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kt marie 08-13-2001 11:27 AM

Thin4Life - Week of August 13, 2001
Good Morning all!

I guess I'll start the thread since no one's jumped in yet. I'm recovering from being on vacation last week - not too stellar of eating over the weekend & it shows on my scale at home this morning. Went boating/camping on the river over the weekend & had a great time - the weather was perfect.

How was everyone's weekend??

MelissaL 08-13-2001 12:14 PM

Morning everyone :wave:

Katie: Thanks for getting us up and going! Sounds like you had perfect weather for your vacation.

The weather has cooled down nicely here...a cool 77 and tomorrow is supposed to only be 74! Perfect walking weather for me!

The weekend was busy--we went to dinner at my sister-in-law's on Friday evening; Saturday I did some much needed housework and weeding; and Sunday was spent picking up school supplies and finishing laundry. I also started going through some old papers (ww) and am planning on getting them into a 3-ring binder.

Tonight I'm canning stuffed hot peppers. The peppers are ready from the garden and with the weather being cool it shouldn't be too bad.

I'm keeping up with my journal and seem to have found some of the motivation I had lost.

Have a great Monday everyone :)

lalala 08-13-2001 02:59 PM

Hi all-

kt: welcome back from vacation! I trust you are nice and relaxed... only three weeks until labor day!

melissa: glad its cooled down, I'm aiming for the mid 70's myself. I'm jealous you have started canning already. I'm looking at september for tomato sauce , salsa and chutney. Its blackberry season around here, so I'm up for some jamming soon.

So, had a moderately boring weekend. Gardened heaps, depressed over the lack of late blooming summer perennials. We're already into the heucheras, grasses and dark dusky colors and wishing I had planted lots of zinnias and other cheery things. However, I did spend about two hours looking at bulb catalogs, slowly drooling over bulbs that are a bit outrageously priced.

Didn't cook a bit, have lots of food languishing in the fridge. Tonight it'll be clean out the fridge night.

I did journal, didn't do too badly, though didn't do much exercise save dog runs and gardening. I lost a whopping .2 this week. I did stay for the meeting and that was good.

I like Monday meetings, they are nice way to start the week.

Okay, nothing exciting going on here.


kt marie 08-14-2001 12:32 PM

Hello to all -
Not much going on around here - the weather is wonderful - all that nasty humidity from early last week is gone & it's supposed to be about 80 degrees today. I know I was on vacation last week, but can I please leave?? :D

The scale at home was down a couple of pounds from yesterday, so I'm hoping the extra eating over the weekend didn't do too much damage - at least I managed to eat mostly good-for-you foods.

Melissa and lalala - I have never done any canning - my MIL does quite a bit, but my mom never did any of that that I recall - we did a lot of baking breads, pies, etc. How ambitious of you two - I feel like an underachiever :lol:

Hard to believe it's going to be Labor Day weekend here soon - the "unofficial" end of summer around here. I like fall, but depise the winter season that follows it. I hope the fall is warm & sunny - DH wants to do a boat trip in October up the Misssissippi to the Twin Cities.

Check in later with you all,

lalala 08-14-2001 01:45 PM

Hello dahlings,
I am trying to have a more positive outlook on life today. Really. I think I'm being rather the eeyore on this board, so I will apologize.

We are experiencing the marine layer of the morning prior to a high of 80. Its rather nice to get up in the am and enjoy a few hours of nice weather before one wishes to put one's belly on the tile floor.

We went out to eat last night with some friends who eat out alot and not well, if you know what i mean. It wasn't the disaster I was thinking it would be. Its a fish and chip bar at one of the most famous (yet touristy) seafood places in seattle. Lucky for me they had their alder smoked salmon at the fish bar, so I did't have to make any bad choices. We took our food and ate it at one of my favorite local parks, so that was nice. I even managed to get to the gym for a workout.

DP bought plane tickets for London/Paris for next month. Yikes.:o I was just sort of joking, but she went ahead and did it. I guess I better hustle and get some poundage off. Its our 10th anniv. weekend, so I promised a nice celebration lunch at a really cool cookbook store that makes saturday lunch out of all the new cookbooks that come in. Its pretty neat and a bit crazy since all the shoppers can watch you eat. Anyways, its going to be a short trip and I'm going to have to work the three day weekend before to make up the time, but that's okay, it's work thats gotta get done!

kt: pickling and canning are pretty easy to do, its just alot of work. As I can tomatoes in 85 degree heat and the house is full of tomatoes, canning jars and fruit flies I ask myself "Self,
muir glen organic tomatoes are .99/28 oz. can, is this worth it?, I could be sleeping, eating, working out or doing yoga", but then again, there is nothing like a full larder before the winter.

okay, i'm droning. stop me.


MelissaL 08-14-2001 02:13 PM

Hi everyone!

