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Ruthxxx 06-11-2002 11:41 AM

Alternachicks 3
Whew! I don't know if it's my antique PC or not but it seemed to take forever to get to the most recent scintillating post.

We just got back from having bloodwork done. I look like some kind of early Christian martyr - a non-virgin one! I have those stupid veins that collapse as soon as a needle approaches and the nurse has a **** of a time getting blood samples. ( The Red Cross folks have begged me never to try to give them blood donations. ) Actually I am seriously considering having a spigot put in for this quarterly sample deal - maybe in my crotch so I can pretend to be a 15-year old boy for Ellis! Let me know what you think.

My DH is now on my ****-list! He went insane with the weed whip yesterday and cut down some Asiatic lilies AND my 6 year old clematis. I was using the hose at the time and really let him have it. Then I stomped off for a bath and a read while he got his own damned lunch! The guy goes robotic and catatonic when he gets a machine in his hands! Several years ago, I asked him to cut down my front perennial bed in the fall - with clippers. When I got home Friday night he had cut it down with the riding mower. My iris were all scalped! Another time he and Numb Nuts Neighbour Norm (aka 4N) decided to clean the beds behind the barn by burning them. He included the perennial beds and my herb beds in the conflagration. Men and Machines - complete idiots.

OK - enough *****ing. As I often say, if it weren't for sez, I would have been a Lesbian. :lol:

Tigger and Squeaker, it's so nice to have you posting with us. This is a very supportive (and slightly nuts) group. I think it is especially important to get in here and post even when you are thoroughly pissed off with yourself over food. The A-chicks can always say something to make you feel better. (Of course we also get vicarious pleasure from hearing what "naughty" things you have been eating! :D )

My weight spiked up 2.5 pounds overnight. Go figure! That means I took in over 8000 extra calories yesterday - DUH! I have football feet and sausage fingers so I am damned sure it's water retention. I have just renewed my diuretic prescription which may take care of the problem. The diuretic helps my Carpal Tunnel SYndrome too - it's always worse in warm weather. I guess I'm gonna bite the bullet and have the wrist surgery - just let's get the summer in there first.

Hey Mauvais - only ten more pounds to goal! Good going, Lady! Climbing those Laurier steps must help.

Gotta go - Farmer Art at the door with a load of straw for mulching. Back later. Too darn wet and hot to mulch - but he is kind of cute in his overalls! :devil:

mauvaisroux 06-11-2002 06:32 PM

Evening everyone :wave:

whew! Busy day at work- I am worn out...
I have a huge do to list for the house but can't be bothered this evening.

Ruthxxx-Those two boys should never be allowed to play together ever again! :lol: your poor flowers!

Tigger and Sqeeker- keep up the faith in yourselves! Everyone has bad days and slipups but you just have to do better the next day...remember that you are doing it for yourselves and nobody else! :)

Ellis-I only watch hockey at playoff time and at the Olympics:D-I prefer football-can't wait to go to a game live here in town with our new team!

Fluid and Den- You "wing"nuts!:lol: I hope they make it too!

Must rush off to cook supper, just thought I would check in before I eat and Shlep for the evening:D


dentrassi 06-11-2002 10:18 PM


Ruthxxx-I know what you mean! My DH once pulled up a bunch of poppies thinking they were weeds!!! I must say though, this year he has been doing more gardening than I have. We mostly just let chaos reign. We took a branch of a climbing rose and put it in and around a porch post to get it out of the way. Now it has grown all the way to the top and looks GORGEOUS because it is all in bloom. But if I had tried to PLAN it..........:lol:

Mauvairoux-Sounds like everything is going pretty well for you! 10 pounds from goal is FANTASTIC!!!!

Tigger and Squeak- Ruth is right. The more you post the better, and we hardly ever point and laugh!! Besides, you get to do it back again!! Just the other day Ellis was saying that I am crude, and I must say I don't know WHERE she got THAT idea. I always pride myself on being a perfect lady. (Now where the **** did that puking emoticon go?)


dentrassi 06-11-2002 10:39 PM

Okay, I just went back and read the posts at the end of #2, and now I have to comment all over again.

Tigger-I went to U of M as an undergrad. Residential College, BA in social science (mostly psych). Also was just a few credits short of a second degree in Spanish (MOST of which I have forgotten!!) Hubby went to Wayne, studied Psych, dropped out (medical and financial difficulties), dropped in, finished BS in Psych and then went on to get his MA in English (Creative Writing). So what do I do for a living? I make jewelry!!! So are you working on a masters or phd? And what in?

