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Good Morning, Coaches.

Back from a girl's trip to Sedona. I am grateful to have friends for over 30 years who are actively apart of my life. Still the weekend was emotional on top of busy week after busy week. Food was undisciplined. The scale shows a gain of five pounds. Discouraging since I knew I ate more than I should but I did try to exercise and keep to my regime of a smoothies and salads. I was up this morning at 3:00 a.m. with anxiety and worry. Mostly I am just experiencing free floating stuff. I am dreading everything but nothing is critically wrong.

First things first. I want a very rigid food plan until I get back to maintenance . I am going to do a little research this morning and log in MyFitPal the food I decide to eat. I will not stand while I eat.

Hope to report a successful day tomorrow

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Mixed news here. First, I had a piece of unscheduled chocolate cake. I have no excuse, it was entirely willful. Here is my new deal: If I want to eat something off plan, I will absolutely read my card that tells why I don’t want to before making a final decision to go off plan. This is something that I can do, more so than declaring I will never go off plan again. But let’s not talk about that anymore because I finished my couch to 5K training program! I did two 5K runs this week. And I run the whole time too. Ok, slowly-ish – it takes me juuuust under 40 minutes to finish. My new goal is to finish in under 37 minutes. 8 weeks ago I couldn’t run at all.

Onebyone: Credit for identifying a danger-scenario, and taking steps to forestall it. I hope all is well for you and your family.

FutureFitChick: Good luck with your deadlines – I am sending supportive thoughts. I am also very familiar with that flavor of procrastination where some low priority scut work sort of thing MUST BE DONE RIGHT NOW. Don’t do it!

Joy: Minds are tricky things.

Ceejay: Thanks for sharing your rotten day. I’m glad you’ve got a few good ones now.

Nationalparker: Credit for staying OP under stress. And I’m happy to hear that your dad is accepting help.

Ladym0208: Are you still doing in Insanity? Is that your morning work out? Because my impression is that it is a pretty demanding workout. Do you like it?

BBE: I so agree about getting rid of unhelpful environmental cues. My six year old has also worked this out for herself, and asks me to hide things she’s not supposed to have. Now that I’ve read the Beck book, I see that she (my daughter) naturally does some great cognitive therapy type things, like the notes she wrote for herself about starting swimming lessons: “You can do it. Even if you don’t want to, you will do it anyway. You might have fun.” I mommy-jacked your personal – sorry.

Cheryl: Did I miss something? Are you switching diet plans? I’m glad you had a good day and went to the gym too.

Hi, Tresor, I look forward to hearing about your successes (and struggles).

Maryann: Welcome back. Three cheers for good friends. I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious, but I see you have a plan to deal with. I am very sure you will rock it.

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The loss of an hour didn't explain my sudden lack of motivation and general function. I looked up the current allergy numbers and discovered that the maple trees are blooming. That explains it. Knowing the cause doesn't make me feel any better physically, but at least I'm not so concerned about my state of mental health.

I'm doing a re-set today. I'm going to do what I would normally do on Sunday so that the rest of the week flows a bit better.

80%OP or better streak: 10
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 36 Credit!
WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +50 580/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

GosfordGirl: new name, same dogs!

nationalparker: so glad that your dad is getting family / professional help in the form of your sister-in-law. That can be so helpful!

BillBlueEyes: we have a high predicted of 80 today -- and then possibly snow before morning! That's just crazy!
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Will check in more thoroughly later, but I just have not been on the computer. I've been OP and finally lost another pound!
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Hi Coaches!

I made some great roasted veggies for dinner last night and have more in the oven. I so resonated with gardenerjoy's comment about thinking the scale would rise from a desire to overeat. I notice I have to resist so many foods at work that when I do plan and eat something reasonable, I tend to think it wasn't my best choice to eat XX....that I should have resisted it, too. Reality for me is that there are days during my 8-10 hour shifts that I recognize I need to eat. Today was one of those days and I made a reasonable choice. Credit.

