all out with the cut off jeans, neckercheif & I need to raid her brothers closet for some sort of plaid shirt that we can tie the tails at her waiste!

Oh Red Velcet Cake is a rich chocolate cake with red food coloring added to give it a deep almost blood coloring. It is usually really moist & somewhat denser than a normal chocolate cake. In my area it is used a lot for weddings. Just a little more elegant than your normal chocolate. course we live half an hour from Hershey & the main Hershey Chocolate Plant, so it may be a bigger deal around here than other regions. I am not a chocolate cake fan, so not really a favorite of mine, but it is good, just usually something I can pass up without too much difficulty. Make it a cheesecake, & I am all over that like white on rice! (maybe I shouldn't have told you & made you wait until she came back to tell you...hehe!) Sometime when I am dying for Butter Tarts or MacIntosh's toffee, I can offer some Red Velvet Cake up for a trade with some of you northerners!

soozie 07-23-2002 10:17 PM

Hey Guys. I have two friends, Harry and David, who make a mean Red Velvet Cake. And yes, as Christina said it is only red because they dump a load of red food coloring into the chocolate cake. It is moist and rich and my friends use a really fluffy white icing. I guess that it is a whipped cream icing...and they make it in layers so there is lots of the whipped crean inside as well. Those guys, Harry and Dave, just moved out of state so maybe that is a good thing!! For my weight I mean. They are the ones who stopped by last week and brought chocolate candy. The candy that they brought was lindt truffles in six flavors. They are pretty decadent.

I liked Devo and Talking Heads too in my youth. Some really fun stuff to dance to there. Den, Thanks for letting me know that Robin Trower was in Procol Harem...I had no idea. A friend had an extra ticket and I went to the concert, clueless then and clueless until now! Thanks. Eva Cassidy has a great voice and her life story is so engaging and tragic. She died before she really made it and now she is getting to be more well known. She had cancer. They did an interesting story about her one night on nightline. I had heard one of her songs in a movie score or on tv and when they aired the story on nightline I recognized the voice. I love her version of Sting's Fields of Gold, and What a Wonderful World. Let me know what you think of her.

Well girls, it was a really long day. Gotta get some rest. Sorry that I didn't write more...will check in tomorrow should have more time to respond then. Love, Soozie

mauvaisroux 07-23-2002 10:52 PM

Evening everyone!:cb:

Love these new emoticons! I always wished we had one that clapped so that we could give applause to a chickie who had earned some and now we do, yay! :cp:

Whew! What a day... got lots of work done today again. I walked to the gym and did some laps in the pool with DH then we walked home and hopped into the van to drive to Ikea. We bought a bookshelf for the livingroom and a couple of those"floating"shelves for the dining area. We ate at the little restaurant while we were there:T Swedish meatballs with new potatoes, gravy and lingonberry sauce, a splurge but it was so good! Unfortunately the bookcase wheighs a ton and the two of us had to lug it out of the van and heave it up the stairs, I should be developing some muscles at this rate! :strong:

Christina-mmmph! How did you manage not to laugh for 2 whole minutes-I would have had to bite my lip to keep from laughing:lol:
Nice plan to undermine the wicked MIL.

Ellis-that's funny, most people here say the same thing about the people in Toronto:shrug: Hey, do you ever go to Sugar Mountain on Elgin Street?

Fluid_Fiction- how's that manic train running?;) They make snow for the snowboard ramps at these snowjams so that explains your snow in July. BTW you can come to Ottawa too, if you don't mind sleeping on my sofabed with my cat in my dementedly decorated apartment. I do live right downtown within walking distance of all the good stuff! And I know where to get the MacIntosh toffee...

Squeeker-I didn't realize that Molson threw those snowjam things down in the States too, being that Molson is a Canadian beer company and all. It sounds like they featured some pretty good bands.

Dentrassi-my friends and I used to go see Rocky Horror when we were in High School, we all looked punk so we didn't bother to dress up since we looked freakish anyway but we did bring our newspapers, water pistols, rice and toilet paper rolls with us:lol:

Soozie- :eek: Glad your DP (dear partner) is okay! What an awful thing to happen she is lucky she did not get hurt. BTW- I am a lucky girl as my DH puts the seat down by his lonesome, never had to nag about it, he even did it when we were first dating and he lived alone-go figure. So I have not had the midnight splash in over 12 years.

Tiggerdiva-glad you checked in with us and that you are holding up okay. It is more important for you to be with your gran and family, you will not regret it later in life that you had this time with your gran. *hugs*

Ruth, Colleen and Kahuna- a big "HEY" to all of you and hope you are all doing well.

Oh yeah, someone was asking about Belly dancing...I have been taking classes for almost 2 years, it rocks! It is so much fun, great music, great workout, no special equipment or shoes needed and it is really empowering and makes you feel very womanly/sexy. I highly recommend it!

