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Hello GGs!! It's kind of an overcast day, but dry. Dh just went to a nursery looking for some seedlings. I'm trying to decide whether to do my grocery shopping. I've been very achy the past week and don't feel like doing anything, but if I go today I get 10% off, and trying to decide if that is worth it. I'm not cooking again tonight as our dd and sil are taking dh out to eat and to the Blazer game as an early birthday gift. I'm happy for him, know he'll enjoy it. Since I'll be alone I'll just fix something easy/fast for myself.

I got up very late (10:30!!)...had already decided not to go to the all I've had so far today to eat is my pb mocha. I put in extra protein since I used almond milk. So it was a high protein, plus the usual carb and fat drink.

Donna - It must feel good to have a definite date for your surgery. While surgery is never fun sometimes it is needed and you have suffered so long.
And retirement too! Very exciting! happy for you!

bobbi - What a terrible thing to say to a child!! :mad. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Glad you had other family that were good to you. Sounds like you and your dh have a good thing going.

Wannabe - No you can't make him take the med. Does the antiviral cause him the dizziness etc? If so, maybe that's why he doesn't want to take it? Maybe the doctor could give him something else, I don't know. I took an antiviral when I had the flu about a 1 1/2 years ago and I had no problem with it but everyone's different. Yes I feel blessed with my dh. And realize too that when I was going to school and working, he was usually working three jobs (one was only one weekend a month), and still he helped all he could. It is not always so easy these days between the communication issues we already had and his loss of hearing. At times It's easy for me to feel sorry for myself but then I remember all the good things and am thankful.

Karen31 - I hope the Reglan does the trick. Will continue to pray for him and you. Yes, you've been apart too long, this is the time to hold each other close.

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