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Good Morning, All...
Bobbi, thanks for the heart attack info. We all need to be more aware!

Greek Pizza:
PER SERVING (entire recipe): 277 calories, 4.75g fat, 990mg sodium, 38g carbs, 8.5g fiber, 4.5g sugars, 19g protein -- POINTS® value 5*

1/2 cup chopped spinach, thawed from frozen, squeezed dry
2 tbsp. crumbled fat-free feta cheese
1/2 tsp. crushed garlic
1 stick light string cheese
1 whole-wheat or high-fiber pita
3 tbsp. canned crushed tomatoes
2 thin slices red onion, rings separated and halved
1 tbsp. sliced black olives
4 slices plum tomato
Dash dried oregano or 1/4 tsp. fresh oregano
Optional: salt and black pepper

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a medium bowl, combine spinach, feta cheese, and garlic. Mix well and set aside.

Break string cheese into thirds and place in a food processor or blender -- blend at high speed until cheese takes on a shredded or grated consistency. (Or just tear string cheese into pieces and roughly chop.) Set aside.

Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray, and lay pita in center. Spread crushed tomatoes over the pita, leaving a 1/2-inch border around the edge. Evenly top with spinach-feta mixture, and then cover with shredded/grated string cheese.

Place onion, olive, and tomato slices on top of your "pizza," and sprinkle with oregano.

Bake in the oven for 8 - 10 minutes, until pizza is hot and string cheese has melted.

If you like, season to taste with salt and pepper. Cut into wedges, and enjoy!


As I mentioned, I forgot the pita bread and used a whole wheat tortilla. So good!

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So much good stuff on the 'puter today:

Recently, in a large city in France, a poster featuring a young, thin and tan woman appeared in the window of a gym.

It said, "This summer,

do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

A middle-aged woman,

whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster,

responded publicly to the question

posed by the gym.

To Whom It May Concern,
Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious humans.)

They have an active sex life,

get pregnant and have adorable baby whales.

They have a wonderful time with dolphins stuffing themselves with shrimp.

They play and swim in the seas,

seeing wonderful places like Patagonia ,

the Bering Sea

and the coral reefs of Polynesia .

Whales are wonderful singers

and have even recorded CDs.
They are incredible creatures

and virtually have no predators

other than humans.

They are loved, protected and admired

by almost everyone in the world..

Mermaids don't exist.

If they did exist,

they would be lining up outside the offices

of Argentinean psychoanalysts

due to identity crisis.. Fish or human?

They don't have a sex life

because they kill men who get close to them,

not to mention how could they have sex?

Just look at them ... where is IT?

Therefore, they don't have kids either.

Not to mention,

who wants to get close to a girl who smells

like a fish store?

The choice is perfectly clear to me:

I want to be a whale.

P..S. We are in an age

when media puts into our heads

the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver, and a piece of chocolate with my friends.

With time, we gain weight

because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads

that when there is no more room,

it distributes out to the rest of our bodies.
So we aren't heavy,

we are enormously cultured,

educated and happy.
Beginning today,

When I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, ¨Good grief, look how smart I am!¨
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Morning all the sun is shining today and its cold out..i have been "puttering" the last few days..some house work,some crafts,a little exercise lifes good..Jess i luv that post i want to be a whale too..i subscibe to Hungry girl too..lots of good advice there for weight watching folks,recipes,swaps for lower calories,new products etc,i get an e-mail every day from them..check it out..Bobbie thankyou for the article about heart attacks,good info to have..ttfn hugs for all rosey
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Good Afternoon Chickadees,

Another day on plan with exercise and nutrition. The Firm's Total Body Time Crunch. I upped my weights for some segments today. Also, adding back some grains and fruit. I have SO missed my oatmeal and berries for breakfast. It hasn't been two weeks, but I just need to listen to my body and it is saying that it NEEDS oatmeal and berries, LOL.

I'm just returning from the hair salon and running a few errands. I have to say, I love my hairdresser and the way she cuts my hair. She's about 26 years old and cute as a bug! I've been seeing her for about a year now and she does such a great job of taming my impossible hair. I love the way she gives it a modern, spiky look. My hair has always been thick and curly, and I've mostly worn it longer. However, when it started turning gray the texture really changed and a short cut was just more manageable. Now I really like it short. I'm also liking that it's getting more silver. Anyone else experience this with gray hair and texture changes?