Ellis-PLEASE!!! I only claim to be HALF British!!! I know all about Postman Pat, Noddy and.......wait for it.........MARMITE!!!!!!!! But I still don't know who the **** fireman Sam is!!! By the way, the non-British side is pretty fascinating too!!! It involves my grandfather running away at age 14 and joining the circus. Seriously!!!!


squeaker 06-11-2002 10:55 PM

Welcome to the wonderful world of mood swings :)
Hello girls! :wave:

1st - thank you so much for the support! :) Today was a better food day. It was actually on the almost too low end. Random fact - depression does funny things to my food intake. It will either make me want to eat everything in sight or nothing at all. Plus half the time my mood changes every 10 minutes. It is predominantly bad moods, but it can be p*ssed one minute, crying the next, numb the next. It used to freak out this one guy I was friends with. He never knew what to do with me if I told him I was in one of those moods. I had tried to warn him and tell him it would be better if he just left me alone for a few days and I would let him know when it was over. He never did listen...

No news on the friend's husband. But I guess no news is better then bad news.

I took a mental health day off of work tommorow. It was originally because I had plan on going out tonight and staying late, but I hate sinuses. Well that and headaches and loud bands don't mix well. (And makes me miserable).

But in happy news - I willed my phone to ring and my best friend to be on the other end, and it worked. ;) I have so incredably missed talking to him. And it has been decided I am leaving for Lake Placid in 22 days. *happy dance* I will be gone for almost 2 weeks. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I am such a sucker for an "I miss you" or "Do you want to come visit for a week" (like I would say no) or my favorite, after figuring out how long it was - a pathetic sounding "That's almost a month away." Yes I know we are pathetic and sickening, but I love him to death.

oh and Den - crude is fun (in the right company) ;)

I am glad that things (well maybe except for Ruthxxx's flowers and possibly husband) seem to be going ok.

Night :)

mauvaisroux 06-12-2002 07:23 PM

Hello Fab Femmes! :cool:

What wierd weather today...this morning felt like fall and this afternoon felt like midsummer:?:

They shut down my office building today and we got to leave an hour early:) Nothing serious, a transformer blew in the storm last night and conked out some equipment in our building so they shut us down early to repair it. I was forced to use the stairs today and went up 7 flights...Ugh! I was so out of breath when I got to my floor it was embarrassing:o

Den-thanks a lot! I thought everyone had forgotten about the marmite thing:lol: I used to have a noddy alarm clock...he slept under a tree and his head nodded in time with the ticking as if he was snoring...still love it when I come across Noddy stuff,
and Rupert the Bear not to mention Paddington. Oh, and thanks for the Kudos- I'm feeling pretty good lately after being in a slump for a few weeeks.

Squeeker-Yay for you! Two weeks away will be a nice break for you and seeing your friend will be fun! glad that you are feeling a bit better than yesterday.

Ruthxxx, Fluid_Fiction, Ellis, and Tiggerdiva-Hi to all of you-hope you can find your way here (except you Ruth who obviously does know her way here :lol: )

Have a great evening everyone-Iam off to do my laundry :p

ellis 06-12-2002 11:12 PM

not lost, simply dim-witted
ooops, I thought I'd already written here. No wonder I wasn't getting any emails for new postings.

Ruth, that's just water. It'll come off. You weigh yourself everyday, don't you? Me, too. I know you're not supposed to, but I just can't resist. Plus if I DON'T, 10 pounds can slip up on me in a couple of days. I have to keep on top of my fat. :)
And I think if it wasn't for the sex, MOST of us would be lesbians. :lol:

Squeak, I'm so glad you heard from your best friend. :) Are you on medication? Everyone here is except for Mauvais. Mauvais is beautiful, thin, and mentally stable. The rest of us are beautiful, fat, and mentally incompetent. (yeah, Ruth... I'm including YOU! :lol: )

Mauvais, it's a good thing you've been practicing on the Laurier bridge stairs. Geez, 7 flights! Wasn't that rain something?
We have a new football team?!

Den, your grandfather joined the circus?! No way!! What did he do in the circus? Don't tell me he was one of the midgets? (how DID you get to be so short, anyhow?) Listen, you really must watch Fireman Sam. The music is kind of sexy. And the store owner is a hoot. Always got her hair in rollers.

Shel and Tigger, I'M not lost, are YOU?

