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Default Another Monday survived


I have survived Monday and got up at 4am (about 1 hour earlier than I like) so that I could finish what I needed to do.

I have listened to my motivation recording and plan on trying the hypnotherapy session I bought later. I got home and restored order after a weekend of work and neglect and feel ready for the week

Back on plan tomorrow hopefully for more than a few days - no a positive affirmation that I will be on plan, and plan to stay on plan.

BillBE - Thank you for demonstrating that the scales don't always reflect what you have been up to that day! LOL at taking a rest in a plank position - not entirely restful

Onebyone - I find it hard to understand why anyone would even think it was reasonable to comment on someone else's partner status - even a sister. The sister bond will survive it so take a deep breath and move on. Credit for weighing and deciding to move on and get on plan!

Gardenerjoy - Yay for writing a food plan - one is indeed helpful. And glad you are getting to use a grill - the weather has been pretty good here too so hopefully it lasted

Tricia - The three pounds up will disappear as you have sensibly decided but it is a bit discouraging. Yes - I know it is only data - but sometimes those pounds hang around. I am letting go of victim behaviour but it is important that I recognise it is a sneaky undertone - not something overt

Off to have dinner and enjoy TV briefly
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Thumbs up Monday, Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies It rained all day and I spent all day indoors - even driving when we went place instead of walking. All my muscles feel abandoned as if they can revert to mush in 24 hours. Part of the morning was spent getting the two inches of water out of my basement. There was no damage; everything sits up on wood slats. I hope I'm living enlightened enough that in my next life I have a dry basement.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi. I witnessed more snacks laid out for a coffee hour in the morning than I'd ever seen. A special CREDIT moi for choosing to have none since I didn't need anything and had planned to have none. In the afternoon, DW and a friend were having a crisp cranberry cookie thing with tea when I wandered into the kitchen. We chatted local politics and I didn't grab a single one.

onebyone Ouch for having to express anger to get your sister to stand down from expressing her opinion about your marital choice. It's beyond beyond to ever have to sound angry just to get someone to back off that which isn't their business. Kudos for "now onto other things" and planning your day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Can't believe that you grilled outside while we had two inches of rain. Also can't believe that you have two full days to meet the last 25 minutes of your monthly exercise goal.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Ouch for three pounds on the scale with Kudos for so calmly knowing that it isn't weight gain. I'll join you in pretending that it's muscle since I'm working the same problem.

6crowsgold - Always good to read "and restored order" - seems that that's required so often.

Readers -
day 14 Plan for Tomorrow

If you're not already dieting, you'll start tomorrow! If you already started dieting, you'll still need to do today's task.

Today, you're going to write a food plan that includes everything you're going to eat tomorrow. And, tomorrow, you'll check off whatever you eat that's on the plan and write down any food you eat that isn't on the plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 135.
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Hello coaches,

I wrote a post 2 days ago but cyberspace ate it and then last night i clean forgot.

Super good news is that i managed to oose weight during my month "off". I think it is in part because there were days in that month where i was so stressed i didn't want to eat. But i think it is also because a month off didn't mean go crazy - it just meant don't monitor everything closely and i think my understanding of what full means is well enough imbedded now that even without monitoring wverything i wasn't overeating.

Have been doing OK these last few days. Credit for getting back tinto good habits of eating sitting down and reading my ARC. Have been noticing that it is different to think "do i really need that" rather than "shall i ahve it" and have declined a few things i would have eaten in the last month.
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Last day of March--Whoa!

OP all weekend-which went by at maximum speeds.

Today there is a plan and I'm on it. Enjoying our first day above 55 deg.

Actually looking forward to the challenge of staying OP for April.

Have a great day, everyone!
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Back to the grind! We had wonderful weather yesterday, and I hated to see the day wrap up. It was a good mix of errands that needed to be done, and yard/garden work. DH really helped me out with digging up two VERY large shrubs that had died, and with the finally thawed ground being all wet from rains, it was good timing. Still very hard for him - I was helping, or so I thought, until he let go and the trunk strength of the tree whipped me back a few feet. ha ha... Felt like we accomplished a great deal, and didn't start my office work until after darkness fell.

I realize I frustrate DH with my weight concerns, though they're not discussed daily or anything ... but I AM concerned about the possibility of getting diabetes and want to do what I can to avoid that. But his "you're obsessed with your weight" bothers me and causes me to step back and look again at what I say. Some things, though, I know he takes the wrong way, and he has to understand that a 6-0 solid guy can eat more than a 5-4 what should be a petite woman can. On my mind today...
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Thumbs up everything feel easier when it's sunny out


I've beginnedagin ... I have issued myself a one month challenge. Today I begin the Diet Fix/Beck/Fitbit tracking combo plan. It's the 10 day re-set that Ceejay did and I am ready to do it and in fact have almost completed the tasks for Day 1. Basically take care of your environment.

What I am focusing on is *consistency* and persistance. My goal is to complete 3 x 10 days of on plan days. I'm not thinking about weight loss. I am thinking of staying on a plan and getting back on a plan if I go off of my plan. I am committing to that for the month of April + today. I am allowing the weight to simply do what it wants.
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello coaches,

The good news is that the "salt" weight is miraculously gone today (back at 217), the bad news is I still have not lost a pound for this week yet, 6 days at 217. Today I had some extra exercise I'm not sure how to count. My middle son turned 13 (two teens now!) and wanted to have an inflatable slide for his birthday. We compromised with going to Pump It Up at $21 for the family for 90 minutes vs over $200 to have one at your home for a few hours. The nice thing is the inflatables inside are clean and air-conditioned! I took pictures for the first hour, but then tried to race ds through the obstacle course and on the HUGE slide. Ds thought it was very funny to be so much faster than his mom. This is part of my ARC's of why I want to lose weight, to be able to do activities with my boys that they enjoy.

OP Food ++ for under 1500 calories today
OP Exercise, walked pup, DVD, and b-day fun

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Yikes 4:00 is EARLY, but I'm glad you finished your tasks. Glad to hear you'll be back OP.

BillBlueEyes Kudos for your great resistance muscle, you must be at 4 months now w/o unplanned snacks!

Good to see you posting. Awesome that healthy behaviors are enough your lifestyle that you lost weight still in your difficult month!

6crowsgold Great job for OP all weekend. Thanks for the good wishes

It is hard having a dh who doesn't have to watch what he eats, mine just can't understand and the fact he can eat 3X what I do and still be thin is hard! Some things are just better shared with friends or 3FC members than with dh. I'm lucky that mine wants me to succeed, so he doesn't push food on me.

onebyone Focusing on health behaviors for April, your environment, and consistency is an AWESOME plan!

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Thumbs up Discussion continues on the April 2014 Thread

Please join us as this discussion continues on:
You can find the list of previous (or more current) monthly Beck threads here on 3 Fat Chicks via:.
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