Donna: Thanks for sharing the pizza recipe. I'm definitely trying that one. I have all the ingredients except for black olives. I do have green though. I have the low carb tortilla instead of the pita. Also, loved the Mermaid vs Whale story. I'll be copying and pasting that one for a few friends to enjoy!

Bobbi: Thanks for printing that story. It's an eye-opener.

Lynn: I'm admiring your attitude. Doing what you can do despite the knee and keeping positive. I do have to admit that a trip to Italy would be a powerful motivator for me

Georgia: It's good to hear from you. You've been on my mind lately. Sorry to hear about your fender bender though. It's so tough to go through a divorce. The dust seems to be settling for you though. Just remember that when one door closes, others open and opportunities are endless.

Ta Ta For Now,
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Jess, I choose whale! And thanks for the recipe...YUM.

Bobbi, I am thankful to know that my recent bout of minor panic attacks really are just that. Good article!

I have Windows 7 on my computer. So far, no problems at all. Some programs will be affected. You may have to go in and tell the computer to run a program in the last version of Windows that you installed, or you might need to get some new drivers. Each program will tell you what you need to do, I think. That's been my experience, at least.

Lynn, I do meditate, which is what's been helping me with my little panic attacks over the last few months. I love the guided imagery audio CDs by Belleruth Napersteck, when I remember to use them. Where I go to school, in Indiana, they have a meditation maze on campus, out in the gardens, and I love going there whenever I'm there. Sometimes when I'm outside walking, I slow my walks down and try to do the same sort of thing, but then there's always some boy that blows kisses at me or something...totally blows my concentration!

(I always think of saying or doing something really clever about 10 minutes after someone does something like that to my imagination, I always get the upper hand )

I responded to your input on my signature quote privately, but I just wanted you to know that your quote suggestions resonate with me as well. I'm sorry mine doesn't resonate with you.

Cindy, life is just life, right? One foot in front of the other and all that. I know I'll be okay, better than okay, in fact. It just amazes me how negative stuff tends to pile up. But I guess we don't complain or question when all the good stuff piles up.

I'm rather sore today, neck and shoulders, upper back and my left wrist. Moving a little slow, plus a slight headache. I happen to have a doctor's appointment in an hour on another matter, so I'll have him check me out. Fortunately, I'm not choosing fast food to manage my injuries!

Rock on, girlfriends!
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Hello Girlies. I did it today!!! I made my goal of 60 minutes for my walk/jog. I had to run the last few metres or I would have been over. When I walked in the door I was gasping for air and DH hollered down to me to see if I was OK. All I could say was ahhhh, ahhhh. Hahaha, my heart rate was over 150 for a few seconds but didn't take long to go back to normal. Actually, I jogged about 40 minutes and walked about 20 but it was that last surge of running that took my breath away. So now I work on the next goal: 50 minutes or less for the 6.55 km route.

Zoe, you too can become an "Olympian" athlete. Just keep walking with "you-know-who" and before you know it you'll be on that beach and on the summer cover of Sports Illustrated. There's some great imagery for you. I was looking at new swim suits this week. Man, are the legs ever cut high. I gotta keep looking.

Bobbi, that Hibiscus looked gorgeous. I've given up on house plants and replaced them with artificial. I get compliments on my "plants" all the time. Sometimes I tell my gardening secret and sometimes I just smile. I almost bought a little plant yesterday and then thought I leave it for someone who'd actually keep it alive. Glad you posted those symptoms for stroke and heart attack. Never bad to be reminded. Bobbi I visualize things all the time, too. Today, as I was about 15 minutes from home there were lots of crows in the trees cawing and calling to each other. I almost waved to them as I was thinking they were my fans lining the route and their cawing was the cheering.

Freda, thanks for reminding me how far I've come. I was just looking at pictures of me walking almost 2 years ago when I first joined 3FC and I look like a little round ball. I'm going to get DH to take an after picture when the weather warms up. BTW, great job with the 30 minutes of exercise. I know you've been "laid up" with that foot of yours so you must feel great about that amount of time.

Lynn, a good computer technician is good to have. I have to rely on my DSs when they come to visit or they guide me over the phone. They both work with computers. I hate tax season. I do so many returns for family and friends I'm more than happy when they're all finished. Most of them are very simple and basic returns. DH's is the worst one of all because he hovers over me while I'm working and drives me crazy. If he'd just go work on a car or chop wood or something I'd get it done and avoid my inevitable snarky remarks to him.

