View Poll Results: How did you choose what your final goal weight will be?
Because the diet charts say that's what you should be. 6 12.00%
Because you think that that weight will work best for you. 32 64.00%
Because you don't think you could ever get to the guideline weight. 3 6.00%
Other (please state in a post) 9 18.00%
Voters: 50. You may not vote on this poll

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S/C/G: 357/see tracker/150

Height: 5'2"


My goal weight is 145 lbs. They say that I should be around 120-130 lbs., but I think that if I weighed anything under 145-150 that I would look sick. To be totally honest though, I'm not so much aiming for a weight as I am for a look and size. I think that I'd look and feel really good as a size 10-12. Like others here, I want to have my curves. My sister lost a lot of weight and she looked good around a size 10-12. She was losing a little too much weight and honestly she was starting to look sick. Everyone thought that she was looking sick but she thought she looked awesome. Her face looked emaciated and I DO NOT want to look like that--which is why I figure that 145-150 would be good for me. I'm a little bit shorter than my sister and she's at 160 so...
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742,000 calories burned
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S/C/G: 592/380/175

Height: 5'9"


I picked 162 pounds very scientifically. I looked at the BMI charts for someone 5'9", and I played high school basketball at 175 lbs. I also looked at the charts for being able to go into the military. Between the high and low numbers on each, I settled for 162, because that would mean I had to lose 430 lbs. which seemed like a round number.
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S/C/G: 293/277/140


This is my first time here, but I thought I would just jump in so here goes...I have chosen 140 because I think that is where I will be comfortable. According to the charts it should be somewhat lower because I'm only 5 ft tall well 5'1". But I don't think I could ever be THAT tiny and I have a large frame anyway so...I'll probably still look dumpy at 140 but not as dumpy as almost 300.
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Right now my goal is to get below 200- if I lose 150lbs, I'd be at 191...and no longer obese- just overweight for my height of 5'8". I weighed around 175-180 when I graduated high school & wore size 18US....funny thing is that I can still wear some size 18 tops now- go figure. For me, I like the nice even number of 150- I've broken it down into 10 steps of 15 pounds each. I know I can lose 15 pounds- I've done it so many times in the past....I just have to start working on the next 'step' to lose another 15 pounds.
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aka Valerie
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S/C/G: 350/345/195


OK - a few days late, but I'll jump in anyway. I'd like to be about 150, but like others, I'll know it when I get there. First I'd like to be less than I was when I got married (~265) and then I want to break 200, and then I'll see how well I can ride. I want to be able to wear english boots & britches, and I DON'T think that'll happen at 200. I DO agree with the 3rd poll question tho - I doubt I could ever get to my 'chart' weight, which I think is about 130-135. I just can't see that.
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S/C/G: xmas start wt: 156


135lbs. The lowest I've ever been was 125. It was a good weight. That was when I was a teenager and after 3 kids I think it is an unrealistic goal. If I get to 135 and still losing, 125 will be my final goal. The last time I lost weight I got to 145 and I was still losing, but then I got pregnant and it all went lose from there. This is the first time I've gained weight after a baby. A lot is due to stress and antidepressants. Oh well, I'm doing something about it now.
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Hello everyone, I am new, but thought I would jump in before I head to bed.
I am not exactly sure what my goal weight is. The weight the "charts" say I should be just seem way to small. I am around 350 right now, and have decided that 299 would be a good goal...if I can attain that, my next goal will be 1 pound less than my husband I just hope he puts off his weight loss until I catch him, though, being military, and slightly overweight, he can't put it off too long!

If I had to pick a number for long term, I am comfortable saying 180...but as I said, 299 right now would be awesome.
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Hi, girls.
My goal is 130 lbs. But anything under 150 lbs. would already be awesome. I am quite short so this is probably a good weight for me. I have been overweight almost all my life as well! And I have PCOS but I have faith that I can do this. I really want it mainly for my health, trying to prepare to get pregnant maybe 1-2 years after I reach my ideal weight, and also to be able to do all those outdoor activities I have dreamt of doing such as trekking and scuba diving.
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28 Yr old Vixen to be...
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S/C/G: 480/480/380

Height: 5'5"


150 for me, i havent been that since maybe middle school!
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determined to lose
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I put "other" because my initial goal is 135 because I have been there before and if I remember correctly I felt okay except I always thought I was fat. The more I think about it the more I lean towards 125 or 115 because I am about 5'2" or 5'1" dont know for sure. I have been ultra skinny where a size 5 would slide off of me but I was very very unhealthy and I dont know what I weighed at the time. But I dont want to be boney you know, hip bones jutting out and ribs showing and all that heroin looking stuff.

I am doing this for me and only me well not true i want my son to be proud of me and to be seen with me. He goes out with me now, but you know what I mean I am sure. He told me once he wanted me to do like Jared on the subway commercials so that is what I am shooting for here: myself and my son. But I need to get this off of me before I get diabetes and high blood pressure which both run deep on both sides of my family. I already have high cholesterol. My blood pressure goes up to high and then back down to normal for a while, it cant make up its mind.

I like the idea of working out for the rest of my life..I figure the smaller I get the easier it will be to get the oomph to go to the gym. Right now I want to go but it is hard to make myself go so I got some dvds/vhs and have begun WATP at home. I am really going to do this, I am really doing this, this is a thing that will be accomplished, it's in progress and moving forward. We are all on a new journey to health and positive body image! Come on women lets get a move on....
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