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Hi everyone!

The weather is perfect today--sunny, a cool breeze, absolutely lovely walking weather! My coworker and I went for a nice, brisk 2 mile hike at noon and I'm back here at my desk invigorated

Katie: The only things I can are tomatoes and the stuffed hot peppers. I did up about 12 jars last evening and I may do a few more when the peppers are ripe but they're so time consuming that I don't do them every year. DH helped this year by seeding the little buggers for me so that took off quite a bit of time.

Lala: There's nothing like garden fresh tomatoes vs. the store bought ones. I tend to start rationing the tomatoes as they start to dwindle down in the Spring. I don't do anything fancy with them, just peel, cut into pieces, bring to a boil and put them in a hot jar with a teaspoon of salt. It's usually the rule around here that when the tomatoes are ripe for the canning that the temp outside jacks up to a miserable high and adding the steaming pot of tomatoes just adds to the misery but it's well worth it in the long run.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow marks the middle of the month already! In two short weeks the kids are back to school and the morning routine once again becomes crazy.
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