Goodnight Chickies!

mauvaisroux 07-24-2002 08:22 PM


Hey where is everyone today? I see...you all posted your little hearts out yesterday and have nothing left for today:lol:

10 days until my holiday:cb: the count down begins. I am doing my laundry, cleaning and packing this weekend, how freaking exciting:yawn: But we may go to see Austin Powers on Sunday afternoon, yeah, baybe!

Went to the gym for a swim...sigh. I felt all good about my bathing suit until a couple of young things came into the pool...Oh to be young, thin-thighed and cellulite free:rolleyes: but my DH swam up to where I was getting into the pool and picked me up in his arms and carried/swam me over to the deepend, I felt all silly and giggly-people must have thought we were newlyweds staying at the hotel:love: Never letting go of my guy!

Hope all is well with everyone and I will check in later or tomorrow, I am hoping to get some reading done tonight.

ellis 07-24-2002 09:02 PM

Mauvais, that is so lovely. What a darling husband you have. He sounds just like mine. Speaking of mine, he informed me today that he's "getting tough with me". We just did 20 minutes of Tai Bo!! Yay!! :cb: Bow. Congratulations and applause, please.

Mauvais, don't those skinny little young things just drive you NUTS!?!? I know exactly how you felt. There must be some way we can convince people that young flesh is extremely unattractive.
What's Sugar Mountain? Have I been missing something?

I'm too burnt out to write personal messages. But I love you all.

soozie 07-24-2002 09:24 PM

Hey Girls, My kitchen is coming along well. Some little minor setbacks. One cabinet wrong size has to be remade, no biggee. Still need to have plumber put in sink, garbage disposal, and oven/range...still need some trim here and there but other than that it is basically finished. It looks so new and clean and beautiful. We'll have so much more cabinet space and drawer space, though I know from experience how quickly that will fill up!!

I weighed in at 190lbs this morning. WOW. That feel like such a big number for a girlie who is only 5'1". I'm gearing up for the real thing. My eating today was reasonable. I have to drink more water. Keep forgeting to do that. And, same old mantra...haven't made time for exercise.

Next week we are going to see friends at the shore. I'm sure that I'll do alot of walking there. We're going Sun, Mon., and Tues. (just so you'll know I won't be able to post then) :)

Well girls...if I even loose 50lbs and get to 140 I'll be happy...135 would be great...so I guess I'm readjusting my goal to between 135 and 140 instead of saying that I want to lose 70lbs. It makes me feel good that my goal is even more attainable now...only 50 to go not 70. My short term goal is to break through the 80's and hit 179. So, hopefully it won't take me too long to get there.

Right now I'm committing to you alternachickquitas that I will attempt to lose 11lbs and hit 179lbs by September 15th. Does that sound like a reasonable goal or too hard or too easy????? I usually don't try to lose more than one pound per week but I just have to get going this time. I'm tired of just doing this half rear-end.

So, give me some feedback and don't let me wimp out of this. thank so much lovies. Knowing you are out there rooting for me will really, really help!!!!!!

I'll start the cheerleading right now...go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie, go Soozie..... :cb: :cb: :cb:
dance banana man, dance banana man, dance banana man, dance......:T

soozie 07-24-2002 09:25 PM

That was supposed to be a spinning smile not the one lickin his chops or her chops as the case may be....Soozie
goodnight and sleep tight.

soozie 07-25-2002 05:23 AM

Congrats to Ellis
Ellis is THE Tae Bo fitness guru woman...YOU GO GIRL!!

:cp: :sheep: :cp: :strong: :cp: :cb: :cp:

[email protected] 07-25-2002 09:15 AM

Good Morning Ladies! I finally ventured back on the scale that lears at me every morning, just taunting me as I get in the shower! I didn't want to get on until I lost the nearly 2 pounds that I gained on vacation! Well I am down to 143.2:cb: WOOOHOOO! Lowest since my wedding day 11 years ago! Of course 145 looked better then, than the 143 looks now. Somehow that tummy just isn't nearly as flat! But hey it is a start! I am thinking I may even break that wedding dress out of the closet to just try it on for fun! Only 8.2 more pounds to go until goal! (well at least my original goal, still thinking I want to tack on another 5-10 on there!) I started this saying I want to get to 135, with the thought, that if I made it to 150, I would still be happy & even if I only got to 160, at least I would be healthier & less than DH. (He is 165) I honestly did not think I would get this close. Guess that I am stronger than I gave myself credit for!

