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Well, I'm not at the punk/goth end of things (though I will happily drool over corsets, and particularly women in corsets), but I probably fit in here in other ways. Especially considering that most of the people I grew up with can't understand:

- how you can be bisexual if you're in a monogamous relationship, or vice versa (honestly, will people please stop conflating monogamy with monosexuality and bisexuality with polyamory?)

- whether my partner minds that I'm bi (he's bi too. It basically boils down to equal-opportunity ogling of actors in films, though I still can't believe he fancies Brad Pitt. Sometimes we have to go back and listen to dialogue again because we were both distracted by cleavage)

- why I have been happily with my partner for five years and love him to bits but don't want to get married

- why I stopped attending synagogue once I realised that I'm an atheist

- why we don't have a TV (we watch quite enough rubbish on the laptops, thank you)

Also vegan, disabled, a bookworm, a good little feminist, an obsessive quilter. I think people have picked up the erroneous impression that I'm terribly high-minded because I can rabbit on about classical music or 18th century literature or what have you (of course, I take something like the novel Clarissa and start focusing on the rampant lesbianism and interesting portrayal of anorexia and Stockholm Syndrome, and that's before we get to the BDSM in Coriolanus), and then scan my bookshelves and are startled to see that I have a certain amount of sci-fi. And that's the high quality stuff, they should see the daft urban fantasy and such I have in audiobooks.

Generally quite mad, and a keen fan of bonkers conversations in the small hours and jokes that almost no one else gets. And by now I sound like I'm writing a personals ad, so I'll shush.
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ths is just my place im an aletnativechic have been since iwas little :P im only 16 but im pretty sure im not gonna change my style i love it to much. and i have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow including black brown adn blonde expect purple thats my next color i dont have any piercing parents wont allow it but my music and clothes are more of what you thing "grunge" i guess thats what ppl lable me as so id k:P
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Originally Posted by Beach Patrol View Post
That's me.

I am almost 47 years old. I'm married with no children (4 pets) and my fashion style is mostly hippy with a taste for the bohemian. But I do (sometimes) dress "appropriately" for work (whatever that means!) I work for an ocean-science research facility, so I can wear shorts/t-shirts & flip flops to work, which is great, because I LIVE in flip flops.

I dig art in a naturistic way; I used to be christian but now identify with pantheists, I hate politics because it's so.... political. I love animals and nature and try my best to preserve wildlife. I love vampire/supernatural novels, shows, movies, etc. Girly things like cooking and sewing make my blood run cold. Ick. (heh)

I don't do funky colors with my hair, simply because I love to swim and smurf-blue, pygmy purple or neon-pink doesn't do well in chlorine! I have 11 tattoos and counting...(got my first when I was 42!) I mostly wear my hair in braids. I like it long (longer than in my avatar pic) but I don't like to mess with it much and braiding is quick and easy.

My musical tastes range from local bands to pop music, The Clash to Johnny Cash, The Doors to 3 Doors Down, Pink to Pink Floyd, Jimmy Buffett to Jimmy Hendrix, and just about everything in between! I love Spanish and African music and I sing outloud almost anywhere... including the grocery store! ... and I don't care who knows it.

I went sky-diving for my 40th birthday, I've petted sharks and swam with dolphins, I drove cross-country to move to Alaska with $500 in my pocket, I like to drive at wild speeds and I laugh at dirty jokes, even if I'm the punchline! I'd say I'm quite different than the average American woman - like most women my age I know. But ****, they're OK too.
not to sound weird or anything but uhhh your kinda my dream mother not gonna liee <.<
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I'm not goth, though people always think I am, not because of the way I dress (which tends to mostly be long, billowy dresses or shorts/pants and a t-shirt if I'm lazy. I have been known to wear flip-flops year around. I would go barefooted if it wasn't so unsanitary), but because of my sometimes depressive demeanor.

No tattoos or piercings.

