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Originally Posted by Halfagain View Post
Okay - skip this if you like it's blah blah poor me talk... but this is what I'm thinking: Work has been in my dreams, and I'm waking up every 3 hours thinking about it. It didn't help that I actually got up at 3 AM and went out and checked my work email and did some work for a hour this morning. Shopping isn't a good way to take my mind off it, as that gets expensive. Maybe I should go to the farm - although that's $60 in gasoline to go. Eating out is not in the picture anymore (that's what our old routine was - comfort foods). Maybe I'll go walking at the mall... (danger danger Will Robinson), oh shopping mecca and food court land of old... but it holds some beginning exercise (walking), things to see (in the warmth of indoors). There' also Molbak's this is place for oxygen, coffee, and green lush plants and flowers. Sort of like stepping into the jungle, only not as hot. They have a huge set of combined green houses, a couple gift shops with everything from yard maintenance to coffee cups, jewelry, candles, and t-shirts. It's a magnet for people shopping, but I haven't done it in years. They have quite the Christmas Tree displays too, and tons or ornaments. I could maybe allow myself to buy one ornament to commemorate this time in life, in between my old self and the new me that should be maintaining next year by this time. Hey, I could go to the zoo (naw too cold and wet today), or a movie (last time I went I couldn't fit in the seats worth a darn). Anyway, I need to do "something" just not sure what yet. DH would suggest house cleaning I'm sure - ugh. Maybe my sister-in-law is off work today.. I haven't talked to her in a couple weeks, or seen her since July. Text is sent... we'll see if she's free to come play. I'll follow up with what I landed on.
Well you definitely need the weekend off of doing ANY work. As I tell my husband, "Leave it at the office." Of course easier said than done with computers at home these days, and in his case, his office is at home. The one good thing that came out of his needing heart surgery is that he is learning that there is a time to turn off work and just enjoy being home. Now most days he shuts down all work related projects by about 5:30 and nothing on the weekend. Nothing like major surgery to give one a little perspective on life.

I love going to the movies, especially now that the seats are nice and roomy again. Go out and enjoy yourself, and whatever you do - don't stay home and house clean. You deserve to go out and have fun.
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