I travel early tomorrow morning and I'm trying to get caught up with I check those veggies NOW!
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Enjoying la bella vita
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Busy day, but took the time this evening to pull patio furniture cushions out and sat in the sunshine for a half hour on a day with near 70 degree temps. Snow and 10 degree temps coming tomorrow. Took each pet out to be held in the sunshine; time well-spent.

Was hungry when I got home and quickly made dinner so I wouldn't snack. I bypassed someone's leftover cake that they brought in to work, and also the housemade kettle potato chips and grilled cheese that a coworker got that REALLY looked good.

Scale was down to 170 this morning ... think I'm going to be battling to get down under this again for a while. But slowly is better than never. Tomorrow is a staff lunch out with a coworker who retired last year - not sure where yet, but am committed to ordering decently and eating until not hungry.

One thought that has gone through my mind is that I keep thinking, when it warms up, I'll be much more active. But tonight I chose to spend my spare time enjoying the sunshine with the cats/dog (separately so they didn't bolt) and checking in here.

Thanks to all for the good vibes on my dad. Tomorrow will tell us a lot. I will take a hot bubble bath and hit the sack and hope sleep comes quickly tonight and my mind doesn't keep me awake. Spent enough time working at home tonight.

Lexxiss, your post couldn't have come at a better time. I get in that mindset as well, and even just eating a decent portion has me kicking myself at times. Thank you for your openness.

AZTricia - congrats on the next pound gone forever!

Flnu - I'm impressed with your Couch to 5K!! And sometimes, chocolate cake is what we need.

Bill - I feel so wealthy when I have an abundance of reading material - library, my own, or loaners from friends. I sure wish the kids I tutored in reading each week would grow to feel the same At times, they choose books on their thickness ...I let them pick what they want to keep them happy with their choices, while sometimes pushing favorites like "Stellaluna" ... I completely judge a book on its cover myself, so I've no room to speak with them choosing by size. ha ha

Bedtime is near; will read for a bit, and aim to NOT get up for any sort of a snack that I might think about. At times, I enjoy mindless light mysteries set in a library or a bakery or whatever, but food seems to be omnipresent in them... Maybe I need to start a pizzeria series Get it out of my system.

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Post incrementally more tired


Very tired from today's/the week's events. My sister and I visited another long term care facility, this one built in 1975. Yesterday's was circa 2002. There is a world of difference in terms of light/windows and wall/layouts. But while the new place felt busier and full of life, this second place felt more caring and more focused on the individual and their needs. Still I have to say it is HARD not to see the residents who are unable to move and are wheelchair bound unable to even more their head. Are all the mobile residents somewhere else when we visit a place so we only see those who are very physically challenged? I think "who will my mother talk to in here?" I can't imagine it. The 2nd place, with the caring staff, had resident rooms with cinderblock walls. Very institutional. It sure made her very small room where she is now look super cozy and homey. And I remember when we moved her in we thought IT was institutional. Everything is relative is really true. I am *really* wrestling with this. But now, also, the costs for her to stay where she is have really risen due to her increasing care needs and the long term caare places will be covered by her pension and subsidized by the province so she will be able to be there without depleting her money. Now that is becoming a real issue as well.

Not having children I wonder who will do this kind of legwork for me? This is an unanswerable question.

Anyway, with all this floating around I did not want to cook dinner and DH went out and bought chicken wings, breaded and stuffed baked potatoes and I ate what was placed in front of me. I did stay away all day from sugar once more. *credit*

I do find I am biting my nails again so need to stop that now.

My sister leaves mid day Thursday and we are due for a *insert scream here* snowstorm tomorrow so not sure what/how much we'll achieve tomorrow. I am trying to line up a visit to a friend's place in the area who makes fantastic coffee and has a nice in-home art collection. I would like for us to take a short break and visit with her. We'll see.

*credit* weighed this morning and saw a drop to 264.8. It did drop. But with dinner tonight we'll see a rise. OH WELL. I soldier on.

Good night coaches.
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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello coaches!

