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To celebrate a new month and a new moon, I'm going to start tracking a new streak -- days of 80% OP or better.

80%OP or better streak: 1
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 27 Credit!
WI: +0.75kg, Exercise: +50 50/1500 minutes for March, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Hello Coaches,

Struggling but staying positive. Today has been 100% on plan. Yay for that. For the next two nights I will be in hotels (in 2 different places) so I will be crazy busy for the next 3 days. I have healthy food packed up and ready to go. Yeesh- what a pain carting it all around. Oh well- just do it!

Goals for the week:
1. No sugar.
2. Out of the 290's by next Sunday. (for the 100th time. )
3. Get outside every day. Even if just for a few minutes.
4. Continue writing down 3 things I am grateful for every night.

Have a great week everyone!

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello this sunny Sunday coaches!

It is nice enough to walk again today and the rain has washed everything nice sparkly. Cool again is exciting too, hope it stays for a while.

So far food OP and 2 of 4 walks with the pup.

ForMyGirls Best of luck with your stressful month, see you in April!

Hurray for good choices at the buffet.

seadwaters Kudos for OP during the day, hope your evening is better!

onebyone Kudos for course corrections and baby carrots!

BillBlueEyes Bummer about all the changes at your gym. Hope you find a good class that will last.

maryann Great job planning for your day out, looking forward to hearing about your day.

nationalparker Bummer about the rising weight. I can NOT eat empty carbs, it messes with my yeast/bacteria balance in my intestines making me crave sugar. Hope you figure out what works for you to stay OP.

Great choice for a new streak!

Kudos for OP and healthy food planned for your trip!
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I can do this
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Hi everyone,

I've been MIA for a while--I didn't do any checking in--or card reading--while in FL this past week. I binged pretty much the whole time I was gone. It's amazing to me sometimes that I can eat that much--that I even want to eat so many sweets and so much junk.

I am not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow morning but it's something I have to do as part of getting myself back on track. I know that the trip was more fun at this size than it would have been 50 lbs ago--the smaller weight makes stairs easier--and I took the stairs instead of the elevator pretty much all of the time I wasn't carrying a suitcase.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with things I'm supposed to be doing--and I'm not quite sure how that has happened--I don't generally do stress--but things are really getting to me right now--and I'm going to be juggling a bunch of things for the next few weeks getting ready for our big party.

As hard as it is to get back into it, I'm going to return to planning each day the night before and entering it all into MFP. I also need to find time to read the pink book--re-reading Dr Beck's words really resonates with me and I need to do what works.

And part of back on track has to mean doing real check-ins and keeping up with people--the sense of community really makes a difference.

AZtricia: I love your picture with the pup!

CeeJay: It sounds like you have great goals for this coming week--and started it out with a 100% OP day! Credit!

gardenerjoy: I'll be watching your streak!

nationalparker: Stress is hard--and we've each got a lifetime of comforting ourselves with food. Can you plan some quick/easy things that would be OP so that it feels easy to make them when you're still stressed from work and your parents' health?

maryann: I'm totally impressed with the Open Leg Rocker! I hope that sitting and eating today went well.

BillBE: You are amazing--absolutely amazing--and an incredible inspiration.

onebyone: Credit for carrots over cookies and ice cream. I hate those want to eat eat eat days--how do we turn them off so they just go away?

seadwaters: 5000 steps on a "all day at the desk" day is still quite a bit of moving! Credit.

ladym0208: Looking forward to getting to know you--big credits for a successful buffet visit!

ForMyGirls: I hope however it works best for you this month relieves some of the stress.

Lexxiss: Congrats!

FutureFitChick: If you come up with some good responses to that one too many occasional snack items problem, please share...that is such a challenge.

Best to all. I'm going to plan tomorrow right now so it's done!
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Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day, despite facing the ongoing challenge with our cook. It is quite difficult as it feel like I am being monitored constantly in terms of what I eat, pretty much every meal at the dinner table there is a comment about what I am eating, how much or how little, I'm being told I don't eat or that children eat more than I do. I know that what I am eating is enough as I am using portion control. I find it quite tough as it brings me back to childhood days when I was quite a fussy eater and also when I started to get comments about my weight. I know that there is no harm intended but it really isn't nice having your boundaries crossed repeatedly in this way and over an issue I am already quite sensitive about. Still the only thing I can do is say "oh well" and remember that I can still choose to stay focussed.

