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working off those pounds
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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#684


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have a bi-weekly 2x2 Challenge.
Our goal is to lose 2 lbs in 2 weeks.
We have a long term goal of losing 300+ lbs within our 300+ group in 2005.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.
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Oooo Silly Me!
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Loki – Yes, the cats could eat her in one bite… well maybe a few bites. I took her shopping with me at Pet Smart. We saw a great dane there that was the same color as her. That dog could use her as Dental Flos!! WHEW!

Shopaholic - *blush* Awww thank you… *blush*

Miss Meliss – yes, I can definitely vouch for gaining weight in college. All that stress whew! During midterms I gained like 4 lbs back. This time tho, during finals, I tried to remember to shove a carrot in my mouth rather than chocolate. And believe me… it wasn’t easy with all the easter candy around LOL!

It sure feels good to be back on here! Nice to see new faces to!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Ni Ni
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Here is my niece and myself, whee.
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Dancing those pounds away
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I see we are up and going again.

Iwillbe... we were posting at the same time. LOL I too have weird sleeping habits. Tonight I fell asleep about 10pm in big chair watching tv and woke up about 2am... so I have been up ever since. I really miss those nights I got to BED at 10:30. I am aiming for that again this week.

Shopaholic .. congrats on not breaking your plan. Once we learn to not let others affect our lives in negative ways we are over half way home.
Your plan to enjoy your birthday Friday is different than allowing others to "drive you to eating".
And what a darling pic of you and your neice. Ahhhh !! Sooo sweet.

Sue... loved your new picture of you and Heidi. She is soooo tiny. I figured you would name her Tidbit.

JoeAnne... good to see you again. You have a great plan to get back on program.

Okay.. I know I owe more replys... but it is after 4am and I am all talked out.
Hope to get back soon to hit the rest of you here.
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Good morning chickies, Our storms have moved on for the time being, thank goodness. Yesterday was a terrible day! All we could do was huddle up in our chairs and cringe every time the lightening flashed, or at least that is all I was doing

2cute, I managed to sleep several times during the day. We didn't even go to church ! We had planned to go to sunrise services, but it was a washout here. I hated to miss Easter services, but it wasn't to be.

Sue, The little dog is a cutie. I hope those cats don't get mad at it!

Shop, I agree with you about Sue having striking features, but so do YOU. You two are young and very attractive.

I think I did ok yesterday as far as food is concerned. I haven't been drinking enough water though, and I have to work on that. Exercise, uh, nada. Well, today is another chance to do EVERTYTHING right.

It is time to get off of this chair and go and put that into practice. Gad, I hate exercise Later chickies, Iwill
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Hang In There
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Good morning everyone, just checking in before I leave for exercise. Today it's water aerobics, and I think my swimsuit is dry.

Had a nice Easter and hope everyone else did too. It's a beautiful day here, but yesterday was rainy & muggy all day. The kid's had to have their egg hunt in the church building instead of our park. AGAIN seem like it rains every Easter.

Hope everyone has a great OP week.

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Good Morning Ladies!

It's a sunshiney Monday morning in Missouri! Got through the weekend relatively unscathed and am ready to hit it again! Oh what a busy, busy week I have planned! So many things to do and no time to do them all and I know I have to find time to cook or we'll be falling back into our habit of calling Roly Poly or running to Subway...At least we don't run to McDonald's any more.

I can't report much at this time, so I'll be content with a quick "Hello!" And I'll try to have something to say next time I stop by!

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Hi everyone...I would love to join in here...I am looking for a place to "roost" here at 3FC and have been bouncing around for awhile. This is the forum I feel most at home in, so I would love to join in.

I am a single parent of 4 and have struggled with my weight since # 1. I am at my highest ever weight and am just tired of it, but so unmotivated to change.

I exercise almost everyday, it's the eating...portion control etc that is my down fall. So I am looking for some motivation, but mostly for commaraderie and people who understand that it is so much more than "just don't eat" it.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here
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61.25 POUNDS GONE!!!!
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Well I had an okay Easter. I went to Old Navy and spent too much money. But found a fabulous sweater for $13 so it was worth the trip. I also found some cargo pants too. I ate pretty good I didn't really over do it. My only problem is exercise I did seem to be able to bring myself to do it. So that really pissed me off.