Hang in there Soozie, soon you will be here giving this same speech! I think that your goal is good, keeps it attainable, & yet something to really work for! I want to be at my 135 goal or beyond by Sept 14, for my Daughters Birthday party. I am still hoping for that, & I am a little more encouraged after this morning, but the loss had gotten so slow that last 2 weeks that I wasn't sure I would make it. I would love to be at final goal of 130-125 by the beginning of October. My birthday is the end, then I could get a whole new wardrobe for birthday gifts. If the loss slows down again though, that will be tough to make! But I will keep plugging away at it!

Well I am swamped at work & I have to get a few projects done today, so I better get cracking!

I will check in tonight & really catch up with everyone!

ellis 07-25-2002 12:10 PM


Go Soozie!!

yip yip yip yip yip

mauvaisroux 07-25-2002 09:50 PM

Evening fabulous femmes!

Arrg! Pms strikes again-I just ate a bag of Cheetohs:( Damn that Chester Cheetah!

Ellis-I'm not sure if I should tell you about Sugar Mountain, that would be leading you into temptation:devil: especially since you have been doing Tae Bo Way to go! :cp: ..but here you go....
It is a store on Elgin Street close to the bar area. It sells nothing but candy! It has all sorts of candies in bulk bins, all those old old brands from when you were a kid like Lik-a-maid, Pixie Stix, Jawbreakers, Popeye cigarette candy, Bottle Caps, Bubbalicious gum, Thrills-the gum that tastes like soap, Granny Candy-the hard candy that comes in a tin and that your Grandma always had when you went to visit, and best of all.... candies and chocolate imported from Britain! Chocolate Flakes, Chocolate Buttons, Snowballs, Caramac, all the "good" Cadbury's bars, Jellybabies, JellyTots, etc. ect. and they carry Jones Soda. The place is like a trip down memory lane! I went there with about six of my friends who griped all the way there, we were walking, God Forbid :rolleyes: but once they got there they had a blast!
I bought some PMS "Ice Queen Mints" when I was there:lol:
The store is decorated with all sorts of 70's memorabilia and old candy tins and packaging.
You and DH should check it out sometime, I'm sure your kids would love it too! Did I mention they have MacIntosh Toffee?

Christina-Way to go! 143 lbs! That is amazing:cp: Keep up the good work, you are almost there. I think that your September goal is acheivable,stick to it you are not that far away!

Soozie-I'm sure putting the kitchen back together when it's finished constitutes some exercise:lol: Just think of all those canned goods as little weights toning your arms :strong:
September 15th eh? Sorry my Canadianism is showing there;)
Well not only will I cheer you and Christina on-I will join you in a mini-goal! WHOOO! :cb: Go Alternachiquita Bananas!

I am hoping to be at 150 by September 15th. I am hoping for 145 but I have to factor in my 9 days in Milwaukee where I will have to face 9 days of restaurant and takeout food at the convention, so I will aim for 150.

As for the rest of you chicks- hope all is well and that you are all taking care of yourselves and taking some time out to treat yourselves like the Godesses that you are. Well, didn't that just sound like it came from of a Pagan greeting card?

Night all!

soozie 07-26-2002 12:10 AM

Thanks for the encouragement and welcome to the challenge. I know we can all do it because if we don't we have to answer to Ellis....:fr:
Hope you all had a good night's rest...lets have a great, healthful day!!!
Love, Soozie
ps yes that sounded like a pagan greeting card...does my message sound like a high school pep rally???? (if so, please feel free to puke at this time...)

ellis 07-26-2002 07:33 AM

That's right girls, Miss *****y here will get right on your fat butts if you don't get that weight off by September 15th.
I; too, have joined the ranks. Along with Soozie, I will be losing 11 pounds by the above mentioned date.
I've already done Tai Bo TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!, and I'm not sure, but I may be on a roll. (finally)
Den, you're getting home today. Get your little butt in here and join us. Successful contestants will receive a White Owl cigar directly from Ottawa, Ontario!! (gotta get rid of that box SOMEHOW.)

Oh, Mauvais... Sugar Mountain! I know that store!!! DH and I have been in there a few times. Very dangerous. I'm a big smoker of Popeye cigarettes. You know, when you're walking down Elgin you don't look up, and you may frequent a particular store but you never actually look at the name. Like Mags and Fags. I know THAT name of course, but nobody ever looks at the sign. You just GO IN!

Okay, where the heck is everyone else?

Chris... good going on losing!

Shel, how are the warhammer thingys?

Kat, how are you and your Grandma doing?

Ruth, are you still drinking with those carnies?

Squeak, what are you doing... catching up on work? Waiting desperately for your next holiday?

Soozie, you can at least do 10 minutes of exercise today. Fit it in.

Mauvais, thank you for your hurrahs. :) And you can do it! Just eat salad when you're in Milwaukee. Blah.

Den, get in here and lose weight... and we want to hear all about your trip.

Later, darlings...

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