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Brashka 07-17-2002 10:12 PM

Hi everyone!
Hi all,
I am new here too! My name is Colleen and I read your posts from time to time. You guys are riots. Hope you dont mind me joining in. I have participated in a couple other threads and none seem as caring and supportive as this one. Although I am New to this. So how is everyone?
So I am in this weight loss battle with myself.
Do good for a month, bad for a month. It's a vicious circle with me. But I am going to win one way or another.
I am 31 Yrs old and want to lose at least 70 pds. I am a bridesmaid, in a yr from october, so I got to get down to business.
Love to eat and BF is no help, he loves it too!! HELP:)
So I just wanted to say hello to you all.
And will be in touch soon!!
take care everyone!

ellis 07-17-2002 10:54 PM

Hi kahuna and colleen! Welcome :wave:
Yes, we are a freakin' riot. And anyone who can fall in a hole and roll down a hill is a freakin' riot, too.
New girls, what do you weigh? How tall are you? How much weight do you have to lose? oh... 70... Colleen. Listen, we need to know all the nitty gritty.
And we will nurture you to death. (just don't forget to nurture US, too. We may SOUND together most of the time, but we are just crying out for attention!)

Oh my gosh, my husband just bought me an Orangina and a bag of Cracker Jack. I'm in heaven. I'll let you know what the prize is when I get to it. Does anyone else like Orangina? It's wicked. Sparkling orange juice with natural pulp. Wicked.

Squeak, you're a babe. Just a babe. And you're one of those damned chubby girls who actually looks devine being overweight. I'm so jealous. You're curvy and sexy. I'm really NOT gay, Soozie. :lol: Listen, we went for a picnic on the weekend and there was this girl at the beach. She was a killer. A pale pink bikini, blonde hair, tanned, about 20 years old, and she had Pamela Anderson's body. Okay, NOT my type normally... I much prefer the athletic build, but I couldn't take my eyes off her! Fortunately my husband didn't see her. NOT that she looked better than me!!

Oh, I can't believe it. I got a sticker. A STICKER!?!?! What kind of a prize is that? What ever happened to rings?

Mauvais sweetie... I'm so sorry you had a bad day. Just remember this little prayer: "Thank God I don't have kids." That's it. All there is to it. I can't believe all those kids in the hot tub and pool! That's ridiculous. Listen, next time that happens you just march right over and say, "Excuse me, I've had a really really hard day, and if you don't get out of the hot tub RIGHT NOW, I will become quite violent. And besides, hot tubs are not good for little kids. You're all going to get yeast infections."
Another gaming convention!? You lucky girl!
I know exactly what you mean about obligations. Ideally, I'd like an entire week with no interruptions. No phone calls, people knocking on the door... email is acceptable. It's non-invasive.

Geepers, I've got to go...it's 11 PM and I haven't packed.

where the heck is everyone else?
ciao babies

soozie 07-17-2002 11:44 PM

Yo Ellis, here is your personal cute message...:lol:
Hi Ellis...I liked what you said about having guests now that the house is torn apart...and actually they did get the same treatment that they would normally get...pizza and a beer. :lol:

I loved the pics that you guys have posted...don't have a clue how you pulled it off though...and Squeak and Kat, you both are babes...and I am a lesbian Ellis...there Ellis, I mentioned your name yet again...:)

Welcome Kahuna and Colleen...this is a wonderful group of women...crazy, smart, and with amazing loving hearts...

Mauvais, thanks for the translation and pronounciation guide !! Are you a redhead ?

Ruth, I was able to access your web site. Wow. That is an intense fair. Hope all goes well...what a major undertaking. Sounds like alot of fun for the guests and a tremendous amount of work for you !!!

