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I was at choir practice today. We are preparing for our church Christmas program. Do any of you sing in a choir or sing solo?

Karen3, the image of your DH and Dash in the shower together had me giggling. LOL Honeybell Tangelos are one of my favorite oranges but they cost a small fortune here. I buy half a 3/5 bushel box and it is about $15. I'd need a bank loan for a bushel box.

Redballoon, I'm vegetarian, too. I've had times when my weight didn't budge and I did everything right and then all of a sudden I'd drop 2 or 3 pounds. Hang in there and you'll be rewarded with weight loss.

Lynn, thanks for the Honesty Post. I need accountability and structure.

Donna, I've got to send that link to my sister. She's a cat woman.

Marie, what beautiful pictures, but what's the white stuff on the ground. lol, lol, lol. My sil and bil snowshoe during the winter. They love it.

I've read everyone's posts but there are so many. I started replying but I was having a hard time getting everything straight. Hard to believe there were so many posts over the weekend.

Today I made miniature fruit and cherry cakes for our church's senior's Christmas fruit baskets. We usually do about 2 dozen fruit baskets and the last few years I've been making shortbread cookies or small cakes to include with the fruit. I love baking so this is right up my alley. I get to bake but I don't get to eat it. I didn't bake all 2 dozen cakes today. That usually happens over a few days. I was in such a rush after baking that I almost forgot to copy the music we needed for choir practice and actually forgot to take the words of the song I'd be singing...sigh...

I'm getting ready for a big shopping trip tomorrow. I've got a list 2 pages long. And most of the stuff is odds and ends that need to be picked up--some of it for other people. I'm glad I didn't go shopping on Friday as I head there were long lines and Walmart ran out of merchandize.

Had a good day with food and exercise. Got to get up early so I can ride to nowhere before I go shopping tomorrow.

Take care everyone.

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Very quiet around here today. Some of our neighbors are traveling and others are busy inside or maybe shopping, who knows. It is already darkish at 3 pm and cold (40s) and raining. It's the cold rain that gets to you. We went to church and I only wore a light jacket, silly me. It wasn't raining when we went in but was when we came out. We stopped at Subway for lunch since I had a GC. I'd been kinda hungry for their sandwiches and it sure tasted good. I slept last night but I'm still tired from the night before when I didn't. Think I may take a nap in a little bit.

Marie - We've been to Crater Lake. It's sure pretty. One year we went to Bend for Thanksgiving and on the way home we slid down the mountain. Actually we did pretty well but really had to be careful as there were lots of cars sliding into the ditch and some accidents. The stained glass would make a lovely gift! Perhaps you should go into business! Yep, that's what I'm doing ..returning the gifts and bought some on amazon, were you peeking over my shoulder? I considered buying Prime but I think most things I buy on there are not covered so I just paid for shipping this time. But I had a large credit with amazon (for trying their visa or something) and so I got four gifts for only $27! One was the same I got at the store, others different. I thought I did pretty well. Still have to brave the stores to return the others though!

Red - You are not alone with craving salty things. I can't even stay away from plain old saltine crackers, let alone the Ritz crackers and garlic herb spread my dh bought! That stuff is so addicting! Wonder why we crave salt...

You all have a good evening!

chickadee - I'm like you one day of snow a year (or two) is good enough for me. It's pretty to look out the window at but I don't want it when I go outside. Glad you're over the scale's just a tool..don't let it control your emotions, your life etc.
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:Ah, salt.....on potato chips.....don't tell I have to give up salt....I could probably use a salt lick. (Slaps face, gets out of trance.)

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Wow, I feel like I have been gone for ever - I will try to get personals done.

I didn't do well at the Battle in the Bighorns but I had a really great time. It was so much fun to hang out in Sheridan. The owner of the tourney and his wife assured me that they will help me replace my Battle jacket with one that fits me when I settle on a size. He said, "Val, you were the first female champion and I WANT you to be wearing our jacket when you go to other tourneys!" It made me feel really good. I will probably order a new one in Feb, when I return there.

Everyone was all excited about how I look and was so supportive! That was really nice. It was also fun, (in a purely female and not very nice way) to look around the room and realize that there were a LOT of girls there who were bigger than me. I am clearly no longer the biggest girl in the room!

When I got home today my ds had his best buddy over at the house. They have been friends since 2nd grade. His buddy is trying for custody of his daughter. Here were these two big guys (and I could see the faces of the little boys in them) hanging out and watching football while playing with their kids. Weird and nice

Mary, I am sorry that your travel plans are on hold. I think you guys would probably be unable to enjoy your time if you were worrying about everything else.

Marie, the pictures were so lovely and I loved the visual tour. It looks like fun!

