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Onward and Downward
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Oh wow . . . yesterday turned into a day and a half . . . started with some family problems which are sooooo hard to deal withe when you are over a thousand miles away from the centre of ther action. Next, had to spend hours at the Vet's office just to get Mouse his annual checkup and booster shot. Remind me to never make a Vet appointment for a Friday afternoon again. Then a last minute invitation to yet another Off Plan dinner out.

Dinner was really exciting -- NOT -- the main topic of conversation was the fact that our three day streak of absolutely beautiful weather was forecast to be followed by five days of increasing horror. So far, they are right. It's mild and raining buckets. Tonight we are supposed to get an instant freeze-up and then three to four days of constant snow. Just hope this lion-like beginning leads to the proverbial lamb-like end of March.

Also hope I can finally get my eating routines back on track and make great losses like some of the rest of you. Congratulations to our losers.
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Jay Fantastic! You must be thrilled! More food AND faster weight loss You certainly deserve it, you are one of the most dedicated and OP folk I know!

Jada - we like having you here too Glad that you are doing well!

Jude - good for you, with your planning for next week. I hear you when it comes to life getting busy. One of the lessons that was very hard for me to learn, was that I have to put my health and fitness near the very top of my priority list. Sometimes other things don't get done. But, you know what - in the scheme of things - that doesn't seem to be a big deal.

We are our own worst enemies sometimes!

Linda - sorry about your weather - we are the same. The ice and snow are here to stay for a while

Hope the off-plan eating is over and that you can get back to walking outside soon. I know I have major cabin fever right now!

A quiet day planned for me today - organize my music and books on my mp3 player, a yoga workout, general Saturday chores, and finish the bedroom declutter project.

Saturday chores include cooking for the week to come - I need to make yogurt, and a crock of soup, and maybe a casserole or two and some hummus.

My tax refund DID show up yesterday Though, unfortunately, it is going straight into the home improvement fund. A new roof is on the agenda for summer. One of the joys of a "vintage" home - it ALWAYS needs something!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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HiJude: Kudos on the new schedule. I think it's so fun sitting down and organizing stuff. I enjoy the gym too, once I get there. I really enjoy the comraderie. But getting there is.....
Meowee: I hope the family problems don't persist for too long.
Countingdown: Today I was on my way to Marie Calendar's to buy a "whole" pie, but I remembered what you wrote that we are our own worst enemies. I told myself I'm just hungry and turned my car around and went to the store to get ready-cooked chicken instead and just one slice of cake. I've noticed through the years, when I'm full, I don't have a craving for sweets. Good night everybody.
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OK folks, I think it's time for a new thread! So come on over!

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