I love music and singing. I mostly listen to opera, broadway, video game music/movie soundtrack music, instrumental, symphonic metal, but i will listen to anything I really like, but I am picky.

I'm daydreamy, and tend to space off, or burst into song when someone is talking to me (ooops). However, that doesn't mean I'm not listening.

I write stories, and hope to be published. I get ideas from my vivid dreams. Speaking of dreams, I am a big believer of dreams having meaning. I don't believe that they predict the future or anything, but I believe that they are your subconscious trying to tell you something.

I am a huge fan of video games, especially RPGs (Chrono Cross is my absolute fave!) I am also a huge fan of 80s horror flicks (or good horror flicks in general, but sometimes the unintentionally bad horror movies are the best. Think "troll2"). What's hilarious is that my husband and I found out when we were talking over the phone (we met on the internet) that we had the same unconventional, favorite movie "Return of the Living Dead". I often jest that that's when he truly fell in love with me. lol. Oh, and I also love musicals, but, again, I'm picky.

I keep my hair VERY long. It's to the start of my thighs, but I'm hoping it will grow longer. I sometimes skip sleeping for 1-3 days when I just "don't feel like it". I get some of my best writing done when I don't sleep.

I also have a huge fascination/love with nature and animals. I hate war and politics. I'm an introvert. I've always had a fascination with things such as bellydancing, contortion, and things like it. That may not seem weird or unusual to anyone else, but I'm christian, and a lot of the people at church don't have these kinds of fascinations.

If I had to describe myself in one sentence I'd say: Disney princess wanabe with a dark side. LOL. Yep, that's me.

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wow ive found my people

im a perpetual 23 y/o. i like that age and ill stay with it for a few more years. im not a hippy or a goth im just kinda what makes me happy. i have 8 tattoos and have had 12 piercings. the surviving ones are 2 tongue ring,s a septum, and 3/4" plugs. im about to add to the ink collection and maybe get an new piercing. or two.

i am the proud mother of a weenier dog surprise (half weenier dog, half surprise!) and i am crazy about her. i also have 5 rats 3 girls 2 boys named Thirteen, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Voldemort, and Wormtail.

I dont know if you could tell but i am a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. and band nerd. i love all sorts of music, classical to gangsta rap. i am in LOVE with Adele. if you havent heard her youtube it and be amazed!!

i hate politics and most organized religion. specifically the ones that find the need to shove their savior down your throat. i am loud opinionated and the F bomb is my favorite word.

i love world of warcraft and cant wait to play when i get more monies! i am a huge nerd, geek whatever you want to call me. i love video games. a good night for me includes my xbox360 and a laaarge daquiri. (which will be no more as those things are all sugar! sugar and liquor!!)

i dont want to be that one girl who is trying to fit in with the skinnies. i just want to make myself comfortable in my own skin again. im a dark haired fiery tempered latina and i dont want to fit in with anyone but myself.
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I'm gonna really like this sub forum cause I'm not like them WebMD or Oprah or IVillage broads. I'm 24 (25 in a week!), I work a WHOLE LOT (bar server!), and I'm too crazy for the typical diet stuff. I like kandi-rave culture, heavy metal (CLEAN vocals though), hip-hop and dance, and the arts. I love being a minority (even though being a black female is one of the hardest damn things to be in america!) I love life. And people. I'm just living life ^_^
So yeah I can't listen to that mainstream dieting advice it's not for me!

Unfortunately, I grew up poor so I don't even like a lot of healthy food, but I'm trying new things so you never know what I might find!

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I am also an alternachick or should I say alternamom?

