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Hang In There
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sunday night and all is well, nothing much to say, be bact tomorrow.

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Ahhhh, ladies! Finally back home to normal again. This has been a really busy weekend. Shopping shopping shopping. We've been so broke since we moved into this house in July that I haven't gotten to shop and it's just KILLING ME. Thank the Lord I have no credit cards and rely on cash--I'd be so in the hole right now!

2Cute--Had a ball shopping with mom and the kid. We headed to Goodwill first. Mom was looking for a secondhand high chair for when my 1yo niece comes up. She tends to wander around her apartment and dribble everywhere she goes. I also found some brand new baking pans--a bundt and mini bundt pans and a new corkscrew for $10. Still in the wrappers.

Then we went to Souper Salad. Had a huge green salad, some beef veggie soup and found these awesome wraps they're doing there now. Asian chicken stir fry with rice, and stir fry sauce wrapped in a lettuce leaf. AMAZINGLY delicious. I got all the goodies to recreate that here at home. I'm addicted now!

I needed a new artificial tree for Xmas. I'm allergic to real ones, so we've always had to go artificial. I bought a white one a few years ago that I gave to my mom, so I needed a new one. Headed to The Christmas Store and looked there. No way in Hades will I EVER spend $400 on a fake tree. Who are they kidding? But that place is amazing, like the north pole. Outrageous prices, though. So I left empty handed and we headed to Fashion Bug. Mom wanted a new holiday outfit. I ended up blowing some cash there, even though I told myself I wouldn't buy new clothes until I dropped a size. Oh, well, I'm working my butt off and clearance racks don't count as new, do they? Found a gorgeous pink sweater and a black pair of slacks with a pink pinstripe. Cute, cute cute... a new t-shirt, two new pair of PJ's and some marked down jewelry and a TOE RING. I love those things.

Ended up getting my tree at Michael's for $119, prelit. Not bad, 7 foot scottish spruce or something. A slender tree, so it fits in our tiny living room.

Went to HEB and got hubby his birthday cake, a sweatshirt, ELF the movie and some boxers for his 36th.

Then today went grocery shopping and loaded up on healthy veggies, low fat pita bread, english muffins, low fat bagels, lots and lots of reduced price turkey and chicken. Couldn't believe that! Got marinated turkey breast for $3.38 for 1 1/2 lbs each!! The freezer is stuffed. Got me some lowfat jack cheese, fat free puddings and yogurt and one pint of healthy choice lowfat ice cream for the cravings I can't escape.

~sigh~ Now it's 9pm. My friend and I went to mom's and gave each other perms and now we're all curly and cute!! Have to take some pics.

Gsilver-- I LOVE snow. We moved an hour south of where we were, so hopefully we get to see it again this winter. Hopefully, you'll do fine walking tomorrow. I bet you can't wait. Just take it slow and don't push it. I thought nursing school was a big deal studying, I can't image being a med student!

CD--I'm with Lisa, too on this one! There's no way he can ever intimidate her into doing it. She'll subconsciously fight against that intimidation, it will never work, and he'll never stop. I watched my Dad do that to my Mom for my entire childhood and to this day, she's never been able to lose it. Ever. She tries and tries to no avail. He did it to me as well as a child and it got to the point I am now, and now it's horribly hard to turn that around and lose the weight I should've never gained in a healthy environment. She's 10 times happier now without him, but the weight has never given an inch. She'll lose 50, gain it back, back and forth.

Sorry for the book, everyone!! Just trying to catch up! I need caffeine or sleep.... or.... something!
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Default Catching up..

Chris, Thanks for the pumpkin chili recipe..very interesting!
and a question... YOu said you go to Curves...I have thought about it, my
s-i-l has asked me to go with her, but she is a very skinny person and i am NOT, and am worried about having enough stamina to do the routine! What do you think? HOw long have you been going?

HI Gail, What a deal, being personal shopper for your f-i-l! and even geting your own present! I can spend somebody elses money any day!!
It is very cool that you and Barb are 'neighbors'! meeting cyber friends is fun!
I have 2 dear friends that I have met that way.

BARB your turkeys are fabulous, and seems endless! You are amazing!

Kerri aka Champion shopper! You got some great buys, includig MY Xmas tree! It sounds like exacly what I have picked out...I gave my big one away before we left Calif.

cd ditto to what others have said, I feel terrible about the intimidation that your mother is having to go thru at this time. Nothing makes me eat more than someone saying 'you can't'!
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Default Morning

Hi girls, Sorry I just up and left for a few days. Life here got turned upside down last Friday and I have been doing awful ever since. I managed to stay the same since last week. I was showing a nice loss in the middle of the week, but threw that out the window. "Stress Eating"

We are having troubles with my son. He is 12 and going through puberty and all. He announced to me the other night he had thoughts of suicide. Time for mom to freak out. So, I called the doctor and was waiting for a call back, in the mean time I get a call from the principle and he says that my son has been telling the kids at school he needs to see a shrink. Then he says that my son said he has been cutting himself. I saw the marks on his arm the other day and questioned him and he swore one was from the tree he fell out of, the others were kitten scratches (we have two kittens). I had the doctor look and he said could go either way?