Sat in the sunshine for a while and the peace was nice! Good, but busy, weekend here. Spent a few hours walking around with dh as a "date". We also watched Princess Bride with the boys since they'd never seen it. Teddy, my walking buddy, is much healthier and now loves going to the park. My "budgeted calories" through Diet Power have been hovering around 2000 since my plateau and I'm hopeful for a downward trend again now that a pound has dropped. I've considered adding extra exercise, but for now decided just to reduce calories if needed as I really don't like exercise and I want all my lifestyle changes to be maintainable. Maybe someday my body will just be bubbling with energy and want to move more, who knows?

Ds's birthday is coming up and he wants 3-4 huge scoops of ice cream in a BIG waffle cone (think quart of ice cream!) instead of a cake. None of my boys have weight issues as they are more like dh plus they swim, but I just don't like the idea of encouraging that kind of excess. Any helpful thoughts? As a once a year thing it probably won't hurt, but it could set a precedent in his mind (he is like that - give an inch take a mile!).

Cheryl/GosfordGirl Kudos for going the the gym on the weekend and Monday, and working on your plan, hope it is working for you. Great job leaving the rice when you realized it was too many carbs. 9500, WOW! Sounds like you are still finding your way with the new plan, but doing great with exercise.

ladym0208 Great job on your re-set back to plan on the weekend and recognizing/addressing sabotaging thoughts. So glad that it is getting easier with the cook, hurray! Kudos for the extra exercise walking from church and extra exercise Monday.

BillBlueEyes Pure Muscle Tone sounds like a painful class! LOL about caught cheating. Great job at the reception, it is so hard to resist when "everyone is doing it". I actually made two batches of popcorn, with the second being kettle corn to go with Princess Bride...not a taste! You are so on the go and I am amazed and motivated by your resistance muscle to all the extra food opportunities. Hurray for melting snow, budding trees, and no more M&M bowl

nationalparker It is good to hear your mom is gaining strength. So sorry for all your stress. Hurray for your decluttering. Glad you had an alright day Sunday. Good to hear your dad is accepting help, that will make his appointments more valuable. Hope you enjoy your meal out with coworkers. Great choice to spend time in the sun and have a bubble bath! Just the recipe for reducing stress

tresor/Kathy Welcome back. Cute puppy! Glad you found your work sheets.

CeeJay Hurray for a good days over the weekend! Kudos for no sugar and exercising. Yeah that you are feeling better!!!

gardenerjoy Kudos for your continued streak! Awesome for resisting at the bridal shower. Allergies are awful here too right now, in "the red" for the trees in bloom.

Lexxiss Congrats for reasonable choices, kudos for roasted veggies! Yum!

onebyone Kudos for resisting all the opportunities for sugar. Hope you are able to resolve the care issues with your mom. I'm glad your visit with your sister seems to be going well and you are doing great confronting those sabotaging thoughts with truth. Enjoy your coffee and art, hope there is not too much snow tomorrow!

FutureFitChick Gum sounds like a great idea, hope you are able to stick to OP even through the stress.

Going to a rigid plan to get back to maintenance seems a wise choice.

flnu Bummer for the chocolate attack. Love your ARC plan. Kudos for your 5K training!

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Good morning coaches,

Yesterday was a good OP day both food and exercise wise. I managed to get all my report writing done which is great. We are entering the rainy season here in Rwanda and because there are not many concrete roads it sometimes makes it difficult to get out for a walk. Luckily there was a break in the rain long enough for us to get out into town to pick up a few leaving gifts for the people who we have been working with. Tomorrow will be my last day in Cyangugu as I will be moving to Kigali for the next few months, I am looking forward to being in the city and I know it will be quite different to where I am now.

My credits for yesterday....
- Being able to say no to 'food pushers' yesterday evening and not eating just because everyone else was
- Getting some extra exercise done in the form of a lovely long walk

AZtricia Well done for combining your date with some exercise
onebyone Well done for staying away from the sugar
nationalparker Well done for avoiding snacking
flnu Yes I am still doing Insanity as my morning workout, I have just completed day 24 so nearly completed month one. I have enjoyed it so far and it really does push you, but I like that and enjoy the challenge. It really is motivating seeing just how much my fitness has improved in the time I've been doing it.