Chris and Den, Hi , I already wrote once today and mentioned both of your names but since Ellis, (there I mentioned your name again :smug: ) got me for not mentioning her I thought that I'd better not skip anyone. :lol:

Oh, and Ellis, the first time that I heard of Orangina was when I was in Israel in 1978...I did like it...since then I have seen it on occasion in the States but its not too common here. I like your requests for your funeral. Sounds like King Tut being buried with his treasures !!

goodnight ladie-o's. I may not be able to write tomorrow, long work day and supervising the kitchen, some of those guys are pretty cute by the way...
Love, Soozie

ellis 07-18-2002 09:37 AM

oh Soozie... how gauche of me. I'm sorry, we heteros use "gay" very loosely. Of COURSE you're a lesbian! Humble apologies.

Okay, a little tip for you girls. When you're leaving for a mini-holiday for four days for somewhere as far away as TO (6 hours away), it's really really important NOT to pack on the morning that you're leaving. Particularly if you're FAT!!! I wonder if my sister-in-law (the old lesbian :lol: ) would like to buy me a whole new wardrobe while we're there.

'Bye Den, Mauvais, Ruth, Chris, Squeak, Kat, Soozie, Kahuna, Colleen, Shel... phew! Did I get everyone?
Talk to you when I get back!
Love ellis

soozie 07-18-2002 01:03 PM

Hey Ellis, gay or lesbian is fine, I'm just ribbin you because you were commenting on women's attractiveness and then saying "and I'm not gay" so I was commenting on Kat and Squeak's adorableness and saying and I AM GAY. So, does being gay make me a better judge of girls' cuteness ? I don't know. Because with my meds and having a five year old and not getting enough sleep many nights and being fat, my libido is in limbo !!!!:lol: There's nothin doin down there.
okay, now I feel that I'm getting too weird and raunchy so I'll sign off before I offend Ruth and she has to drop her drink and bend over to pick up the glass and looses her perfect view up some dudes kilt....;) then again maybe bending down would improve the view......
Love, Soozie

dentrassi 07-18-2002 08:54 PM

HI EVERYONE!!! Well, I think my toe is infected, but luckily the doctor put me on anti-biotics yesterday, and has me soaking it in some creepy red solution...

HEY!! New diet tactic! I'll gross everyone out until you ALL lose your appetites!!!

Kahuna and Colleen-[COLOR=crimson]WELCOME!!! Hey, the more deranged the better. We all are, so why shouldn't you be?

Soozie-The kindergarten sounds great!!! At each major junction in my kids' lives I have had VERY mixed feelings. Happiness that they are growing up to be unique and wonderful individuals, and sadness to see the last stage go. I know what you mean about other people's babies though!! For the longest time when I held a baby I wanted another one (okay, kinda!!). Now I enjoy holding it and enjoy giving it back!! Baby fix done!! Hey, my libido is through the roof, and I don't have the energy to follow up on it!!! And DH seems to have less energy than I do lately. I told you he's afraid of me!!

Ellis-HAVE FUN!!!!!

Kat-How are you? Come and check in so we can give you lots of hugs and kisses. I know it is rough right now.

Mauv-The BEST way to get rid of 'em is to squueze into the hot tub with them, and then get a look on your face like you are peeing. I guarantee they will be out of there in less than a minute!!!

Squeak-Are you sure you two are just friends? Seems like something else is going on there. (Then again it may just be my typical sex on the brain thing.)
At any rate, you are a good looking young woman!! (Once again I feel old!!)

Shel, Ruth and Chris-Hope you are all doing well!!!

kahuna 07-18-2002 10:44 PM

You like me!! You really like me!!

Not so postal today. Although I still work at the "job" I fondly refer to as ****. Ice water anyone?
I find it hard to get healthy, not just the weight thing, in this crazy, messed up world. Sometimes I feel like I have to ink time in to pee. How do you all do it?? What kind of music do you all/any/some/one of you like? My mind does wandering about other things than my waist size, as I'm sure does yours. There! That was my creative spark for today. sniffle,sniffle.


