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TamiL I loved your post!!! I feel the same way about sex and if only everyone did!! I don't know if sleeping with black guys is any different! But it's definitely just as fun
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I also think I might belong here....but I'm kind of just a nerd. I use to be a real wild child lots of drinking, sex and I watch a lot of trueblood and drink a lot of soda water ;D Few tattoos and one or two peircings!
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I consider myself an alternachick because i feel like i am myself.I do not feel the need to fit in,look or dress a certain way,listen too a certain music,dress a certain style or color, i feel like i am myself.Alot of the time women try to fit in to be accepted,they bend and mold themselves into someone society agrees with, and for me, i am just, me.

I am a mother,wife,aunt,sister,daughter,preschool teacher,Nursing student,baker, scrap booker,i have tattoos,piercings, i listen to heavy metal and classical music, i play the classic violin and the bass guitar,i wear all black and every other color of the rainbow,avid video game player and i love mommy and me music classes....I am no one other than myself, i am an individual and there is no one like me and THAT makes me different then what society is used too

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wow! i luv this thread!!! finally a group i can belong to

i am an alternachick from sydney, australia. i love music, going to concerts and festivals. music is my life and i would one day like to be singing again (not just in the shower!)

i luv to travel and spent the past 4 years of my life dedicated to travelling the globe and saving $$$ to travel the globe with

i luv watching sports but then love a romantic comedy too

i think alternchick means chick with personality and not afraid to be herself! an alternachick cannot be defined!

i hope to get to know you all better, as i think the support from here will help me be successful in my weight loss journey.

thanks for listening
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I think I'm going to dip my toe in here! I've always been told I'm alternative and I've always just said I don't really fit into any knowledgable clique, and now I think yeah, I am an alternachick, fo sho.

I'm new to the forums so I hope you don't mind me hanging out here!
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Seems like this might be the group for me. I'm a bit of everything. I'm 37 years old and have live 14 of the last 18 years outside of the US. Sometimes I feel like a woman without a country. I live in Brazil with my partner of 14 years whom I met while we were both living in Japan. I'm a bilingual educator and a long time Girl Scout. I'm what Michael Pollen would call a flexitarian. I only eat meat a few times a week and love to cook vegetarian and vegan food. I found 3fatchicks because something HAS TO GIVE! I hope that having some support here can help me do something I have never really been able to do.
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Woah, I just found this subforum! I'm an Alternachick... at least, I hope I am because this sounds like a great group. I'm a nerd, a gamer, an anime freak, a tomboy, a teacher, a bookworm, a music fanatic and... and me! I hope I can get to know you all!

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Welcome to all of the new members!

I think an alternachick is anyone who marches to the beat of their own drum.

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Originally Posted by havoc View Post
Just my two cents: I thought it was just a great term for those of us who just don't feel like we "fit in" with the "norm".

I was HEAVY into New Wave in high school, and later got into industrial/goth. Both music scenes were a bit avant garde for their times, and my life evolved around the scenes. I didn't really relate to people that were into sports or movies or such. But for what it's worth, I still don't.

I haven't been part of any "scene" for years now. My life looks more akin to that of a soccer mom than a goth chick, but I still don't feel like I fit in with the soccer mom types. I grew up, but my tastes didn't.

That's so me... I was huge into ebm/goth in my younger days but now I look "normal".. but that's still where my heart and cd collection is!!!!!
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So, this seems to be where I fit in...
retired pro fighter, mom of 5 {4 live with me, one with his dad in another state....the ones living with me are ages almost 12 to 6}
listen to Manso, Zombie, SLipKnot, Mudvayne, get the idea

Anyway, I'm up to 170.8 and wanting to drop to 110....
I started a very low carb diet on the 8th and so far, so good
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Yayyayayay for Zombie films. They always cheer me up when i'm in a bad mood. my hair is currently punky short red spiked. and my fav music is industrial. My go to jacket is a CIA hoodie i purchased at a yard sale, it always attracts funny comments from strangers but i'm shier than anything.
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to paraphrase Die Hard "Yippee-ki-yay, mother******* I think i've reached my zone & although others may disagree I am so alternachick!! I have the tattoos,musical taste,movie taste and thoughts/ideas to prove it! I definately look like the rest of the cookie cutout mommy types but then I work in a financial industry and You some times have to resort to camouflage!! I need to get back to "the normal" but "I'll be back!!!! - Arnie"
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I'm def an "alternachick", if rockabilly counts for alternative anymore! ; )
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I'm not normal so I must fit in here
and if I don't fit in here then I am in trouble!!!
Now I just need to fit into my clothes that define who I am instead of wearing what fits and isn't me and doesnt tell anyone what tastes I have. Can anyone else relate to that?
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I think I might have found where I belong. I just have always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. When I was young I always tried to fit in with everyone else but I soon realized that just wasn't who I am. My tastes are very eclectic. Musically I listen to just about anything, ranging from The Cure to Bob Marley to Jack Johnson. Quite a huge stretch there! lol My movie taste is very similar. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a good action flick and other times a foreign independant movie. My entire family is very catholic, while I am agnostic. So I don't usually stick to the mainstream.

Nice to meet you all! I look forward to joining you all with your journies!
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