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Fi - Sorry you had a rough time,

Sam glad you found yoga you liked. Kale chips are yummy even if not very filling. I'm lazy to make them but the time that I did, my roomate and I ate them all up in a snap.

Jane - You are just rockstaring all those losses.

Betsy - Glad you are having a better go of staying on plan ANd made it to yoru goal, rock on!

edoe - thats awesome you are enjoying cooking again.

So I picked up scale batteries and couldn't wait until the AM the water carb weight from the weekend appears to be dissapearing. Showing at 315 for an evening weigh in so I'm optimistic that I didn't actually gain any weight and maybe just maybe have lost a tiny tiny bit over the past week. I felt super "fat yesterday and "normal/thin" today. Funny how how we feel changes when almost nothing changes that is obvious physically. Just how I feel. Hope I have another normal/thin feeling day tomorrow FEELING fat isn't fun even though logically I know I AM fat. I don't like FEELING it... LOL
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Larry - It'll be nice to be back in the 70's again at least, we can start walking in shorts again instead of long sleeves and pants! When living in VT I wore a t shirt and shorts as long as it was above 32 degrees, living here has wussed me out - I'm cool at 50F now!

Fiona - Sorry to hear about your friendship ending, my condolences. I hope you find a french pen pal soon to ease your mind and start in a new direction. 600 lifts a night, quite the workout!

Sam - I echo the fact that being trapped in the house is really challenging for a diet. Need to keep super busy to avoid cheating, which isn't always easy. What kind of music does your fella play? I love going to listen to a band and have a few drinks, it just caps the week off perfectly. Aww, who am I kidding, I'd do it daily if I could, lol.

Betsy - Congrats on your loss! That tilapia sounds good.

Terra - If you start to find yourself lacking energy regularly, you may want to be sure you're taking in enough calories. If you are like me, sometimes you have a bit too much gusto about seeing results and don't always give your body enough fuel. Hopefully a good sleep will leave you feeling perky come tomorrow.

Silent - Another 2 lbs bite the dust, well done! I agree, it is odd how you feel different from day to day. I dunno about you, but when I get that "fit" feeling I avoid mirrors so that my eyes can't tell my brain to get its head out of the clouds and stop having delusions of grandeur.


Not too much to say on my end... Feeling great though, the yoga is making my back feel better which allows me to go harder with the weightlifting. Definitely noticing improvements!

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JP - The lbs aren't in the dust, I've seen that number before my body likes to fluctuate but its within my "normal" range. Not enough of an occurance to update my ticker at all.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Was in a rush this morning so no time to grab breakfast or a lunch. Already hungry and its only 9:45 oopsy. So tempted to get takeout but I know that would be bad. I'll have time to run to the store at lunch hour and grab something healthie-ish.
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Good morning all. Decided to take a few minutes this morning to jot off a few lines. Today is the day that I take my brother-in-law in for his pre-surgery visit with the surgeon and go to the hospital for the blood work. He's have hip replacement surgery on Monday and I'm his coach -- he'll be staying at my house until he's mobile again in a couple of months.

Terra -- Sounds like you're managing to stay on plan even if you're not doing -- or should say weren't doing -- as much walking. Good luck with getting back to your walking schedule.

Larry -- If you feel you're having a whoosh, it should definitely show up on the scale as you have whooshes of epic proportions. You're definitely spoiled with your balmy weather, but enjoy it as I'm sure that's one of the reasons for retiring to Florida.

Sam -- I chuckled over not being able to get to work but being able to go out in the evening. But I totally understand after living in the South for over 20 years. People can navigate the roads ok unless everyone is trying to get to work or school. Then it quickly becomes grid lock. It is harder to stay on plan when your normal routine has been broken -- especially if you're bored. Sounds like you're handling it pretty well.

SilentArctic -- Totally get what you mean about days of feeling fat versus feeling thin/normal......even when it might only be a pound or two difference. Don't understand it, but get it.

JPiper -- glad the yoga is helping. I started it, stopped, and need to get back to it. The stretching really does help.

Stayed on plan yesterday and have a roast in the crock pot for dinner when I get home plus it's big enough to have for tomorrow when my nephew is out here -- it's always better on the 2nd day anyway. Hope everyone has a great day.
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Starting over sucks.
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Just as I feared.... Stuck at 373 for two days now. I'm hoping it's just a lack of sleep. I so wanted to be at 369 by the time we went away next week. Oh well.