Have a great day all xx
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Default Wednesday night

Hi Coaches

I ordered lunch at canteen and asked for a bunless burger and a few fries. When it arrived it was huge and had lots of chips and I thought - I can only eat half of this. I imagined myself reporting to my coaches about how I exercised my resistance muscle and left half of it. Well I ate it all and can't report that . Now I have to think of something small to eat for dinner that won't break the bank...I am home too late to be readjusting plans and expectations

I was in class all day so not a lot to report. Credits - walked 8700 with more to go; met my active minutes and km goals; reported to coaches; had a plan (but had to modify it).

BillBE - we crossed e-paths last night. Glad that your Spring is coming - we might get Autumn soon! Credit for under control snacks. Kudos for your incrementing ticker

Kathy (Tresor) - I realised I actually have the pdfs of all the worksheets so could attach them somewhere. I was cheeky and emailed the Beck website and said what had happened to them. This is the response I got from Judith Beck's daughter Debbie!...
Hi Cheryl,
... We’re working with a new publisher now and so we had to take down the worksheets due to a copyright issue. We’re hoping to get them back up at some point, but unfortunately I don’t have an exact time frame for this.
Maryann - Hope you enjoyed your trip. I like MFP to log food before I eat it - means the plan is on paper and it just means following it. Sorry for the anxiety - free floating and 3am wake-ups are bad news. When I had severe anxiety I saw a medico who was into integrative medicine and looked at my levels of histamine, zinc and copper. Her treatment (lots of zinc, vitamin E to balance the copper and histamines) made a huge difference - but that was me...

Flnu - Ouch for chocolate cake. I like your plan for dealing with the desire to eat off plan. I am so impressed with your couch to 5K progress and that you made the progress in 8 weeks - impressive. (Yes I am tinkering with my plan - not sure where it will end up yet but one needs to renew things occasionally)

GardenerJoy - commiserations for allergies. I don't like the seasonal changeovers (even though I really want to be rid of summer time!) as it is worse than jet-lag - hope your reset works

Nationalparker - good luck with the work lunch - always so difficult. Thinking of you tomorrow

Onebyone - supportive thoughts for deciding your mother's future. It is a fraught issue and we went through it with my father a few years ago. I too have no children and it does make you wonder what will become of you. I am beginning to think who I might give enduring guardianship to in the event I can't make decisions.

Tricia - Yay for weight loss! Can't offer suggestions about the birthday icecream - young males are a total mystery to me!
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Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Wednesday - Girl Scout Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating took a hit at a reception that I had planned to substitute for dinner. That part worked. But I had more than the generous allowance I grant myself for such affairs. Ouch. I capitulated to the walking appetizers, all healthy choices: grilled monster shrimp, grilled tuna on a toothpick, and mozzarella cheese between cherry tomatoes drowned in basil and olive oil. I choose well despite liquid calories flowing like Niagara falls and stayed away from the tables of top quality cheeses and crackers and from the walking two-byte desserts of to-die-for quality (with one "make it tiny or get your own" bite of DW's already small chocolate-chocolate-chocolate thingy). Specifically, I had to avoid dark chocolate covered strawberries and miniature pecan pies each time they were presented by charming young servers. Good enough to feel pleased that I didn't go overboard, so CREDIT moi for that part. Despite my feelings of having wandered, the scale didn't jitter in punishment.

Standard walking, CREDIT moi, perhaps wearing a heavier coat than the temperature demanded. I'm slow to switch to a spring coat due to my February-is-gonna-get-me mentality.

