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Good morning

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Things are really heating up all over the place in my pre-vacation phase. Everyone at work has come up with a million things they need done before I leave both here and with my AOL job. They're all starting to panic realizing I'll be gone for 3 weeks. And I have so much packing and shopping to do to get ready. I still have 10 days before I go, but it feels like that will fly by!

I didn't weigh in yesterday. First of all I couldn't, since my car was in the shop (brakes were grinding -- $866 later they stopped ) so I couldn't get there. Secondly, I know I've gained. It's that TOM, plus I've been out of control with the eating. GOT to get back on track. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Maureen, it's good to see you again! Welcome back.

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