The weather is perfect today--sunny, a cool breeze, absolutely lovely walking weather! My coworker and I went for a nice, brisk 2 mile hike at noon and I'm back here at my desk invigorated :D

Katie: The only things I can are tomatoes and the stuffed hot peppers. I did up about 12 jars last evening and I may do a few more when the peppers are ripe but they're so time consuming that I don't do them every year. DH helped this year by seeding the little buggers for me so that took off quite a bit of time.

Lala: There's nothing like garden fresh tomatoes vs. the store bought ones. I tend to start rationing the tomatoes as they start to dwindle down in the Spring. I don't do anything fancy with them, just peel, cut into pieces, bring to a boil and put them in a hot jar with a teaspoon of salt. It's usually the rule around here that when the tomatoes are ripe for the canning that the temp outside jacks up to a miserable high and adding the steaming pot of tomatoes just adds to the misery but it's well worth it in the long run.

It's hard to believe that tomorrow marks the middle of the month already! In two short weeks the kids are back to school and the morning routine once again becomes crazy.

lalala 08-14-2001 09:46 PM

Hi you guys,
I can't believe its time to go home and I've spent my whole day running around at meetings. Yikes. I have to say one thing though, I just took my little 15 year old cat to the vet because she looked like she had a abcess or owie on her chin. Turns out my geriatic cat has acne! What is with that. Anyways, 56 dollars poorer and one disgruntled shaved cat later, we're on our way to a healthier, if not embarrassed, cat.

anyways, I just had to share such a strange event.

Reading Patch's good news makes me very happy for her and wondering why the heck I seem to be stagnating. Then again, I could be cutting down my points a bit. That might help.

So, I'll keep on plugging away and telling myself that this is definitely worth it.


LM 08-14-2001 10:48 PM

Hiya, sorry i haven't written much lately. I've been training a new person at work, which severely cuts into goof-off time and at home I have a new computer obsession, a little game called Word Whomp - very addictive.

Home weigh in tonight - think I lost a pound. And tonight at WW meeting, I spoke to them about the possibility of becoming a receptionist or weigher-inner. They were thrilled because they've lost a few staff members recently. I only want to work my regular Tuesday night with the leader I love and they say that's do-able, so very exciting!!

lala my Millie (dearly departed mother of Edward) used to get zits on her chin too. That's why we called her pimple-puss! We once took Eddie to the the vet because Glenn was concerned that the lad was constipated (Glenn gets to clean out the litterbox so he should know.) Vet poked, prodded, didn't seem overly concerned. We get home and then Edward delivers a $43 "dump". Seemed he just needed a little tummy massage. Ya gotta love the kittycats!

P.S. La - I don't think 16 pounds is soooo much to lose. I think it's really do-able - and you are the one to do it! P.P.S. We love Eeyore!

went out to lunch again today - you know I really would rather go to the gym and have my 2 point sarnie...

hey melissa what do you stuff your hot peppers with? I only once put up pickled beets, but nobody (including myself) had the nerve to eat them! LOL I cracked myself up!

Okay, gotta go Whomp...

MelissaL 08-15-2001 09:15 AM

Well, here it is Wednesday, "Hump Day", once again. The week is rolling right along. The cool temps are continuing and I have to say I'm one happy camper! Last night we dipped down into the 50's. I'm sure there's another bout of hot, humid weather that we'll have but for now I'll enjoy this cooler weather. It definitely makes for better walks! :)

Lauren: I stuff the hot peppers with sauerkraut. It can get a litte time consuming but they are worth it. My biggest problem is sometimes the jars don't seal properly. I have never done beets, although my mom used to can like a mad woman when I was growing up--peaches, pears, tomato sauce, tomatoes, pickles, etc. I have never gotten into anything else other than the peppers and the tomatoes. So what is Word Whomp? Inquiring minds want to know, lol!

Today is meeting day for me and I feel pretty good about how the week went with the exception of one day where I was a little out of control with homemade pizza.

I'll post later on how my weigh in goes. Have a great morning!

kt marie 08-15-2001 09:40 AM

Morning all!
I woke up to cool, clouds & rain this am - what a change - it feels kinda nice - the last few days I've felt a little hint of fall in the air.

Melissa - good luck on your weigh in - it sounds like you've had a pretty good week.

Laurel - yes yes please tell Melissa & I about this "Word Whomp" game - sounds intriguing. Great story about paying $43 for a "dump" - isn't that just how it goes.....

lalala - I've posted a gain in the last two weeks (& tonight doesn't look too promising, either) - I know it's because I've been on vacation - when I get out of my element, it's much harder for me to keep tabs on the eating. We can motivate each other to keep on plugging away - plus look for motivation from Patch & her THREE POUND LOSS!! You travel so much more, I admire the fact of how well you do - I shudder at the thought of where I'd be if I was on the go as much as you. Sometimes I feel a little like Eeyore as well - I get a little of what I call the "PLOM" disease - Poor little old me - & then I see or hear about someone who really has some challenges & then I snap out of it.