So the doctor has scheduled us with a councelor who specializes in teenagers this Tuesday. I just have been in tears over this as you can imagine. I just don't know what we have done wrong or what we can do better? I know there is always room for improvement, but honestly I thought we were doing right by him and our daughter. I have always wantedto give them so much better childhoods than mine or my husbands were. *sigh*....

OK, enough on that, just wanted you to know where I was and that I did not abandon you again.

Emotional really sucks. But, I have to say, it is better than going back to smoking which I very well thought about. I have not smoked in almost 3 years, maybe it's 4 this year? Anyway.....I opted for the food again. I guess that is the lesser of the two evils.


CD: I am sorry your dad layed all that on you. I agree with what has been said here. I think he has some issues that need to be delt with. 180 by then...what is he nuts? I think maybe your mom would be better off without that kind of stress in her life. But, I do not live in her shoes and I hate to pass judgement. Good luck with it hon and hope all works out.

Andria: Snow....yuck. but glad you are enjoying it. Actually it's not all that bad, just wish the roads did not get snow on them.

Well chickys, I hate to rant and run, but I have to get my butt ready for work and drop the girl at the sitters. There is no school this week. My son has a friend here staying with him today (thank goodness) so I will try to check in from work if it's not to crazy.

Hugs....wishing you all a wonderful day.
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Hang In There
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Well it's Monday morning and nothing exciting happened after I checked in last night and went to bed. Be back later, have to get ready for Water Aerobics.

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Just wanted to pop in quickly this morning very quickly.

I'm down 1.2 lbs. from last Monday!

AND...BarbPA, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! You not only had a very good loss but you're now in TWOTERVILLE!

I'll be back in a bit...
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Hello All

I know I have been MIA for sometime now, and I have not been reading posts excuses other than depression and lack of motivation....just unexcpetable behavior...It is just nuts to be this way. I am truly blessed in so many ways....and I am not pathetic. ...just can't seem to stick with ashamed to have not been more in touch with all you wonderful people....WOW sure sounds like an enthuesatic bunch....Send me positive vibes please, I need them. I sure need an attitude adjustment!

I just wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all.
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Chris, thanks for the chili recipe--I've printed it out and I've added the ingredients to my grocery list for next week when I return from Virginia Beach.

cd, sweetie...I wish your Dad had not put you in the middle. No matter that you are an adult now you are still your parents' child and children (no matter their age) just should not be put in the position you've been put in! As for your Mom...well, you're right--there is no way she can lose that amount of weight between now and January 1, even if she had gastric bypass! When it comes to weight loss, the only person any of us can lose it for is US; not someone else. But you know that. Try to remember when your Dad "surprises" your Mom with whatever it is (and I think we all know what he's alluding to), for you to be there for your Mom. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. And yeah...its all about control and power...from both ends.

Okay Michelle, where are you today?

Sandy, a big ol' hug to you! Try not to beat yourself up about your son--I'm sure you've been the best Mom to him. You are doing all you can to get him the help he needs. Hang in there okay?

Joyce, I love being my father-in-law's personal shopper! You're right--its fun spending someone else's money. I met Michelle about hmmmm....5 years ago.

My evenings will be changing for me. I'll be taking care of two granddaughters in the evenings for a couple of hours to help out my daughter and son-in-law--their work schedules collide. I'm glad to do this for them--I get to spend time with my little sweeties. Plus, they will help keep me busy and out of the kitchen!

I'm sorry this has to be a quick post and run and I know I've missed someone but I'll try to get back later and finish...

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I've been MIA for a whole week... all I can say is, no exercise, I didn't count calories, but I ate fairly reasonably and lost a half pound. Knowing that you all were still here carrying on brought me back today after weighing in this morning, and I'm resolving to make that 2-pound challenge, which should still be doable.

I know I can't get replies in to everyone, but I've got to do a couple.

cd--I agree with everything everyone's said. It's unfair for your dad to make that kind of ultimatum, and to put you in the middle. I guess I'll stick my neck out and say that if I were you, I'd share the conversation with your mother, AND tell her all the things that people here have been saying. Only because she should know if there's a "surprise" in store. But you know both mom and dad better than we do, of course, so you have a better idea of how that would affect her. Good luck and major HUGGGGSSSS to you, cd. Remember, this journey is about YOU being HEALTHY and HAPPY. Not pleasing anyone else.

Sandy--I'm so sorry, what a terrible time for you. Puberty is a hard time for everyone--don't blame yourself. You're doing everything you can--hang in there. And do try to be good to yourself--it's what you deserve, plus it'll help you do what you need to for him.

Leanne--You and me, baby, let's get it back in gear, huh?

Syn--GOOD VIBES COMING YOUR WAY>>>>> DO YOU FEEL THEM? What will help you get excited about this? I h ad a talk before restarting this summer with a good friend who's very encouraging, and I promised myself rewards at each mini-goal. Those things have helped me a little. Can you think of things that might help make this fun?
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I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to all of you for the great advice and comments I'm still unsure how to feel about it - I know my dad's main concern is for my mothers health and after all these years he's probably just desperate to finally give her the motivation to finally lose the weight but it still is completely the wrong way to go. I guess I'll just tell my mother about it and try to talk some sense into my dad. Its just so irritating.