DH and I just did a 10 minute Cher stomach video. I don't think I'm going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow. THE PAIN!!!

later darlings,

tiggerdiva718 06-13-2002 12:23 AM

Hi everyone :p

How are you all? I made it through yesterday--my big long day from ****! Tuesdays are a pain for me, but I stuck to my plan. I didn't get a chance to work out, but I didn't have time. I leave at 7am, and I'm not home until almost 11pm! I'm excited for tomorrow, however, because it's possible the Red Wings could take the Cup back where it belongs! I will be downtown partying tomorrow, so I probably won't be posting again until Friday.

Ruthxxx: Sorry to hear about your flowers :( My fiance is pretty absent-minded, and sometimes he does things that just floor me. But then he does things that make my heart melt, so I try to remember the heart melting when my blood begins to boil! Quick question (for anyone really)--I've noticed that everyone has been using DH, but I'm not sure what that stands for.

Squeaker: Depression can cause so many different things all at once! Have you ever talked to a professional about it? It seems like meds might be able to help you regulate somewhat. I know that road isn't always an easy one to take--I work with people who refuse seeing counselors now because of horrible experiences. Have you noticed anything that helps you deal with those mood swings?

Ellis: Hello! We missed you! No, I'm not on meds, but it sounds like it's been helping some of you out! Hope things are going your way this week!

Mauvaisroux: Sorry to hear about the stairs from ****. Just think, though--if you hadn't busted your butt on those stairs last week, you would have been in a lot worse shape :^: And don't feel embarrassed about being out of breath. Anyone would have been out of it after seven flights! When I was in high school, I played every sport imaginable and weighed 120 pounds, but when I had to climb to the third floor of the school, I was huffing and puffing like a fool :o

Den: Well, well! We have lots in common! I, too, went to UM undergrad, and I also lived in East Quad. I wasn't in the RC, though. I majored in psych, and now I am in the middle of my master's in social work. I grew up in Detroit, so I am really familiar with your hubby's stomping grounds at WSU. It's nice to have a familiar face :D

Okay all, it's time for me to hit the hay! Have a wonderful day, and I will be celebrating a Wings' victory tomorrow (I hope!).


dentrassi 06-13-2002 12:35 AM


Ellis-I got to be so short because of my Dad's Mom. When she died she only came up to my shoulders!!! She CLAIMED that she was 5' 2" earlier in her life, but quite frankly I think she was "exaggerating" My Dad's Dad is a mystery. For a long time the main info we had about him was through my Uncle (now deceased) who was a pathological liar. I grew up with a German last name, and in 5th grade found out that my grandfather had changed it, was possibly French and/or Jewish, probably was a con-man, and might have spent some time in jail. That is also the time that I heard the circus story, although i don't know if that is true either. After her SECOND husband died, my grandmother opened up a bit, and we got a last name, and checked the registry in Rhode Island (where he supposedly was from.) We THINK we found the right people. The last name and lots of first names seemed to fit (for example, my dad remembered an Aunt Rose out east, and that was a popular name in this family.) So IF we found the right family, They came from Germany in the late 1800's, and were Jewish. The sons of the first couple that came were both Jewelers, which really gave me chills!!! My Grandmother was a card!! She liked those naughty boys!! Her first husband was a con man and the second was a rum runner (to Cuba) during prohibition, and later opened a successful car dealership!!! She teased DH by callig him her favorite grandson. He went up to her, touched noses with her and said, "HEY!! You can't fool me, I'm your ONLY grandson ." From that day on she LOVED him. Now if he had done that to British Granny......let's just say it would have been ugly. (By the way, she turned 98 yesterday!) NOW, aren't you sorry you asked? If you are REALLY nice, tomorrow I will tell you about the cousin that I found out I had two years ago (daughter of pathological liar.) What can I say, uptight and proper on one side, and dysfunctional on the other!!!

Squeak-Sometimes it is even MORE fun being crude in the wrong company!! :devil: ESPECIALLY when they think you are meek and mild!!!! I'm glad you are going away on vacation, sounds like you need some fun right now!!! Try to post here while you are gone too. I live vicariously through all you young people. (Leaning over with hand on back, stooped and moaning...)

Mauvairoux-How nice! A small vacation from work AND getting your exercise in early!!! I still like Noddy. I also used to read a series of books my Mom has about a girl named Dimsie (I think that was it) and her "adventures" at boarding school. I picked flute to play in school because she played it and it was referred to as an unusual instrument. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that just about every girl in the US picked flute!!! I did end up enjoying it though!!!

