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Good Morning, Coaches.

Busy weekend. DS has multiple activities culminating in a (relatively) important piano adjudication event today. We will spend all day at it.

Food has been undisciplined. Trying to sit while eating has been like herding cats. (The cats representing my brain.) I am not getting very far.

We will be gone all day. I have lunch packed, dinner will be at a restaurant, this morning will be a smoothie. I have a plan to walk during the written theory portion of his test.

I want to write to all of you tomorrow and declare a 100% victory of sitting while I eat. Weight is a pound above ticker.

Lexxiss: Super congrats on ordering a small lunch instead of grazing.

ForMyGirls: Good Luck with all your work in March.

Ladym0208: Buffets are tough. I can't remember who posted buffet guidelines - maybe Lexxiss - they were good. First plate is a salad. The return trip is small portions of whatever is interesting.

seadwaters: Funny you posted about Tibetan new year. DS marched in the Bokai Parade here yesterday celebrating the New Year.

onebyone: Let un know how the 3 one mile walks went. It might help with the cravings.

BBE: Speaking of flexibility - in my Pilates workout I was able to do an exercise that once eluded me - The Open Leg Rocker. You have to grab your feet and rock your feet back over your head while still holding on. The tricky part is coming back to start position without letting go. Could it be I am getting more flexible as I get older? Hmmm.

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