Isabella, I don't sing in choir anymore but my youngest ds is an opera singer and has sung in various choirs and chorales. He has been a featured soloist lots of times, including The Messiah at easter time. Enjoy!

Karen31, buy the house that strikes you as the one that you like best. How far out of town is it? I love living in the country.

Chickadee, 15 minutes is 15 minutes. The important thing is that you are getting in the excercise I have read some interesting articles that state that the number of minutes can be broken up throughout the day. I started at 20 minutes over a year ago and I was huffing, puffing and thinking that I might just keel over.

Lynn, thanks for sharing the President's challenge with everyone. I love doing that. I also like the "honesty thread" but I really think that we should combine it with the efforts of the "challenge" thread. What do you/marie think?

Donna, Marie is nicer than me. I will not shop on Black Friday, not even at gunpoint! Your Denver has my friend Carol back and I am really bummed!

Red, My last stall lasted almost 3 months It was not fun. I don't weigh all the time because I can't handle it. My dr gave me great advice: Do the right thing, as often as you can and the weight will take care of itself. And, don't worry about people and their comments. Often people will be reluctant to say anything because they are afraid to offend.

Rosey, Welcome home, darlin! Wouldn't it be great if insurance would pay for the tummy tuck?

Gayle, your dh is a really saver! All that time for play doh? Not a chance here! Sorry that your holiday was a little rushed.

Oh Freda, Isn't it nice to get all the leftovers gone? I didn't take any home this year except some turkey. Yay.

Karenfl, I am still chuckling over the idea of your dh and dash in the shower together. Enjoy the oranges - I envy you.

Well, I am sure that I missed someone here but this is the best that I can do. Tomorrow I am having a little office-based girlie surgery. Nothing serious and not a big deal but I have had it before and it is not fun afterward! I will check in tomorrow....


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Rie, I'm in awe of your son's singing career. Wow! I love to sing but I'm not trained and I just sing in church.
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GREAT pictures, Rosey! You’re looking fabulosa!!!! Now, I need to just follow your example…I really need to cut back HUGELY between now and Christmas just so I will still fit in my winter clothes. Since I’ll be retiring in the spring, I certainly don’t want to have to go out and buy a whole new work wardrobe! Some things that were loose last year on me are fitting a tad more snugly than I’d like, so once again, this old hen climbs aboard the wagon…. <sigh>

Gayle, I’m one of those who likes to host Thanksgiving because it guarantees that everyone will be back over the long weekend for leftovers. Ours have all been eaten up, thank goodness…you KNOW I don’t need anything to tempt me now.. What? Three hours in line for Play Doh? Were they giving it away? Good grief. I don’t think I’d want to wait in line like that for anything at all..but never would I do it for Play Doh? Are you sure you didn’t send him out on that errand, though? It sounds like something I’d send DH to do in order to get a little *me* time…

Red, with friends like that…well, it’s no wonder you’re having a hard time. I hope you managed to get in a few words about what SHE is doing wrong? (Like drinking too much, maybe?)

Freda, okay. If that’s what it takes, I guess I’m going to have to give in and put some real effort into getting myself fitter. I don’t care about a presidential medal, though, Lynn…getting rid of this chronic, annual bout with bronchitis will be all the reward I need.

Carol Sue, maybe what I ought to do is ask for a treadmill for Christmas and the DVDs of Dexter: Season 5, and Breaking Bad: Season 4. I watched all of the Dexters through season 4 and Breaking Bad through season 3 on Netflix, and now I need to get the DVDs – which are pretty expensive – to see the other seasons. I kind of get hooked on certain shows and don’t care about watching anything else, so once I’ve seen all the free (well, not free, but covered in our monthly membership fee) seasons on Netflix, I don’t watch anything. Of course, we DO have Wii Fit, but I’ve got to tell you that the way it gives you a 3-D image of your body when you get started on that darn thing kind of discourages me. Bad enough looking into a mirror, but when you’re seeing every bulge from all angles… well, let’s just say I don’t really like doing that.

Waving to you, PT, as you drive by…OH! And I LOVED the kitty-khat video. Sooooo sweet. I just love khats!

Beautiful pictures, Marie. Really gorgeous. Of course I got chilled just looking at them. I felt somewhat nostalgic, too, because I actually used to enjoy being out there skiing in that cold white stuff. Not any more. Now I am definitely anti-snow, no getting around it.
Chickadeee, 15 minutes is 15 minutes more than I did! I hope to do some moving today. Plan to, I mean. I’ll probably have to start posting on the Honesty thread to keep myself on track.
Hiya K3 – hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!!!