P.S. I'm saying 50pds, but it's more like 70 and 6'1

fluid_fiction 07-19-2002 02:06 PM

*pokes Soozie* you forgot me. *tries to pout, but breaks into mad giggling instead*

welcome Kahuna and Colleen!!! *hugs* everything you've heard is true!! this is a wonderful bunch. glad you've decided to join us.

Ruth - *big hug* hang in there, sweetie. maybe you can volunteer *****y drawers for the position next year??? :devil:

am feeling good about the decision to break things off. the first couple of days were wierd.... we'd go to kiss eachother goodbye out of habit, and then remember... but we've seemed to settle into a nice, comfortable place.

thanks SOO much for the kind words about my pic. :) actually the first one in a long time that i don't mind myself in.

Squeak, you're a BABE!!! *g*

*snugs Dent, and puts lavender, tea tree, and goldenseal on her toe to make it all better*

Mauv - you don't need to be computer literate, darling. you're skinny and beautiful :)

you know, i HATE how people get about weddings.... two of our guys are getting married soon, and their fiancees and familes are soooooo stressed and stressing them!! a wedding is supposed to be a pledge and expression of love...not some horrid contest to see who is more popular, and who can bring the best gift. hate weddings. hate the dog and pony show. have vowed that if i do it again (AAARRRG!!! WHAT AM I SAYING??!?!??!???) that it's going to be small, and i'm only inviting who i damned well feel like it, and if everyone else can't understand, then TOUGH! well, okay.... maybe i'll let HIM invite a person or two....;)

well. i feel better. :spin:

ellis - how was Toronto?? fabulous, i hope. i'm sure you'll fill us all in.... and did you remember that vacation food has no calories?

god, i didn't forget anyone, did i?? friday here. been cross referencing warhammer inventory all week. am brain fried. hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. *hugs all around*


soozie 07-19-2002 10:34 PM

Shel, my dear dear Shel...oy vay...it was YOU!!! I was saying Kat and Squeak when in fact it was YOU and SQUEAK who posted babe-a-licious photos...sorry. I'm getting mixed up as there are so many of us in here now and a few have more than one name. Let me do an inventory...

Mauvaisroux (founding mother of alternachicks)
Shel (fluid fiction)
Kat (tiggerdiva)
Brashka (Colleen)
Me (Soozie)
Is that everybody??

Still no exercise, unless you count sweating profusely for seven hours since the electrician turned all of the power off to replace our main box and service line today...thought we were just getting a new kitchen but apparently there were live wires in our crawl space...varmints had chewed through all the insulation in many places on the main line into the house...holy mazoly Batman...could've had some fried chipmunks...
Kitchen is coming along well !!!! Can't wait till it's finished.
Hope all is well with you chickies. Have a great weekend.
Love, Soozie

Brashka 07-20-2002 06:48 AM

Thanks, everyone for the big welcome!
You guys are great! Sat Morn. and I am up at the crack of dawn, already did a load of laundry, dishes.... Sickening, its my day off!!
Anyway, How is everyone, I thank you Soozie for your list of everyone who is here cuz I am new here and I cant remember everyones names. So I will just say, Hey All, hope everyone is well and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Ruthxxx 07-20-2002 08:13 AM

Welcome now alternanutscases! I hope to get to know you better once I get my life back.

Right now we are dealing with two polluted wells on the Fairgrounds which means no drinking, washing, flushing or animal water. The lads are working on it while I just fret about the cost of lugging in water! The carnie bunkhouses are in place and the guys arrive Sunday night - hope it's fixed by then! Aside from that I have most pre-fair stuff in hand and have not lost it with anyone yet - YET, I said. Actually I never do lose it during Fair time - it reminds me very much of producing a play when I had to be an island of calm in a sea of chaos! I amaze myself that I can work such long hours with very little sleep and still manage. Of course the drive to the bank every night with the hunky cops is what keeps me on track. I'm considering asking them to wear kilts this year.

Hope everyone is well - and Oldies - try not to scare off the Newbies until I can get back to protect them.

