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Originally Posted by LizRR View Post
How could I let this thread go on so long without my most favoritest blender recipe of ALL TIME...I have this every morning and I will continue to have it for life!

IP Chocolate/Vanilla/Cappucino Drink Mix/RTD/Pudding (tasters choice)
1-2c Spinach, loose leaf
1c Lettuce (optional) <--if you need more 'bulk', I prefer it with just Spinach
2c Coffee, chilled (decaf, half-caf, fully leaded, your choice)
Extracts or Sweetener (optional)

1. Put the Spinach, optional Lettuce & Sweetener/Extracts, and 2 cups chilled coffee in a blender ~2 minutes on High to pulverize/liquefy the greens.
2. Add in your IP product of choice and blend ~10 seconds on Low to mix thoroughly. Adding the IP product in last to blend helps keep down the "froth", hence why you preblend the spinach first.
3. Check consistency & taste - adjust accordingly (more sweetener? more coffee?).
4. Serve over ice and enjoy! You can also blend in the ice for a 'milkshake' (pudding gives a great thick texture for this).

*My 'personal recipe' is: IP Chocolate RTD + 2c Half-Caf Coffee, chilled + 2c Spinach + 1 tbsp SF Torani Vanilla.
*I had it just about EVERY morning in Phase 1 and have moved to decaf coffee as my occasional afternoon snack in Phase 3 with all Lettuce (since I have my 2cups veggies at lunch now).
*You can substitute water or flavored herbal teas in place of coffee
*You can substitute WB Yogurt or any other Drink Mix in place of the Chocolate/Vanilla/Cappuccino - I just listed those since they go with coffee - which is my liquid of choice!


Thank you for introducing me to my new best friend!!!! Bless you!
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