My credits for yesterday:

- Staying on plan even though I was being pushed to eat more
- Staying in control of my portions by sharing with someone else
- Having the strength to continually say NO

bethFromDayton Welcome back and I hope you'll get back on track. Good plan for getting yourself back into it.
AZtricia Hope you enjoyed your walk
CeeJay Well done for being 100% OP and also for having all your health food ready to take with you
gardenerjoy Good luck with your new streak
nationalparker I am so sorry to hear about your Dad
maryann Hope you get that 100% victory...cheering you on!!
BillBlueEyesWell done for trying the new class, Variety is always a good thing

Happy Monday everyone x
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Height: 5ft3in

Wink Another Monday

Hi coaches

I survived another Monday and have been on-plan with food today - had leftover fish for breakfast; thai soup for lunch; and planned beef stroganoff and chips for dinner. I had bought chipping potatoes at the farmers market so planned to have some tonight. I hope I don't overdo it. I have cleaned and done chores not done over the workfest weekend so feel organised. Exercise - walking to and from carpark and at the front of classrooms - so far 11000 steps and will go up when I pace making dinner. I liked to see that I had 15 very active minutes (fitbit has a very generous view of "very active") - I usually only make 3 - 8. This week is nice as I don't have a lecture next week so can try and get one lecture ahead - hopefully! It will be nice to have this w/e with less work - unfortunately the 5 weeks after this are not good. Fingers crossed I stay on plan

I am planning to go to gym on the way home tomorrow and Friday morning for PT (we are doing weekly because he can't make the scheduled day the week after). And I should be able to make it on Sunday because no excuses - don't have to work. Have to plan and pack lunch for tomorrow yet and plan dinner for tomorrow

BillBE - I did notice the 100 streak when you put it up - hugely inspirational so credit. WIll be interesting to see what you plan to track next. Modest eating eludes me - I think my problem is portion size. Even though MFP says all is well I think my portions are too large. Shame your gym is messing with the classes - and just when you started weight lifting 101! I don't tend to do the classes at the moment - focus on the other equipment. Ouch that what you could do isn't what you can do now - you can get there! Younger teachers is just what you want - not!

Onebyone - Huge credit for 51 active minutes - amazing! And huge credit for eating baby carrots instead of giving in to cravings - you are doing so well. Good idea to try 3x1miles rather than all at once. Thinking of your while you think of your late brother - a difficult time

FutureFitChick - ouch for too many snacks - and sympathy for all the stress (and hormones)

Debbie (Lexxiss) - congrats on getting your projects finished. Good luck with catching up on all those

Nationalparker - I am sorry that your life is so complex at the moment. Credit for coming up with ways to negotiate a really busy time in your life and uncertainty about your father's future. Difficult when you reach for/want comfort food - totally get it

Tricia (in AZ) - glad you are getting rain and it is staying cool so you can get more walking in. Hope the crankiness in the family has passed - sometimes it is just like that. And now glad it is sunny so you can walk in the nice sparkly outdoors! You are dedicated doing 4 walks a day. I ignore my fitbit when I tells me to have extra calories - I decide to stick to 1200 to 1500 per day and stick to it - I usually stay under 1300 calories

ForMyGirls - hope you achieve what you want/need to over March and I look forward to more frequent posts in April. Good luck with staying on plan while you are away

LadyM0208 - Ouch for a buffet to deal with. Sounds like you did really well. Credit for knowing when you had had enough and leaving food on the plate. Ouch that your eating is being monitored by well meaning but intrusive colleagues and cooks! Yay for persistence in your plan

Maryann - Great planning for travelling and eating at different venues. Hope you do well with sitting - looking foreward to hearing you were 100% successful at eating sitting down (well maybe 80% would do).

GardenerJoy - nice idea to start new tracking for the new month/moon. Makes me think I should pick a challenge and a reward

CeeJay - really glad you dropped by. Credit for a day of 100% on plan. I can just imagine how difficult it is to pack food for meals when you are away for a few days - that would be so difficult so that is a huge credit that you do it. Just the logistics of doing it are amazing so huge kudos that you try to manage the challenges. Keep it up! 290 by Sunday - and what reward will you have WHEN you make it

Beth(FromDayton) - good to see you back. I have missed you on MFP. I agree that if one doesn't post personals occasionally is it easy to disengage - which for me means I am on my way out. Hope preparations for your next big party go well and don't derail you too much from your goals
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Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies Several opportunities for off-plan snacking were ignored, CREDIT moi, so I'm on my path. Trader Joe's had a FREE sample of an Irish Porter Cheese that I'd never had before. So I began my rare and unusual thinking before I got to my you'll see cheese again for sure thinking. See again won; I walked away from the cheese. I'd love to move away from the Food as Recreation thinking.