I am a gothic stay at home mommy to two boys and a little girl with piercings and tattoos. I have had my hair every color of the rainbow and I have been a vegetarian for 19 years. I guess you could say that I am a goth/geek/gamer mom.I don't fit in with the other karate/soccer moms and I have always marched to my own drummer. I love video games, sci fi and fantasy books and movies, corsets, big shoes, hair extensions, table top RPGS, reading, crafting, tattoos and piercings. I am a writer hoping to be published and a pagan. My music tastes range from classical and opera to goth and industrial. If I like it I listen to it and I will talk nerd/geek/alternachick to anyone. ^_~
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Yay, alternachicks! I have found my people

Not gonna lie, part of what is finally motivating me to get my butt into gear and lose this weight for REAL is because my brother drew me up an amazingly beautiful tattoo... and it's too big to go into a 'fat friendly' place
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Oh nifty! My kind of category! I'm a happy Pagan (19 years and counting) single mom to one 12 year old heathen girl, look like your average soccer mom, former military spouse. I love to listen to NPR and NIN equally. When I'm working I'm business casual, when I'm not I'm hippy chic.

I think I'll settle in for the ride right here.
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Wow I feel like I completely belong here. In high school I was very into my image. I walked around with big headphones blasting grunge and heavy metal music and wore these big knee high black boots with chains and spikes etc... I had piercings and used to wear pins as earrings because I loved the shock value. You know how high school can be, you are finding yourself and expression seems more important. Well nowadays I like to look (dare I say it) sexy, as opposed to grungy and alternative. I am beginning my career and so i dress according to how I want other people to perceive me. Yet I have never felt more liberated because for the first time in my life my physical appearance does not determine or reflect who I am on the inside. I am 100% personality and that personality doesn't need a badass image in order to rock out to some classic heavy metal.
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OoOo I like this little section. Used to love the goth scene, still do. I'm 30 now, but back in highschool, I would hang out with the alterna-kids at lunch time, put wild spray-on colors in my hair and dress like a vamp and watch the guys play hackysack lol. Those were the days! I'm still the same way except I don't dress the part "all" the time. Hate to be out in the day time.. so my outside workouts consist of me getting up at 4am to enjoy the night while I workout.

There are not alot of people who enjoy alterna-life in my area..but I don't care, I love my rock, my alternative, and a good frollic at 4am =p
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Not much action here as far as new people but I'm joining it anyway! I think I'll be the oldest Alternachick at 61 but I'm fine with being your weird pseudo-mom or grandma. Ha!! I'm not pierced except for my ears but wish I had the courage to do it. I do have a tat on my left shoulder of a life-sized rufous hummingbird & a blue poppy. And I definitely don't fit in as a "normal" grandma type.

I've always been the round peg that other people try to force into the square hole & since it hasn't worked so far I doubt that it ever will. I usually had jobs that were out of the norm - especially for the times that I did them. I've been a cab driver, tugboat operator, EMT/firefighter, logging crew laborer & more. Usually I was the only woman working those jobs but it still felt like a better fit than secretary.

I enjoy sci fi books & movies & for years I've been a big gamer. Most of my games have been mmorpgs but I've also played some fps games like Left4Dead & Joint Operations. My son got me started in gaming 16 yrs ago. He taught me to pvp (player vs player fighting) but would always tell me "please don't tell them you're my mom!". He didn't want anyone to find out he played games with his mother. Then one day we got jumped & were outnumbered. We both fought back hard & we won! He couldn't help himself I guess cause all of a sudden he typed out "That was my Mom that just kicked your asses!". LOL! Good times! Ahh the bonding between mother & son.

I do like a few traditional hobbies like gardening & genealogy but for the most part I do my own thing & don't care what other people do. My best friends happen to be gay guys that I love dearly & would defend to the death. I mostly like metal music & funk - odd combination I know. At 61 I still continue to embarrass my son every chance I get. lol I guess that's about it for now.
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Yay! What a cool group zxxx
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Yay! What a cool group xxxx
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Hi, I class myself as a goth, but don't really dress like it.
I've always been a bit different, even within my own tastes! As a kid, I was a new romantic with wardrobe that was punk based, then it moved to metal with the punk/NR and new wave/electro accessories. But always, the denim and leather were there. Now, it's just jeans and tshirts, but I'm the cool mom blasting Rammstein and Nightwish in the car!
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