Kathy (tresor) - Super strategy to concentrate on the weaknesses first.

onebyone – Continued supportive thoughts for facing the difficult choices available for your mother. I'm always inspired by your attitude, "OH WELL. I soldier on."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – That's a novel idea - to reset the week and start over. Kudos for thinking outside the box. [80 degrees one day and snow the next makes me think that St. Louis weather is just weird.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yep, an 8-10 hour working shift just requires some food to prevent snapping at your customers. Kudos for a reasonable choice.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) – I am so happy that eggs have returned to the list of healthy foods; we have omelets about once a week now.

maryann - Ouch for busy, busy hanging over the joy of old friends still in your life.

ladym0208 – Super Kudos for "not eating just because everyone else was." It's exciting to think about a major change in your living situation.

nationalparker – "Housemade kettle potato chips" should be banned - they'd drive me crazy. [Good luck seducing your kids into books; I'm grateful for the Harry Potter series for doing that.]

Tricia (AZtricia) - Yay for every pound gone and Yay for sunshine. I share your concern at supporting the notion of over indulgence even for a DS who doesn't have weight issues. Perhaps ice cream, modest amount, for breakfast would satisfy his desire for something decadent.

flnu - Two Kudos for two 5K runs this week! What a way to start a running career. LOL at "mommy-jacked your personal." Your DD has powerful clarity for a six year old.

Readers -
day 13 Overcome Cravings
.....The emotionally painful part about a
craving is the struggle you feel. Once you can

. .say to yourself with total conviction, NO CHOICE,
. ... .. .... ..the craving will diminish.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.
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I slept through my alarm (but at least that means I slept!) so I didn't see any snow this morning. Friends just a little north of here actually got some that stayed on the ground long enough for photos.

We went to bed with the air conditioner on (with my allergies, opening windows isn't an option) and DH switched it over to heat sometime in the middle of the night. No worries, though, we'll be back in the 60s tomorrow! In St. Louis, if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes -- it'll change!

My planning and catch-up day worked well yesterday. I have a reasonable and not very ambitious plan for the rest of the week.

80%OP or better streak: 11
3Ws (Weigh, Write a food plan, Write a post) streak: 37 Credit!
WI: +0.2 kg, Exercise: +60 640/1500 minutes for March, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Height: 5' 6"

Post wed march 11-late season snowstorm-last one?


tracking/planning food
reading arc
positive thinking app
weighed in: 265.4
using resistance muscle
posting here

My sister isn't here yet. I think she's packing her stuff from where she's been staying and then she was headed over to my mom's place to give the management **** over her run in with the nursing staff last night. One nurse loves to fob things off and the other has poor bedside manners and with my sister needing answers to medical questions with no access to the doctor, and seeing my mom's steep decline since she came here, well it's a (where's the bomb icon??) volatile situation.

Me? I just feel exactly like this today:

We've got real weather going on. I'm sure once my sister makes her way here we're staying in. I sure hope she agrees.

Bye for now.

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New here--hello's all 'round!

I lurked until I was up to taking my "Beck Show" on the road--I started my simple plan [counting calories] last week as part of the Beck treck. In the middle of a second decent week and my weigh-in day is Saturday morning.

Doing some field trials on my calorie recording method today. I tend to "think fuzzy" if I don't write it down right that moment...

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Height: 5'6"


Hello Coaches,

Pizza Day here again and I have not decided yet if I will participate. Today has been a good day so far with 2 walks, exercise DVD, and OP food. Spent some time relaxing in the sun as well. Called and scheduled an appointment for my youngest to be checked for dyslexia, time to quit hoping he'll outgrow it without help as he's almost 9. Middle son has already been through vision therapy, so off on another round...

ladym0208 Hope your move proceeds smoothly and you enjoy your last few months away from home. Kudos for "no" to the food pushers and extra exercise!

GosfordGirl Great job meeting your active minutes and km goals! Hope you are finding your rhythm with your new plan.

BillBlueEyes Kudos for resisting the chocolate covered strawberries. your resistance muscle is a great example.

gardenerjoy Hurray for sleep, so glad your catch-up day worked for you!

onebyone So glad you stopped to check in. Yikes for the bad nurses, hope you and your sis are able to figure out the best plan for your mom.

6crowsgold Great job starting Beck and welcome!

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