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Just popping in.It has been a fast and furious day!!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday dearie Suuuuuuuusieeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee

Keep Comin Back!!!!!

My dad is an AA counselor.He ALWAYS sings that......keep coming back to meetings , I

I recieved 2 bouquets of flowers, each just as special.
Ok- the girls was smaller but of course means EVERYTHING!!! They are my babies.
The other was from.....................Alex!!! OMG- He came through.
I got on the computer at 11 and there was an email from him telling me where to go pick up some birthday flowers.
I swear.........pms??? I started to cry.
Went to the floral shop and the lady went into the glass refrigerator and picked up this HUGE bundle of flowers. I thought "oh, please........not them...waaaaay too much".
She brought them out though.
Pinks,Purples,Whites,Yellows....and the coolest, 1 sun flower.
I had to go to my mothers for a vase becuase I don't have one.
Took them home and put them by my window.
He had called while I was out to say Happy Birthday & he sent me an egreeting.
So, sweet.

I also thought of mine & Angie's friend, Brian. Just miss him so much.......and of course cried over that.

Thinking it is, so darn emotional today.

K- girls want me, so best get!!

THANKS to Marti for the homemade B-card!!!! Can't believe she had time to put that together with her wedding and, much thanks
Looked at Cristis card with the slice of cake and candle......looks yummy but not going to eat cake today.I will just look at the

Yes, Brandon's feet sound hurtful, poor kid. You are a good mother though Angie


always splash in puddles,always go out in public with tangled hair, always eat chocolate for dinner,always lay on tummy to watch cartoons,always play before chores are done,and never wear a puffy coat again. ~Inspired by Gaby

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