Donna, that pizza sounds delicious. I often make pizza on a whole wheat wrap. I like to roll them up as soon as they come out of the oven. So good. I love feta and olives on pizza.

Cindy, I cook every day, too. But I've always loved cooking. And my dear woman, you are the first one ever to refer to me as "sporty." When I told DH, he laughed and said, "You?" I had to remind him that running and track and field are sports! When I was a kid in school I'd hide in the washroom when we had physical education classes. I guess my dear old teacher wouldn't know what to think of me now (if he could even remember me). I like the term "sporty."

Georgia, how is your neck feeling now? I had an accident years ago and I got checked out for whiplash. Didn't have it, thank goodness. Hope the aches and pains are gone soon.

Rosey, I'll agree with you. Life is good. I have so much to be thankful for.

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Sorry, been gone a couple days. Back to counting calories again and I've lost another pound. That's the best motivation ever to keep doing it.

Not much new to report here. The world is cold and full of rain. I need to get more exercise... I'm now considering a wet walk.

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I have given up coffee, tea, bread, white flour, sugar and all other sweeteners... and some other things. I haven't given up tortillas and cheese so I eat a lot of quesadillas and home made vegetable soup.

Well, today at the store I looked at the price of 50% whole wheat tortillas. $3.29 for a bag of ten small ones. Well, it was just too much so I came home and made some 100% whole wheat tortillas. They are so much better than store bought! I am grateful that many years ago my sister-in-law taught me to make tortillas.

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Good Morning!

, you must teach us how to make the tortillas, too.

I've a busy day ahead of me today. I'm in a baking and cooking frenzy. I'm testing a few new recipes and not one of them low fat, low sugar or low calorie. I've a new bread recipe I'm trying out as well. It takes shredded wheat and grape nuts cereal. I've had that recipe for years and have never tried it but this is the day.

I'm waiting for the frost and cold to go away before I go out for my walk. When I looked out the window this morning it looked as if the very air was frozen. The temperature has gone up by 3 degrees but I'm hoping it will warm up a bit more.

Anyhoo, I'll be back with the results of the cooking and baking.
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grumblegrumblegrumble SNOW grumblegrumblegrumble
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Good Morning everyone,

So glad to see you back Georgia. Sorry yoy are going through hard times right now, but you are a strong woman and you will come out on the other side stronger. Remember, living well is the best revenge! Hope everything is ok with the injury you got in the accident.

Bobbi, Thanks for the information on MI's. A lot of women fail to get help right away. We "don't want to bother anyone". The faster you get help the more likely you are to survive. And everyone, if you think you are having an MI, chew an aspirin. It could save your life.

Lynn, YEAH, you are losing again. Did you go to the Dr.? Good new, I hope!

Isabella, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You did it!!!!

Linda, did you post the recipe for the tortillias? I don't know if they are soemthing easy enough for even a so-so cook like me, but i'd like you give them a try. And you have really cleaned up your eating. that is so great. I have to admit I am not so great. I do make a real effort though! Congratulations on the weight loss!!

Cindy, I can relate to the hair problem. But your grey hair looks lovely. Mine, not so much. It's not a "pretty" grey, but that yucky grey, and yeah, the texture is so different. Tries to stick up where it should be laying down. I am getting blond streaks to try to cover it up, but soon i'm going to have to color the entire head!!

Rosey, I subscribe to Hungry Girl too, and she does have lots of great idea's. She has a couple of cook books out too that are helpful.

Donna, I am so making that pizza. Sounds so good and with homemade you can control what is on it.