Mary, I like salty and sweet together – like chocolate and pretzels. I’ve seen bags of chocolate covered potato chips in the markets here lately. Haven’t bought any – I’m afraid I’d eat until I exploded!

Val, I’m glad the tournament was positive and fun…winning at pool can’t compare, after all. With having a brand new body, can it?

Okay, haven’t caught everybody, but there’s always the next time, right?
Happy Cyber-Monday, Chicklets!

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Want to feel better
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Good morning GG's,

Three days down ~ one to go. It is nice and sunny here but cold ~ 36*

I'm in a funk this morning and having a hard time blasting myself out of it. I probably shouldn't even be here (3FC) today. I probably deserve another "yelling at" by K3, but hope not to get one.

I have a dr's appointment tomorrow. Maybe that is at the bottom of my mood. Worrying about the outcome of that. Maybe it is my imagination, but one other time I was there, I felt like she was kind of short with me ~ I don't know if she was thinking what I thought she was, but I felt like she was feeling like if I couldn't manage to help myself by taking better care of myself then why should she bother. (I hadn't made much progress in the weight loss area.)

I'm probably due for lab work and dread what the reading of the A1C will show. (She has labeled me pre-diabetic). I went to a dietitian before to try to get some help for how to eat for diabetes, and I didn't find it very helpful. I saw her once and she said it was easy, and I wouldn't need to come back. I was overwhelmed and ended up just going back to my way of eating (weight watchers). I knew I could lose weight like that and isn't that the bottom line of what I should be aiming for ~ to do what ever helps me to lose weight? All the business about carbs was so confusing. For instance the fat free salad dressings I use had more carbs than the full calorie kind. I felt like I try to cut calories and then the carbs go up.

She wanted me to cut back on my celebrex ~ that was a disaster. Now, because my hospital was bought out by another place, we will have a different insurance, and the celebrex is not on their preferred list of meds. So, I will have to see if she can recommend something else for me. Worrying about how that will turn out. Will she even let me have anything or what.

And the pain ~ I had a prescription for Ultram. I didn't use it very often, but was glad to have it for times when my pain was really bad. On a previous visit to her, she asked me about that, and I told her I didn't use it very often ~ she said ~ good for you ~ and ripped up my prescription. Well now, I am having more problems with pain and hoping she will let me have the prescription back.

She seems to be very conservative with the medications, but darn it ~ I don't feel like I should have to suffer with pain.

Ok, sorry for venting ~ thank you for listening.

I'd better go ~ they won't want me showing up at work looking like I look now (jammies and hair all in a snarl)

Hope you all have a nice day.

Take care
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Good Morning, All...
I have the "I don't want to go to work and maybe I can pretend to cough and make them believe it" blahs.... It's been nice to have four days of gorking, and I think this is the first time that I've really dreaded going to work. Guess that means I'm a real corporate slave now, yes? Sigh...

I've been working the hip and am happy to say that I feel good! Of course, I don't usually have trouble at home, so we'll see what today brings. Sigh...

Nothing to report (obviously). Sounds like you're all doing well, gearing up for the next blast of holidays. PT/Zoe, glad you're feeling better!
Onward, all....

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Marie - I just loved your pictures! They were absolutely breath taking! I can't wait til we get a big snow. I don't like to drive in it, but it sure is beautiful.

Country girls - I have never lived in the country. I can see where it would be nice to have the wide open spaces, but I am one who wants things close by. Being at my house, you would never know that we are a half mile from US Rt 30. But I like being able to get to the store and lots of shopping in a matter of minutes. I can understand where you would be sure to get everything you will be needing in one trip. DH plays the state lottery every day, so he is out somewhere, every day. We are used to going out most days for milk, bread or some other thing we might need or want. It's all what you're used to, I guess.
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Good morning Chicks....This is the weird time between Thanksgiving and Christmas....Nov 28 to 30th...The first of Dec will be the new holiday season...Therefore I declare these Three Days as "Absolutly Free of Any Negative Thoughts or Words."

We will celebrate this new season by rejoying in our golden moments and stop being our own worst enemy.

So sayth mother hen karen3
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Chickadee, great job getting on that treadmill. The first time is always the hardest. Keep at it.

Isabella, wonderful idea to bake for your church. I love baking too. Of course, I like eating the bake good more. Hope your shopping trip goes well. Two pages??? Sounds spendy.

Mary, I'd think Amazon Prime would be right up your alley. From what I read, Kindle owners are able to borrow books if they're prime members. Since I have Kindle apps and they're not covered, I'm miffed at that as I'd like free books but sinc eyou have a Kindle...

Rie, I'm glad you had a wonderful time. How fun is it that your not the fat girl anymore. You are amazing!