Easter I ate a sensible Easter meal I didn't stuff myself. I did have a little banana pudding. And in the afternoon I had a peanut butter milkshake (small). I have been craving a milkshake the whole time I gave up sweets. I tried to drink a glass of coke. It was disgusting. So I am still not drinking it. Hooray!!

It has stormed here all weekend. So depressing. I hung out with my dogs most of the weekend and watched TV. The kids were gone all weekend so the house was super quiet. (for those of you who don't know my sister lives with me and she has five kids ages 12, 9, 6, 4, 3) Also there are 5 Easter baskets filled to the brim with candy. BUT I HAVE STAYED AWAY. I am on the right track and I don't want to fall off ship.

I am glad it didn't take a long time to get the site back up. I was sad that I could post on Saturday but when ya gotta move ya gotta move. Well I gotta get to work.

Hello everyone!
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Dancing those pounds away
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Welcome Jazzmine. We would love to have you join in with us. You will definitely find people who "understand" here.
Don't have time to post today ... just peeked in for a good read.
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Hi All! Hope all of you had a great holiday! We had my mom, MIL and FIL over and of course the boys were home. I kept everything fairly simple. Just wasn't in the mood. I cooked a ham, did up some green beans in a little lite butter and garlic with slivered almonds. Also did some Pistachio Fluff (see recipe thread) and lightened deviled eggs. Bought some great specialty breads from Costco. My MIL brought cheesy hash brown potatoes. So all in all I did not do much.....except clean my house.

After breakfast I told the boys that I did NOT buy ANY Easter candy this year. That if they really wanted it they could go out today and get it for 1/2 price. That Honey and I didn't need it and neither did they. Instead I bought them each Suze Orman's new book: Young, Fabulous and Broke. For those of you that don't know Suze she is a Financial Planner who's on TV all the time. She's pretty down to earth and talks in language you can understand. Anyway, this particular book was supposed to be made for the college age and young 20's talking about how to get started investing even when you don't have alot of cash. Figured it would be perfect for the boys. Beats chocolate!!!

I was a "showgirl" on Saturday doing an open check for Miss Congeniality 2. Honey and I got a chance to stay and see it while we were there. This theatre is a 30 minute drive from me, not my usual theatre, but I was desparate for the work since I haven't had an "open" since New Years at the other theatre. I probably won't be doing this theatre again. It gets to be a bit much driving back and forth, although I did take THIS job for today and next weekend as well.

I've been out this morning working already. I have 13 coffee shop locations to do between today and Wednesday. I got 4 done this morning already. Two more mornings.....early .......and then those will be done. Yahoo!!!

I'm going to try and catch up. We'll see how good I am at that!

2cute: Hope you had a nice day and that your daughter made it home ok. *I loved what you wrote about the alcoholic vs. foodaholic. So true. It's all in the choices.

Barbg: Sorry your Easter was rainy and muggy. I was just happy it didn't SNOW here! My sympathy to you on the death of your aunt. [[[hugs]]]

Melissa: I know you've said your BF is English and that he's in England, but does he live there, or is he just visiting? Must be hard to carry on a long-distance love affair. *And yes, maybe you should modify that behavior!!! *Hope your cold is better. * What is happening on the job front? Did they ever decide if you can go back there? Or go onto a different client?

Lilion: Good for you, recognizing you need a plan. I know for us, "calling" for dinner is so much easier, especially when I'm not prepared with something.

Scooter: I bet you had a wonderful weekend without all the little ones around. Keep reminding yourself that those Easter baskets DO NOT belong to you! It would be stealing to snitch anything from in those baskets!!! THEY ARE NOT YOURS!!!!

Catherine: CONGRATS on another 2 pounds!!! That's awsome! I hear what you're saying about the caloric intake. We just have to find what works for us. *Loved the analogy of the streets. Boy, how true. *Sorry about your relationship with your mom. Too bad. Life is soooo short. I always wished my mom and I could be best friends like my best friend and her mom. I finally had to resign myself to the fact that it's not gonna happen. [[[HUGS]]]

Loki: It's good to know that once it's all written down, "it could have been worse." I think the thing that never ceases to amaze me is that even though I am not doing perfectly...sometimes not even close to least some of the GOOD habits that I've worked hard on developing actually have stuck. We just have to keep at it.