Ruthxxx-It is hard to know HOW to punish a naughty husband when you like sex so much. I can't even JOKE about withholding it, 'cause I'm too afraid he'll say "fine." He will sometimes claim he is going to spank me, and I say, "PROMISES, PROMISES!!!" I know!!! Tell your hubby if he doesn't help with the digging HE has to take Lucy to class and deal with *****y drawers!!!!

Tigger and Shel-HI!!! Hope you are happy, healthy, and ready to tell us a story!!!

dentrassi 06-13-2002 12:52 AM

Hi Tigger! We were posting at the same time!!! Wow, you lived in East Quad too, eh? That is pretty neat!! What part of Detroit did you grow up in? DH (Dear Hubby, by the way), grew up on the east side and went to Cass. My parents are both retired now, but he was a psychologist at Clinton Valley Center and she was a school social worker. I spent a lot of time at Wayne as a kid, because my Dad was working on his PhD and would take us with him when we had a day off of school. I agree with you about meds. They helped me enough that i was able to start really working on some of my issues, and I am enjoying my life much more because of them. This is ALMOST becoming a cliche, but it really did seem like life went from black and white to color when the meds started working!

I'm staying at home to watch the game. I don't like crowds much, so all four of us will probably squeeze in on the couch and "exercise" a la Shel.

squeaker 06-13-2002 02:03 PM

Hi :)
Since I don't feel like dealing with how pension works (what I do involves HR and it's making my head hurt) at the moment I figured I would pop in and say hi.

My mood today is ok. It is a wonder what a random day off can do. All I did was go to the movies and out to lunch with one of my friends. The lunch part while it tasted wonderful was very bad for the plan. Coffee, pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns and eggs. It was also pretty much the only thing I had to eat all day. I normally just can't eat that much food at once even if I wanted to. So I was stuff the whole rest of the day.
Ellis - I LOVE the beautiful, fat and mental incompentent description. I used to tell people "I am in shape - round is a shape." or "I am short and round".
Mauvais - How is it you are the only one that gets to be mentally competent? No fair! ;) And the stairs main have been a pain but they were just an unexpected, extra helpful work out.

Tigger & Ellis - I am not on any drugs for depression. Partially just because I don't want to be on any more medication. I take the pill to regulate my hormones, which actually can be a part of my problem. One side effect of the pill is depression. I may look into getting that changed for a third time. I had it changed once already because it was giving me high blood pressure.
I guess I am just trying to deal with it myself. I actually haven't been really bad off for about 2 1/2 years. I am getting better at knowing why I am in one of those moods. And I have been trying to work through alot of it. It is mostly being upset with myself and certain aspects of my life. I end up fighting with myself a lot. as my boy once told me "I think that if one thing is constant about you is that you change a lot. " Most of the time sleep helps. Some times food, though that one is tricky. I eat because I feel bad then feel worse for eating as much as I did. Some times it is spending time with my boy or just out of the house. Or just being by myself. It depends on what set it off this time. A few times (like 3 or 4 in the last 3 years) it was drinking. But after the time I locked myself in my room and broke part of my closet ( I was leaning on the shelf to get a shirt) I stopped doing that. That was over a year ago. I also learned not to put myself in a situation that can cause that. I hadn't been feeling really good to begin with, started drinking and was the odd person out with 2 couples.
I have also gotten better at at least showing an ok front to most people. Most people don't know anything is off unless I have either lived with them, or are really close.

Den - I love the family story! That is too funny. and some how people quickly figure out I am not quite so sweet and innocent even if I havent said anything *really* bad. I will try and post while I am gone, I'll find a library or something. I 'll need to find something to do while he is at work. :)

where is everyone else??? :)


squeaker 06-14-2002 06:47 AM

Hellllllllllllooooooooo???? Anybody home?

I promise no more long meandering posts about depression if you guys come back........ ;)

Anyway, have a great day girls!


ellis 06-14-2002 07:55 AM

Hey Squeak! We LOVE reading your long meandering posts... that's what we're here for! Keep 'em coming. What's HR?
I think you're smart not to take drugs for depression. It sounds like you don't need them anyway. You've got a good handle on figuring out what's making you depressed and you seem to have the skills to know how to handle it. You should be proud of yourself at having grown so much by such a young age. For some of us, it takes many years to figure ourselves out. Of course, now that some of us chemically screwed up nuts are finally on meds, we're sane enough that we can work on a little personal growth ourselves! :lol: (no offence intended, darlings... I speak only of myself. ;) )

Okay, what are you guys watching? Hockey? Den, am I missing something exciting? Should I be turning on my TV?
Hey, your family history is great! So you're a Jewish German jeweler, huh? A very fine breed. Particularly when cross-bred later with a Brit. Don't want too much inbreeding, do we? :dizzy:
Your grandmother sounds like a darling!! Happy 98th!!
I just love that term, "pathological liar". :lol:
"...uptight and proper on one side, and dysfunctional on the other..." sounds like MY family! My father grew up in London and had the most dreadful cockney accent. He made a real effort to get rid of it in his younger years though, and you'd never know he'd been a cockney. He came from a middle class family, but there was a lot of CRAP going on, and he made a real effort to get himself away from it all. (hence our "escape" to Canada)

geez, I've only talked to two people and I'm already lengthy.

