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Originally Posted by Larry H View Post
Munchy WOW!! Soup for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

In the Volumetrics book it says "To drop weight, pick up your soup spoon"

You certainly have embraced that concept However 648 Calories is way too low. I understand why as I have had that problem also but most experts say we need at least 1200 calories to get proper nutrition.

Another entry in the book says "Don't even think of living on just soup"
Barbara Rolls suggests soup as the first course so that we eat less. Not consistently the only item in a meal.

I am not picking on you Munchy, I have the same problem. We just have to learn how to increase our calories.

Never thought I would say that
Oh, I know - I'm positive that it's why I can't seem to lose these 10lbs. I am in love with soup, though - it's inexpensive, easy to freeze and prep on weekends, and it's healthy. Soup has been my favorite food since I was a toddler!

I actually worked with an RD/Nutritionist/BSN who had me work on adding calories to a more normal amount of 1400. Because I'm so used to the low calories, I gained about 15lbs and quickly! After I was told that I was obese by another doctor (my BMI was 26), I quit working with the RD.

It sucks, really. I'm in between a rock and a hard place!
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