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Good Hola!

Bobbi - 27 days to get up and go to work (we work a 4-day week), and June 1st (well, accurately, it'll be May 30th) is the retirement date. Getting there!

From everything I've heard from friends and cronies, hip surgery is a far different experience than knee surgery.... much easier! Plus, KarenFL had both knees done at the same time, which is really terrifying. I. Am. Not. Anticipating. Any. Problems. I do hope she's out dancing, since she isn't visiting 3FC very often!

How awful for you that 1) you had shingles at age 10 (!!!!) and 2) that you had such a nasty father! That's a terrible thing to tell anyone, but especially a KID. Wowsers!

Carol Sue - it might be too late for the meds for your DH. I was told there's a 72 hour window for them to be effective, and it sounds like he's beyond that. Stubborn men! But his choice!!

Gorgeous here! I hope it continues... the WF are saying snow today and tomorrow, maybe. Maybe is the operative word. They're wrong much more than they're right!

Later, lovelies!

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