Tigger, have fun partying! I hope your team wins! Wings?
Hey, what do you do for a living? I mean, what do you get paid for? I mean... you know what I mean. It sounds interesting. My DH is a social worker.

Ruth, I know where YOU are! In LC!! How are things? Been whipping DH with that hose again?

Mauvais, Shel... what the heck are you two doing? Mauvais, are you still climbing stairs?

gotta run... I'm going for my first session with the psychologist today. I'm looking forward to it... if I can just get the $130 per hour out of my head, I'll be fine. :rolleyes:

have a great day all!

fluid_fiction 06-14-2002 03:14 PM

the wings won, the wings won, la la la, the wings won!!!


'tis i, the long-lost Shel... :) see, Tigger and Squeak... these lovely ladies are very accepting... i keep disappearing for days on end, and they welcome me back every time.

Ruth> bad husband. bad, BAD husband. i'd suggest you spank him, but it might not have the desired reaction. ;) well, not as a deterent for mowing down your flowers, that is.....

Squeak> how great about your friend!!! :) being missed always is good for the soul. and an unexpected vacation never hurts. *s*

Mauv> i love Paddington. :) i don't love long flights of stairs. they're evil, evil things.

Ellis> *waves* hello to you! :)

Tigger and Den > we so rock. *g* did you guys cry when they showed Vladdy?? i sobbed so hard... it's great that he's doing so well, after we all thought he'd be lost to us. and Scotty leaving! i'm hoping he changes his mind.... again. ;)

well, i'm off to the other job shortly... this week has been a travesty as far as diet and exercise. in Harrison for the weekend, and Monday i'm starting over.... again.... *sighs* too much stress this week. but i think if i keep starting over, then i'm still ahead. i hope. *ss*

*hugs* to everyone. happy friday. :)


Ruthxxx 06-14-2002 04:09 PM

Yeah WINGS!!!! And I don't mean Buffalo! If OUR Canadian Grey Cup has to leave the country, I'm glad it's just across the border in Detroit. Apaprently Windsor went wild last night! Tigger, have a lot of fun tonight but stay on your own side of the border, OK? I need a good night's sleep.

Yup, Ellis - I haven't been around much. I've been moving and editing stuff over in low carb and minitoring the Boards and Chat. I 'm also trying to get the darn garden planted between downpours! I still have some winter clothes out - and I'm glad.

Well, Miss Lucy (aka Lucifer) graduated from beginners Obedience this morning and behaved like a little Princess. No peeing on the floor even when she got growled at by a big Alsation stud! And the really good news is that *****y Drawers' dog barfed on the floor and also did a walking poop while we were doing a heel exercise. The two instructors just took her dog from her and handed her the mop and pail. I was hard pressed to keep from a major smirk! Or even a *snork*!!! Lucy will continue to the next level but I don't know if BD is going to be in the same class. Somehow today made me sort of hope she is in it! ROFLOLPIMP!

So what's this mental incompetence thing? What does mental mean? How about incompetence? By the way I am not on any drugs except for Scotch - am even cutting back on the Advil.

Shaved my legs this morning in hopes that it will bring on summer. Shel, since you won't give me any skin, how about wax for the legs? I hope I can keep myself from putting on that awful orange instant tan junk! Ellis and Mauvais, can you believe this crappy weather? I may get caught up on mending, laundry and other damned domestic crap if I'm not careful.

Den, I'm short because my Mother was short. She was also small boned - weighed 105 the day before she had me! My Dad always claimed that I wasn't conceived for three years after they got married because he couldn't find her in the bed.

Squeaker, just meander away. Some days I do that and other days I do the precis bit. (Can't remember when I did that but it may have happened.) Hope you have a great visit with the "friend" but try to check in with us - not too many details or I'll be jealous.

Gotta go and get my pork roast organized - we are having some friends in for a casual dinner. Nobody does roast with oven veggies anymore, it seems. I guess I'm quaint! Ha!

Catch you chickies alter.

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