Trader Joe's was my second walk of the day, CREDIT moi, mainly to savor the sunshine, but we did need walnuts and dried apricots. I feel deprived if we're out of walnuts. After dinner I remembered that I had zero dollars in my wallet so seized the opportunity to walk to the ATM at the bank and restock.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Tracking "80% OP or better" seems like a sane approach.

CeeJay - Super Kudos for carting food to two different hotels via "Oh well- just do it!"

Cheryl (seadwaters) Love the thought of fish for breakfast since I'm stuck in breakfast foods for breakfast thinking. Kudos for 11000 steps - that's moving on.

maryann - Hope you DS's piano adjudication went well - so much pressure on the shoulders of our kids. Kudos for staying with your planning even as you struggle with the sitting. [Flexible Kudos for doing the "Open Leg Rocker" Pilate's exercise.]

ladym0208 Smart thinking to use "oh well" against a persistent cook who also crosses boundaries so easily. It's such a useful insight to recognize that she's bringing up your childhood feelings so that you can remember that you're no longer in that helplessness of childhood.

nationalparker Sending supportive thoughts as you await news of your father's tests today. Ouch for all the other stresses in your life. Your dish with colorful red peppers sounds like a soothing response.

Beth (bethFromDayton) Ouch for the stress and Ouch for the divergence into sweet snacks. Kudos for recognizing that "Dr Beck's words really resonate with me" and reaching out for that.

Tricia (AZtricia) - LOL that you're celebrating, "Cool again is exciting too" - I would gladly send you a little cool from here. Yay for walks with the pup.

Readers -
day 13 Overcome Cravings

Cravings usually peak within the first few weeks of your diet. Once you limit or stop eating the foods you crave (usually fast food, sweets, salty snacks, and the like), your cravings for those foods will diminish significantly. Today, you'll learn how to deal with cravings effectively and decisively.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 127.
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Height: 5' 6"

Thumbs up Good Morning


Moved my ticker down today: 265. That next reward is so very close! Just not today. In the past two weeks my body has metabolized 8lbs! Yay for energy released back into the universe and off my bod! *credit* I am on track to be in Onederland by the new year.

My decluttering efforts are continuing. As my sister arrives this week I need to stay focused to clear the common areas so she has a peaceful spacious place to come to. I do think she is staying in a hotel though but will have to get confirmation of that. If not we have to make room once more in the back bedroom which DH has once more taken over. The BIG credit here though is that the back bedroom can be used for sleeping in. Amazing. I have really done some good work this past year.

Yesterday I managed to do 2 one mile workouts. I think I need to try one two mile and one 1 mile so i get the three miles in. It was tougher for me mentally to do three workouts, which I didn't manage, than it would have been to keep going to mile 2 on one of them. I do feel, intuitively, that 2 workouts a day will be of great benefit--more than just one. I'm going to try that today.

Foodwise tracked and was on-track. *credit* Will plan my food for today as soon as I post.

More to say but that's enough for now. Back later. Have a great start to the week Becksters.

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We enjoyed the Academy Awards last night with an appropriate amount of home-made popcorn. DH uses a microwave popcorn popper (like this: with a tiny amount of oil, just enough to make a tinier amount of salt stick. Sharing a big bowl is satisfying without blowing my calories.

80%OP or better streak: 2
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 28 Credit!
WI: -0.2kg, Exercise: +50 100/1500 minutes for March, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Sending calming energies to CeeJay and nationalparker for challenges to be faced. And credit to ladym0208 and bethFromDayton for handling problems, head-on.
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Good Morning, Coaches.

Glad to report a 99% sitting down day. A cubic centimeter of cheese was in my mouth before I even remembered. Progress not perfection and I will take it.

To join the "naming" club I am going to call my little challenge: the three s's (Smoothie, Salad and Sitting down.) This is my focus Monday through Friday. I am on a plane to Sunny Sedona (continuing in the S world) to celebrate my gal pals' 50 bdays. It would be nice to have five clean days to launch the trip.

Step class completed and weight at ticker.

Wave to all. This is a long race. As I have said in the past, it is not how many times I slip but how quickly I get back on track.

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Hi, Everyone.

Bummed I missed my work deadline. (It was a self-imposed one.) I'm saying "oh, well" and keeping at it though...