I've got a heck of a cold lately, but I should be able to get back to personals soon! Have a great day everyone!
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rockin' my 60s!
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Just checking in briefly because Bob and I have a "date" tonight. We're in our late 50s and we don't have the dough to go out or anything, so our "dates" are just meeting once a week in our bedroom to talk, cuddle, and whatever else may happen. How tame is that? =laugh=

This afternoon I was feeling low in a depression sort of way, and I was just a teensy bit hungry, so I thought, "Why not have my half-cup of muesli?" I thought it might pick me up, but instead I felt even worse. I have no idea what's going on with that, whether it was just coincidental or what. I'm thinking seriously about giving up the muesli, like when I get to the end of the current box, which is soon, and going back on strict Atkins.

And I got in my 600 leg lifts for the day, so...that's all my news. Have a great weekend, everyone!!
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I ordered two books on the Volumetrics diet on ebay and they arrived in today's mail. I am excited about getting the chance to try this diet fully. I have been kind of mixing it and traditional calorie counting. Lunch has been traditional and dinner has been low calorie density food like Volumetrics calls for. So far it has been a good fit for me as I am full and have not been snacking at night as I used to do.
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Turning Into A New Woman
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betsy2013 ~ Im so sorry I totally skipped your post from yesterday, Thanks for what you said in yesterdays post. I did get back to my walking schedule today

JPiper ~ Thanks for the advice, I hope Im not as tired tomorrow.

Im heading to bed but I wanted to post at least one time today, Have a good night everyone
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Well I went back to work today...though we didn't open till 11:30 so it wasn't a bad day. I started having bad cramps this morning and thought go figure I start feeling like crap when I actually have to go to work LOL...But luckily I took some medicine and it helped with that.

I've spent the last hour or so making oil free kale chips. I didn't make them last night because I was just too tired. I'm almost done making a whole bunch of kale into chips. Not sure if I am going to do the second bunch or not. I'll have to see my total amount when they're all done. Probably should though because I've been snacking on a few each tray I take out LOL...

JP DH and I have been together for 11 years....most of the time we've been together he has played in different punk bands, but the band he is in now is a mix of dub (not dubstep, good lord no!), dance hall and reggae. They're called SoLiOn if you ever want to look them up on Facebook. The DJs wife took video and they uploaded it to YouTube. Here's the link if you want to check it out: .....My DH is the one playing the bass. It was the first time I've gotten to see him play live with this band and I was quite happy to see him up there. The last band that he played for did not end quite well. It was a group of two guys that started out in the early 90s and they had Joey Ramone manage them before he died so they pretty much have been riding on the fact that Joey managed them for a few years to help get shows. He toured all over the country and even Canada for two years, but come to find out they pretended to be his friend so he would play for free. He's always been about the music so money wasn't a big thing for him, he just wanted to have the experience and unfortunately they took that for granted. Anyway!! LOL...Didn't mean to be so long winded there...

Betsy I agree it is funny. I'm not the one that makes the call whether I work or not so I just followed orders lol...Though where I went was literally less than a mile away from my house so I didn't really put myself on the highway.

Silent The yoga is going good. I'm actually going to do it again tonight. I've got some me time tonight while DH is at the studio so I think that's what I'm going to do

Well all, I'm off to check on my kale chips and work on some yoga!! Have a great night!
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Than you everyone for your kind words and thoughts. I'm still having trouble getting a grip on my eating. Everything is so weird without my sweetheart in every day. But that's just how it is. I'll miss him forever, but I'll always be so glad he was in my life.

I wish you all success - in overcoming illness, in finding the will and energy to exercise, in gaining self-control and confidence, in your very next jump on the scale. You guys are an inspiration!! Keep up the good work!!
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Got out of the house last night for a bit. Diner and a movie with the family. Went way over on my calories but I am alright with it considering I have been under all month. January was a great month. 28lbs loss this month. Hope February is good to us all!
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Turning Into A New Woman
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Sam ~ Thats good that you got to go to work yesterday and I bet it was awesome to have a short day too

NoLifeWithoutHorses ~ Thanks for the encouraging advice for everyone

edoetsch1 ~ Thats awesome that you had a 28 pound loss, Good 4 You

I am not as tired as I was yesterday so thats good. Im gonna walk for the 1st time today in about 20 mins and then I'll do it at 2:30 pm and then before bed also. I wish I would of lost more then 3 pounds since I started my weight loss Journey on Jan. 16th but since I did start at that time i know its gonna take longer then 2 or 3 weeks to see major results so Im not kicking myself too hard about that lol. Well I hope everyone has a good day.
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See You In The February Thread! Let's Chat It Up!
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