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Lynn...I'm with you today.......grumblegrumblegrumbleEXPENSIVE MISTAKEgrumblegrumblegrumble! The expensive Oak cabinet & sink is too big to fit the small bathroom in the basement. It sticks out too far and only give us about 16" to squeeze into the shower. We're able to take the sink back to Home Depot but stuck with the cabinet, will give it to DD or put a new top on it and use it down in the man cave. (The piece is beautful hand made) We're on our way into Home Depot and will look at porcelain Pedestal sink. That will work, gotta go get ready.
grumblegrumblegrumble SNOW grumblegrumblegrumble
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I missed a day! How did I do that? Checked in a couple of times and read the newest posts, and was going to get back and check in myself, but it never happened, did it? Well, the news on this end is relatively unexciting. Walked with you-know-who, went to work (which took twice as long to get to than usual – snow yesterday, heavy rain today), went home, ate supper, did stuff, went to bed, got up, yadda yadda yadda. What an interesting life, huh? I’ve been wanting to eat lately – not junk so much, as just LOTS of whatever it is I’m having. Fighting seriously with portion control, and am holding my own currently, but I truly feel that I need more food. Okay. WANT more food. The fiber thing is right on, Bobbi. I don’t think I get 40 grams a day – probably 30-ish. Fiber One cereal, either eaten AS cereal, or ground up into my turkey meatballs or meatloaf, or added to corn bread recipes, sprinkled on low-fat, low calorie puddings, mixed into yogurt…well it’s my number one staple, I can tell you that. I am never without one open box and at least two back-up boxes in my cabinets. Oh, and yes – the info on MI’s is important to have. I keep meaning to get myself a little travel pack of aspirin to carry with me, and keep forgetting to do it. Maybe now, with your prodding, Bobbi, and Freda’s comments, I will actually get to the pharmacy and buy myself some.
PT, I saw that recipe on Hungry Girl, too, and thought it looked yummy. Glad to have it market tested by you. I’m planning to pick up the ingredients when I grocery shop on Saturday, and have it next week. I like the mermaid VS whale story, too, but I don’t feel we should be limited to choosing one or the other. Why can’t we choose something in between? A nice sleek…um….gazelle….or something. Never saw a gazelle on the beach? Well neither did I, but hey, with a nice pair of ultra-big sunglasses and haute couture straw hat, I’m thinking we could make it work, yanno? But seriously, folks, cute as those big ol’ Belugas were at the aquarium, I can’t say I would aspire to BE one. (Talk about setting yourself up for an MI !!!!) Sure, the stupid fitness center was about as politically incorrect as you can get, and downright offensive to those of us who are, shall we say, less than svelte, but I think they can perform surgery nowadays to give mermaids legs (and various and sundry OTHER accoutrements) so maybe ruling mermaidery out without the proper due diligence on our parts could be premature? I mean, try getting THIS baby into a bathing suit! (see pic attached).
Rosey, I’m glad that you’re getting a little exercise into your day. I think the long-term benefits will be amazing. I’m glad, too, that you’re having some sunny days. There are quite a few of us here on the east coast who would like being in your shoes right about now, being able to report “sunny days”. Right, Lynn? This has truly been the winter from H*** as far as I’m concerned. The only good thing about it is that I’m old enough now so that EVERY season – even the bad ones – seem to fly by much faster than they ever did before.
Oh, Lordie, Freda. Yucky gray, huh? Yeah. Same here. I’m getting some whitey-gray strands around my face – a few over my ears, a few at my forehead, but not ENOUGH! I want YOUR color, Cindy!!! (What’s your recipe?) I’d actually settle for a nice salt & pepper look if I could get enough gray going through it to give me a good, heavy frosting. I guess if I want that, I’ll have to go to the hairdresser and have her put some silver streaks in it. That way, the streaks would blend with the natural whitey-gray, maybe? Ah. Tsk. I’ll get around to it sooner or later, I suppose.
Isabella, that shredded wheat & grape nuts bread sounds right up my alley. Are you posting the recipe (I hope)??? Omigosh, the home made tortillas, too, Linda! Will you post that? Jeeze, my mouth has been watering uncontrollably just reading about this stuff.
“(I always think of saying or doing something really clever about 10 minutes after someone does something like that to my imagination, I always get the upper hand)” – Georgia, we certainly have THAT in common! In my MIND, I am master of the witty repartee, but in reality, I stand there looking goofy, and only think of some perfect rejoinder several hours after it is needed.
Well, I am off to the salt mines......have a truly memorable day, y'all.

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Good Morning, All...

Has anyone heard of/had experience with the HCG injections? They're all the rage here, but I hadn't heard of them before. People are losing incredible amounts of weight. Are they safe? I'm so leery about stuff like that, but I'm also SO FRUSTRATED with beating my head against the wall, to no avail!

We're supposed to have snow on the horizon again, too, but not so much as you're getting, Lynn. I laughed (gently) at your remarks.

Linda, please teach us about homemade tortillas! Sounds GOOD.

Be warm and safe, everyone...
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PT, your whale was pretty darn cute! And he/she had a smile!
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