Yesterday was a little out of control in the morning, but I managed to get it together for the rest of the day and said "NO CHOICE" to bedtime tummy rumbles.

Back to work! I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week!

BBE, I had to go back and fid your 100 victory, as I looked past it yesterday. Congratulations!

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Happy Monday Coaches!

My day started really stinky, literally! Oldest tried cooking eggs on high and blackend them, then I reached into the grapefruit bag and one had spoiled and "melted" all over the others, getting moldy juice everywhere. Thankfully the weather is nice enough to open all the windows and air out the house. Now eggs are boiled and ds won't be tempted to repeat his quick cook experiment, bread is in the breadmaker, and dinner is the day is looking better.

Made fish tacos for lunch since I had more tortillas still and food plan is looking good for today - OP
Walked pup 2x already and I need to do my DVD but am not feeling motivated, maybe in an hour when I'm not still full from lunch. (Update: did my DVD even though I did not want too & stretched my bad shoulder) - exercise OP+

Teddy has a new game, steal my slippers, so I had a bit of extra exercise chasing him today!

bethFromDayton If you don't give up, you will reach your goal.! Hope you are able to be OP during the stressful dinner prep. I could not be doing Beck effectively if I had not recently taken a class "Healing Journey" that helped me identify where I was behaving like a victim of my circumstances and not realizing that everything I did was really a choice where I mostly chose to treat myself badly. I am now choosing differently, but it is difficult to break years of self destructive behavior.

ladym0208 Hurray for OP. I'm so sorry about your cook. Have you tried telling them that you adore their cooking, but you are watching what you eat and that their comments are making you uncomfortable? Sometimes people just need to be told to cut it out!

seadwaters Hurray for OP! I've never had fish for breakfast, I guess that is an American, but not fish! Hope your chips go well.

BillBlueEyes Hurray for your continued streak and great snack resistance. Great job your two walks. Thanks for the Day 13 post, I have noticed that to be true! Yeah for reduced cravings (one of my ARC's).

onebyone Kudos for ticker down and your great decluttering efforts! Credit for OP!

Yum for popcorn, it really is a great snack and high in fiber!

maryann Great job on you 99% it is so hard to form new habits when it means breaking old ones and your persistence is encouraging! Love your new streak

FutureFitChick Great job managing with no choice! Kudos for bouncing back when work didn't meet your expectations.

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I can do this
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Hi everyone,

OP breakfast, lunch, snack, and exercise. Off plan dinner. I was just so wiped out when I got home from work that I couldn't face cooking. We went out--I didn't choose as well (or as badly as I could have) but I did cut half my potato and entree and put it into a container (DH eats the leftovers). The red wine was definitely not OP.

I just packed up tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and snack--and have a plan for dinner.

7600 steps today--for me, that's a lot.
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Height: 5-4


Long, long day. Had a five-minute lunch, workload is insane...worked late, home to feed pets, make dinner, and one got sick on our bed ...stripped that and washed sheets off, got them in the laundry, did dishes, dh fell asleep in the living room, and I made the bed up and day is done. Op today. Weary. News from biopsy will take until Friday, they said. My worry does not speed up anything. To be 2 tonight.

Disjointed thoughts. Tomorrow's goal is to get in more water. I will consider it a success to drink more.

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Good morning coaches,

My credits for yesterday.....

- I managed to stop myself from stress eating. I don't know if other people experience this but when I get really stressed or upset I can feel that I am on the verge of overeating or a binge. I just get the feeling that if I eat past a certain point I will end up being out of control. Physically I will feel quite tense and my mind will start to tell me that the only way to release it is to eat "just one or a little bit more". Well yesterday for the first time in a while I managed to stop it before it got out of hand. Although I probably ate a little more than usual at lunch I used "oh well' and drew the line.
- We were invited out for dinner yesterday by the NGO we are working with and the portion of food served was MASSIVE. I did a survey of the food before eating made the decision of what I would eat and stuck to it. I ended up leaving well over 3/4 of the food on the plate it was that much.

nationalparker I hope things settle down a bit for you and that you have some good news on Friday

AZtricia Yea I've tried, pretty much at every meal. The concept of health here is quite different though, a majority of people think it's weird that people from Europe and the US watch the amount of fat and sugar that we eat as they don't understand the impact it has on your health. Whilst they are aware of health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure etc they don't have much of an awareness of what you can do to avoid it.

FutureFitChick Sorry you missed you deadline but well done for not letting it derail you and for staying focussed

Happy Tuesday all xx
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