Iwillbe: Oh, honey, it sounds like you had a terrible day. Those storms must have been soooo scarey! I'm glad they've moved off and left you alone now.

Shop: "sometimes it even goes as far as "I don't know how many calories is in {insert food here} and I don't know how to find I'm not going to count it" Sorry, not an excuse IMO. If you truly want to make a change in your life, you're going to have to do something different. My WW leader used to always say "if you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got." The truth is, we didn't get to be this size by counting calories and writing it down. We got this way by not being able or not wanting to work hard to make good choices, find out what those choices were going to cost (calories) and writing it down to keep track of our total intake each day. Any supermarket has calorie count booklets if you're not into joining some organized weightloss group like WW. You can also find plenty of websites with calorie counters on them. Just google calorie counters and you'll get a whole list.

Joanne: I'm so glad to see you back and I hope you're going to hang out for awhile. How is the family? You're always such a busy lady. We're glad when you can give us a few minutes.

SueMarie: Glad to see you back. I wondered where you had gone. Glad exams are over and you can take a breather. *Heidi is adorable. Hope she doesn't tick off the kitties!

Jazzmine: Welcome to our little corner of the site. We're glad you "bounced" in here. We'd love to have you stay. Post often so that we can get to know each other.

Brandnewme: "what I did accomplish, I'm most definitely proud of. Even if it takes baby steps, I have to start somewhere." AMEN!!! You've got that right. Praise everything we do right, even the small stuff. Because this small step leads to another and another and then finally it will all click in.

Julee: What a GREAT post! Thank you for that. Those WW leaders, gotta love 'em. They're full of words of wisdom.

Michelle: I bet Andrew was just a doll for Easter. I guess I didn't get the part where your sister is close? I thought you left all your family behind, or were you going away for the weekend? I'm sooooooooooo confused!

Judy: CONGRATS on your 3 pounds! That was certainly worth waiting for!!! Good job on the baked potato choice. I think I like baked potatoes better than scalloped anyway. Hope you do too.

Huggy: Hope you survived the "5 sugared kids". I love the way you put that. How did the lamb turn out?

Terri: I hope that your Easter turned out to be the laid back day that you wanted. Sounds like it was up in the air into the last minute. I just love your stories about the horses. I always wanted a horse. Being a spoiled rotten only child, I often tease that the only things I never got as a kid (or adult, for that matter) are the 3 P's: a pool, a pony, and a piano!!!

Tina: Baby! Now that I have more than a second.....I can welcome you properly! I'm soooo glad you're back. I've missed you. It sounds like your schedule has not slacked up at all for you. Still running, running, running I see. * Can't believe your boys are getting so old. OMG, driving, working? Well, I suppose you wouldn't be surprised to hear that mine will be 24 and 26 this Spring. OMG! We're getting OLD!!!!

BarbPA: CONGRATS on your 2.2! You're on your way! * Yes, my "bank jobs" are a little more legit, but how did you know I wear a bandana????

Bobbi/Tashabella: Welcome to you! Glad to have you joining us. Post often. We love having newbies join us!

Jill: Good for you on planning everything out and being able to stay OP. I was glad to see you checking in. This 2 jobs thing is keeping you away, but I'm sure the money is worth it.

theotherjen: Hope your attempt to stay away from the Reese's peanut butter eggs was successful.

Angela: Hope the weekend went as well as you had planned away from temptation.

Hey, can somebody start the Roll Call for the last 2X2? I was only down 1.7 so I didn't quite make it.

Joyce, Susie, CD: Where are you guys???