Zoe, if you do get the treadmill (yay!) for Christmas, buy the DVDs of your shows on ebay used. Then resell them on ebay and the cost is nearly non-existent. And I am in love with Hershey's Dark Chocolate pretzels. They are addicting and dangerous.

Gayle, your dr. works for you. If tomorrow's visit isn't better - fire her. No doctor should be judgmental.

Donna, I'm sitting in my office wondering if the burned mouth from the too hot mocha would suffice as a sick day.

Carol Sue, ditto on driving in the snow. I hate it but I have no choice as work beckons and I am not welathy enough for retirement.

KarenFL, three days without negative thoughts? Is that possible? You are right, I know I'm my own worst enemy.

Yes, I'm back at work and can empathize with Donna and the work blues. I got to have DGS an extra night and brought him to school this morning. I was so bummed to leave him standing the KG line waiting to get in the school. I think I should have brought him in to the office with me since I work at the darn district. I already miss him. DH has today off and I think it is wrong he gets a 5 day weekend and I only get 4. Yes a pity party by just me. Alas, the work ethic is calling.
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KarenFL - I agree that to rejoice in our golden moments and to stop being our own worst enemy are fine and admirable sentiments, to which I will aspire..... so sayeth me, Aunty Bea!
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Hello Goldens!

How is everyone today? I am happy to report that I am back on plan with eating and excercise. I did about 80 minutes of Walkitout this morning. It felt good. Endorphins are cool

Today I have (tmi alert) some minor girlie surgery that will be done at the dr office. Ouch! I will try to think positive thoughts about that, Karenfl. Actually, my gyno doc is such a sweet man that I am grateful for that.

Donna, I'm still not buying the Aunt Bea for you. Too funny. I hope that your corporate slavery is not to hard this week.

Marie, I totally get what you mean about dropping dgs of today. I am always filled with sadness when my kids go away after a visit. It makes me miss them so much more. BFF reported that she only cried to the Wy border this time (about a hundred miles) so she figures that we are making progress.

Karen3, point taken. I will think positive thoughts for a couple days. You are right.

Carol, I have only lived in town for a brief time when I was in grad school and living in a married student housing complex. I can't stand to have neighbors right next to me! It only takes me 10 minutes to get to work and less than 10 to get to any store, etc. I think I will stay here!

Mary, I am taking the amazon prime because I am often too impatient to wait for my stuff and often pay extra fast shipping. I think it will work for me. I love amazon.

Karenmo, how is the house hunting going?

Zoe, I agree, it would be rough to have to purchase new work clothes because you NEED them. Want them - ok. I meant to tell you, I roasted cauliflower, zuchini, butternut squash cubes, and sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. It was really, really good. It keeps well, to, only requiring a little warm up in the microwave.

Gayle, I agree with Marie - find a new doctor! You should not feel that way as an appointment approaches. I don't relish going in to the dr but I enjoy seeing my doc and I think of him as a partner in my care. He treats me like a person. Yes, maybe a little stern talking about bs levels, weight, etc but you should always feel like a person. Can you get some recommendaitons from people at your work? or a doc that you think takes good care of patients?

Lynn, I don't know how you feel about it, but logging in my fitness everyday for the presidential medal is strangely rewarding. I love it.

Freda, I agree with you. Excercise motivates me and I certainly eased my way into it. I have a friend who loathes excercise but she does great by wearing a pedometer every day. Every long walk across the parking lot, strolling in the mall, even stepping in place while she watches a tv show is her form of excercise.

Sorry for everyone that i missed. I have to get ready for my appointment and lots to do. I don't know about you guys but I always have to check on my grooming before I see the gyno. What is up with that??? I am quite sure that men don't ever check the condition of their legs or any other part before they visit the doc...... We are strange creatures, indeed.

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Well, I have derailed on both my challenges (which I have on another thread) and just feel I can't do it anymore, whatever "it" was. Really, things are just too much for now. Maybe I'll try to come back in a bit. I don't know. I just need rest and I'm up at 4 a.m. and have to get out soon.

ella, you're right. That "friend" wasn't one. Anyhow, she was just a co-worker. But, yeah, now that she is feeling better her true colors come out. I think she does have a drinking problem. I have seen it many times before. There is quite a difference between a happy drunk and an alcoholic. The latter gets very nasty, in a bizarre way. Heck, I don't need it and at my age maybe there just are a bit too many of them among any of the people I would be sharing drinks with.

The real killer was that she wasn't the only one. There was another "friend" that turned out to be messed up without the alcohol. I tell you, these past weeks have just been too much.

I need rest and time totally away from people.
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