I'm not gonna post much cause I just got home from a verryy long dayy so I'm gonna rest for a bit. I've been doing decently Working out, drinking tons of water, eating healthily.

I'll be sure to post again tonight
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Changin' my ways :)
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Hey everyone

Don't you hate when you are working on a post and open another page to look at something, close that page and then accidentally close the wrong one so your post goes bye bye? Ah well

I'm semi-ambulatory! Wahoo! I've actually been up and walking (with the help of crutches) and even exercised some. The physical therapist is going to work with me Tuesday and Wednesday as well, and says I'll be off those really soon. Mostly I need to get used to walking with the brace on. Trickier than it sounds, believe it or not.

After therapy I went to Decision and did my WI. I was so nervous, especially since I was wearing my leg brace. Figured I would take Terri's lead and wear the stinker now and accept the weight, then call a bonus when I get to weigh with it off. Guess what... I was down .5! Yes! I would have hopped up and down if I could! I was so happy to know I don't have to lose that weight again. Besides, I have a personal goal to be in the 70's before the end of the year, and every half a pound moves me closer to that goal. If I'm in the 70's before the Vegas trip with my sweetie, I'm going to make sure and buy myself something nice to wear while I'm there.

cd, wow, that was brave of you to post, and so smart to get off your chest. There just doesn't sound like a happy outcome for any of the people embroiled in that affair, and I hope you are able to keep yourself distanced from it all. Your parents problems are theirs, not yours, even if it does spill over into territory that affects you. As smart as you would be to stay out of the arguments of your girlfriends and their significant others, you would be probably as smart to steer clear of this disaster area. I know that is easier said than done. They are your parents and you love them both. Still, sounds like time for them to get into therapy before you are driven to it yourself. Adults shouldn't be looking to their children to solve their problems, even if their children are of legal age. Love you! *HUGS* I'll get off the soap box now.

Sandy, you dear, sweetheart of a mommy. You weren't here when I posted something very similar just this last spring. Kids are amazingly resilient things, but sometimes this life just gets to be too much. There are so many pressures on them, and sometimes they hide things from us that are hurting them deeply. My daughter didn't tell me the things that were causing her dark thoughts because she didn't want to bring me down. She thought she should have to bear all of it on her own. She has been doing some therapy, alone and with a group of teens, and has bounced back tremendously. We have all been a lot more open in our communication as well. The whole thing was a huge shock though, and I have a really good idea how you are feeling right about now. I thought I was the worst mother in the world. Let me give you one piece of advice, if I may. Food isn't going to make you a better mother. All food can do is help you to stuff down emotions you probably should be exploring and getting out right now. In a weird way, my daughter's depression has been a gift for us all. Maybe your son's could turn out that way as well. This sort of thing can be turned to an advantage for the entire family, bringing you even closer than you imagined before. I'll keep your family in my prayers. *HUGS*

Angela, nice going on that half pound! We are weight loss sisters this week.

Gail, how clever of you to have worked out extra time with the grandbabies. Now, they aren't going to steal time away from us, are they? Nice weight loss!

Syn, so good to see you! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Now, get back in here more regularly, will ya!

Barbage, you have been working overtime on finding new turkey pics. They are so adorable. I especially liked the can-can turkeys.

Ok, I've been working my way down the names here, but I am nowhere near finished before I'm physically finished. In other words, the latest pain pill is kicking in, and it is getting hard to type out a sentence that makes any sense. Forgive me! I'll try to be back in after a rest, but no guarantees.

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See, I can find turkeys too!

Tis the season!
Attached Images
File Type: jpg turkey breasts.jpg (46.3 KB, 16 views)
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Arrow gmalil

[QUOTE=gmalil]Chris, Thanks for the pumpkin chili recipe..very interesting!
and a question... YOu said you go to Curves...I have thought about it, my
s-i-l has asked me to go with her, but she is a very skinny person and i am NOT, and am worried about having enough stamina to do the routine! What do you think? HOw long have you been going?


I have been going to Curves for over a year now and I LOVE it!!! My Curves has 12 machines and I go around 3 times, so it's almost a 40 min. workout. I go 3 times a week, I'd like to go more. As far as stamina goes, you start out just going around once. You can increase to 2 circuits when you are ready, same with 3. Between my 3 circuits and stretching afterwards, it's a 45 minute routine. I say GO FOR IT chicky! Don't worry about only "skinny-mini's" either. I, at 327 lbs. am not the biggest person working out there. Give it a try. If your s-i-l's Curves is like mine, you can have a free week's worth of work-outs to see if you want to join.

Good luck and enjoy your chili!!

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Talking Thanks Chris!!

Thanks you Chris for all the info and the encouragement!
I'll talk to s-i-l tomorrow and go with her soon.
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I'm on my way!
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