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Hope through struggle
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Well it's really nice to see a group for the 200's. I've been struggling to get under 250 for the past seven years. The closest I've gotten was 258 back in 2007 when I was doing nutrisystem. I had to stop nutrisystem first because of money and then secondly because of all the soy. I have thyroid disease (hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, and nodules) and had to have my entire thyroid removed back in 2010 due to a cancer scare with the nodule. I started WW July of 2012 and was able to get from 289.2 down to 267 by October. Unfortunately I've been back and forth, losing and gaining, losing and gaining all over 2013. I know this is mostly because of the holidays and a car accident that left me injured. But I'm healthy and starting over because I want to do whatever I can to be healthy and try to look my best for my wedding at the end of April. This time I started at 288 in January and I'm down to 276.5. So that is 11.5 lbs in two months. My fiance is also trying to loose because this is his first time being overweight in his life as a result from poor eating and not being able to work out from the accident. We've joined planet fitness and started off good but the past three weeks with all the snow and below freezing temps have really stunted us.

I'm scared that I will never ever get out of these high 200's ever again but I'm trying as hard as I can. How do we stay motivated? The past week has been a real struggle I have to admit. Eating out and wine/cocktails make it so hard. I went over 29 points last week but at least I still lost weight I guess. I don't know how that happened. I want to be healthy and I want to lose weight but at this point I can't ever imagine how I would make it work with less points. I'd have to work out hours a day. I'm the primary wage earner and as I look at my future and wanting to have a baby in the next year I just don't know how I'm going to do it all

Any words of encouragement and pieces of advice other than "it will all work itself out" would be much appreciated.
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