The boss is on vacation this week, so I feel a little more like goofing off althought it's hard since I have to account for all my time. I wonder howAustinGal is doing??

Check in with you gals later,

MelissaL 08-15-2001 02:27 PM

Just a quick update, went to my meeting had a small gain of .4; not bad but not what I had hoped. :( I was really hoping for a loss of some sort. I will keep looking forward and not stress out over this, after all, as my leader pointed out, this is what Lifetime is all about.

LM 08-15-2001 02:29 PM


Word Whomp (which I couldn't get to last night, so frustrating) is a word game. I love to play Boggle, but I couldn't find it on-line and I have no one to play with at home. (that's what Mom & I do together when we meet). So, a friend found me Word Whomp.

You go to www.pogo.com and you register (free) and then you go to Word Whomp and wait and wait and finally you pick a room and you get to begin to play finally!!. They give you 6 letters and you have to find as many words (3-6 letters) as you can within 2 minutes. And you get tokens - I still haven't figured out what you do with the tokens, but I'm totally addicted to Whomp so who cares!!! You might bump into me in Whomp-land (though unlikely - there are usually literally thousands of people playing at any one time) - my Whomp name is Murghi7.

KT - did you start being a WW receptionist yet? and if so, what's that like? You might have noticed that I'm probably going to be a weigher at my local meeting. Gimme the insider's scoop.

Now Melissa I have to know...do you also make the sauerkraut that goes into the peppers?? They sound delicious!

Talk to you all later...

lalala 08-15-2001 02:34 PM

Hi you guys,

thanks again for all your kind words of motivation and support, it really means lots to me.

I have moved into major stress mode here. I'm leaving next week for Maine (part work, part play) and I have scads to do. We have an opportunity to apply for yet more funding (hence, more salary) and I need to submit a proposal or two. This is good, since I needed yet another reason to be at work all weekend. :(. I guess each weekend I'm in town this next month will be spent at work catching up, but then again, no one put a gun to my head and said "you shall be drinking an espresso at the brasserie lutetia and watching DP eat a pain au chocolat". Its the 3.5 weeks in germany and iran that concern me. Yikes, that's a long time to be away from 3fcs and my support.

We have a 19 mo guide dog puppy in training staying with us for two nights. The embarrassed cat is not speaking to us, our basset hound is tired of a spry young thing and I'm tired of DP's college chums visiting. I tell you, do you wonder why a highly educated moderately good-looking, stably employed and well off 43 yo guy is still single? Hmm. I think as we get older, we get awfully set in our ways. I'm realizing this as I meet more people a bit older than me that aren't settled down.

Any thoughts? I'm just curious, having settled down in my mid-20's and not planning on having any major life crises anytime soon.

re: pickles - Laurel, I love pickled beets, the vinegar kills everything. I have lots of pickled asparagus and green beans. mmmm if not salty.

patch30 08-15-2001 02:57 PM

Hey guys :

LM Word Whomp sounds like great fun... I'll have to check it out at some point, but given my addictive personality, I'd better wait a while, otherwise I'll be online ALL the time.

Whoa. Lala London/Paris next month. What a dream. and 3 weeks in Germany and Iran for work...What do you do? It looks like you are a Road Warrior. It would be incredibly hard to stay on program for me, and do as well as you are doing.

Guys, it's fun hearing all the gardening canning stuff. I (sob) still live in an apartment with hubby, but we do have plans to get a house hopefully this year. We'll see. But my thumb is quite brown vs. green and so I'll live vicariously through yours.

We've got a kitty too, Jezebel. Way too fat but she's 10 years old and keeps getting sick when we try to switch her to less fattening dry food. She is an Iams regular kind of gal.

kt marie 08-15-2001 03:15 PM

LM - I've been a receptionist for a year at our community meeting on Wed night in the small town near Madison where I live. Last month I went to leader training & have been doing some "mentoring" sessions with a leader in Madison. I haven't been assigned any permanent meetings as a leader yet - was going to take a Friday morning meeting (that's my day off), but just heard from my manager that maybe there's a possibility that I may be able to take over the Wed night community meeting where I'm currently the receptionist. I definitely think I would prefer that since I am already doing that meeting & I really don't want to give up having my Fridays off - I like working for WW - the paperwork is a bit of a nightmare - everything is so manual - but you can buy any of the products at half price which is nice. I figure if I work for WW, it will help keep me on the straight & narrow....

Melissa - sorry to hear about your small gain - just keeping doing what you're doing, you know the program works.


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