Off to pick my raspberries AGAIN and then may go to a dog show (at Kars, Mauv and Ellis) and watch Lucy's brother take the prizes! I am such a proud Grand*****!

Good weekend to all.

dentrassi 07-20-2002 12:18 PM


Okay Colleen, let's compare mornings......I woke up at the crack of 10ish, had two cups of coffee, watched Yu Gi Oh (2 episodes) with 12 year old, was fully awake by 11:30. I am STILL in my nightgown (which I am only wearing because of the kids.) By, oh.......1:00, I should be dressed, fed, and ready to do a few dishes or something. Am I lazy? NO!!! I'm just "morning challenged." I admire your ability to rise and shine, I think my life would be easier if I could too!!! (But I don't want DH to see your post, 'cause he may start getting ideas.....he's always bugging me to wake up at 6. Uncivilized hooligan!!)

Ruth-You sound BUSY!!!! I think you deserve a few perks for doing the great job you are doing. Having the police officers wear kilts is a good start!!! What a pain about the wells!! Any idea how they got polluted? Why can't I scare the newbies? Huh? Huh? That is half the fun!! Then they can scare back, and I can scare them again. WAAH!! You are taking away all my fun!!
I'm bored, when are we going to do something exciting? OOPS!!! I guess I've been spending too much time with my kids!!!:dizzy: :devil: :lol:

Soozie-I think a lot of the rules go out the window when your house is torn up!! What a pain about the wiring!! Is there any way they can protect the wires so it won't happen again? I love fixing up the house, but there are always a few nasty surprises. Hopefully you have met your quota and there won't be any more!!

Kahuna-How do I do it? I run around crazed!!! Or it just doesn't get done....:D I like all different kinds of music; depends on my mood. Reggae, Blues, Beatles, Ramones, Celtic, Classical, Jazz, Aboriginal, I even like bagpipes, which drives some people who won't be mentioned here CRAZY!!!

Shel-Thanks for the good wishes. It must be working 'cause my toe is doing a lot better today!! The cat was smelling it and scowling two days ago, but now she is ignoring it!! Must be a good sign. Glad to hear things are working well with the breakup. It has got to be harder going through it with him still living there, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing!

Mauvairoux, Ellis, Christina, Kat and Squeak-Hope you are all out having a wonderful time!!

Ruthxxx 07-20-2002 04:49 PM


This reminds me of us! But then....I'm old and senile!

kahuna 07-20-2002 10:00 PM

dentrassi: the beatles are my all time fav. group! followed very close are the Ramones. My boyfriend/hubby/soulmate thing type has everything by them. I mean everything. I gained another 3 pds. and bought a red velvet cake today. I'm wondering if this whole 50 pd weight gain in the last 3 years has bigger meaning. I cannot for the life of me understand it. My metabolism must have died. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm 28 almost 29....oh well, happy eve.all.

soozie 07-20-2002 11:19 PM

Ruth, I love that website. What a hoot. Thanks for posting it for us.
Den, Your morning routine sounds so much like mine...but what is that tv show. I never heard of it.
As for the wiring, the electrician told me that the old wiring had something in it that animals liked and the new wiring has something in it that repels animals. There was one junction that he put in conduit pipe to give it extra protection. So, hopefully those little buggers will bug off.

As to music Kahuna, like Den my taste is pretty diverse...I'm into, singer songwriter types like The Story (but they don't exist anymore), Madonna, Sting, Beatles (of course), Carly Simon, the old folkies (Carole King, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, James Taylor), Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Eva Cassidy, I love beautiful voices and tight harmony, acapella groups, reggae (has anyone heard "oh, Carolina" by the group who sings "Who Let the Dogs Out". I love Oh, Carolina but can't find a recording of it anywhere) I also love great acoustic guitar playing, piano, flute, some classical, not too into heavy metal or hard rock or dark heavy classical, like old rock and roll sometimes. I like some old B-52's, and some techno-pop cause its just so fun.

Well its so late. Gotta Go Love, Soozie

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