AAAAAKKKKKKK! I had to go back to #679 to start from the last time I did good replies. This has taken me a whole lot longer than I anticipated. I know I've missed mnemosyne, Hilta, and Leanne so as soon as I get back, you three will be the first I reply to. Sorry. The theatre calls.
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working off those pounds
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Well my Easter was pretty uneventful...we had had some family over, but we really couldn't be bothered with the turkey (ham is too salty for my liking these days, we have it often anyways so it doesn't seem "special" enough) maybe if i have the ambition later i will get that turkey out and stick it into the oven. I was pretty good with the candy...i had maybe five mini MINI pieces of easter candy, so we're talking less than 200 calories total. Since I've been sick, i didn't think i could do it, but i managed to get off my butt and do the whole mile walk..yay!! pretty soon i'll be doing those three mile walks like i used to, i'm getting back into shape and i'm so happy about it. soon i'll start to incorporate toning exercises into my routines. when i saw my mother on easter and gave her a hug, she said i "felt" thank god for small's only been about 15 pounds, but i'm so motivated already to keep on chugging. Sigh. *ends rant*

Sue - I gained way more than my share...and still haven't lost it...something about an on campus coffeeshop within walking distance (and only having to use your college ID to get whatever food you wanted...i loved those buffalo tenders and steak calzones....ehem)

Rachel - That is a lovely picture of your neice, she looks a lot like my neice, who also looks a bit like Dakota Fanning...

2Cute - Your sleeping habits are as messed up as mine used to be before I went on Zoloft ...I used to wake up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom or something, and then never be able to fall back asleep until like the following day...ick...

IWillBe - Looks like right now we're getting the rain you had yesterday I have to admit though, I'm welcoming the rain over any possibility of more snow....I checked the weather forecast and it's calling for a couple days in the 50's and 60's...yay!

Barb - Water aerobics sounds fun, i've always wanted to try it...i'd have to swallow my pride and get into a bathing suit in front of everyone though ;p

Jazzmine - Welcome, don't be too intimidated by the speed that people seem to post around here :-D It seems like every time I start a new "diet" (hate HATE that word) I'm always at my "all time high"...well this time around I've had some medical scares that has freaked me into a healthier lifestyle, so this time i mean business because it's my life that is on the line...ok that sounds morbid and maybe it's a bit dramatic but i want to live a long and healthy life, and being 300+ pounds, that probably won't be happening.

Scooter - Hey, be thankful you can still shop at places like that...I don't think i've been a size 22 since i was 18. i think old navy goes up that high, right? and i'm even larger up top so the shirts just never fit me well.

Thin - As far as the job goes, still no word from them...i talked to my boss at the end of last week, and they're arranging to interview the girl i take/took care of. i have no idea what will be said, for the most part she is honest, but once in a while she gets confused and will come out with the wildest version of stories...which is usually something we all take with a grain of salt. but this time, it's serious. in the meantime i've had to apply for unemployment because i've learned in the past that i need to cover all bases...and i REALLY don't want to have to go back to merchandising...I HATE IT (no offense, it's just not for me ) Also, yes Owen lives in England while he goes to school, and yes he is also originally from there.

Well I have some phone calls to make and i need to take some more cold medicine, so i guess that;s it for now....until later this evening, take care ladies, and have a great day!
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Hey Chicks!
Just a quick pop in to say hello. It's a dreary, rainy, cold day here! I really wish the sun would come out! I'm going to FL Sat-Mon so hopefully they will have some warm, sunny weather for me.

Our weekend was very quiet. Did some shopping, ran errands, played video games...nothing exciting and we loved it just that way! For Easter dinner we tried out a new Mexican place that opened near us. It was good and we had a nice time. I wasn't as productive as I'd hoped in terms of laundry, house projects and exercise, but I am not disappointed in myself either. I enjoyed the laid back weekend!

I don't have time to talk now, work is piled up and I want to leave early to beat some of the traffic in the lousy weather!

Have a wonderful afternoon!
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61.25 POUNDS GONE!!!!
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Miss Meliss: I am a t-shirts and jeans kind of gal so I shop in the men's department. Since I went down a size Old Navy has men's clothes taht fit me. I was a size 30/32 and I could wear men's 48W30L pants and I have gone down a size so I am 26/28 and now I wear 46W30L. I was having a hard time finding my size so my sister told me to try guy pants because she said they fit better and my SIL said the same thing. I tried them and haven't gone back. lol. The only thing about Old Navy is that there plus sizes are only available on their website. Also Old Navy goes up to 24 or 26 on their website only. I am started to become a clothes junky.
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61.25 POUNDS GONE!!!!
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Height: 5'7"


Shop: I keep meaning to answer you I am in Western Kentucky in Paducah.

Loki: I think my puter kicked me off messenger they other night. Sorry
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