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Thanks for the compliments, they are really appreciated!

Renew me - Wow - did you give me a lot to think about! First off, the "lean" comment just freaks me out, because I don't see myself as "lean" in the slightest!

After reading your post and re-reading it, and reading it again - LOL - I had to ask myself what my goals are - why do I want a better developed back and what am I willing to do for it?

So I asked myself:
Are you willing to gain some weight?
Are you willing to eat super clean?
Are you willing to count macros?

And the resounding answer to all 3 was NOPE!

So, I will continue what I've been doing and working on keeping the muscles I have and looking okay, but it will have to be good enough!

I appreciate the input, for real, everyone!


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