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Good Morning!

I have been busy the last few days so was MIA. But I am back now. I did read the posts but will leave personals until tonight or tomorrow.

I am having coffee as I plan my day. I went to see my surgeon on Tuesday to have steroid injections put in my scar, this is to aid the healing process. For those of you who may not know I had a thyroidectomy due to papillary cancer about 2 months ago. I was clear of cancer however the surgeon confirmed the type of cancer is a rare variance thus more treatments are likely going to be recommended for me. I see my endocrinologist today to discuss options for treatment. I just want this done with. I think I will have to get radioactive iodine treatment which means some time in isolation in the hospital, maybe up to a week. But the treatment does not cause nausea etc. which is good. I will know more after I see the endocrinologist.

I have therapy group tonight so that will help me work through any news I may get. But it is better to know and then I can move forward with what must be done.

My DH got a new full time job and he is very happy with it as am I as it means more money for us. I hope to get back to work in a couple of months and that is another reason to get my treatments done so I can heal and get back to work. I do miss working.

I have been doing fairly well with my diet. I am going to TOPS and last week I lost 3 1/4 pounds. My meetings are on Monday nights. I will have to miss this Monday because I have another committee meeting to attend.

I have also been very busy with the committee I am on, this has become my substitute for work but I get no pay for it.

It is a very cold snap here right now so bundling up is necessary every time I go out. I long for the days of just getting dressed and going out without tugging on boots, scarves etc.

I hope everyone is having a great day. I will check in later.

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Starting over sucks.
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NightKatt A fit bit is basically a fancy pedometer that you wear on your wrist. It tracks your sleep and energy expenditures.

Betsey I see! Something to look forward to: Disney style haggery!

Pluckypear Good luck with your treatments. I hope you're 100% cancer free and feeling much better soon.

Well I finally got the batteries in to my scale last night. As of this morning I'm down about 5 pounds since Sunday. Can't believe I was retaining so much water!

In better news, the hardwood floor is nearly finished. We're just waiting on transition pieces and deciding what we want for baseboards. My bf will be gone all next week, so I'm hoping to maybe take an afternoon off and do one of the bedroom floors. I'm getting so antsy to have all of this done!

I have a mild chest congestion that's been hanging on for the last few days. I feel perfectly fine, I just have this cough. I hope to be staying perfectly fine. H1N1 is crazy bad around here, and I was too sick to get the flu shot when they were offered in October! Crossing my fingers!
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NightKatt - Thank you for the welcome! Being new to the site I wasn't sure at first if men were welcome outside the Men's Corner area, but after seeing a few other guys posting here I figured it was okay. After all, we're all here for similar reasons. What were you doing for exercise before you got cramped for time and off your routine?

Ubee - Thanks for the welcome! I started working on getting healthy on the 11th of this month, I certainly didn't plan on it...just sort of happened upon meeting someone. It's something I knew I needed to do for the past two years, but my heart was never really in it except for brief little spurts until now. When and what set you on your journey to a healthy you?

Silentarctic - Thanks! It's always easier to eat healthy when it tastes delicious.

Betsy2013 - Thanks Betsy! People have made some amazing progress and life changes on this site, it's easy to get inspired in such company. I know I am!

Pluckypear - I wish you a full and speedy recovery from your cancer treatments.

Radiojane - Congrats on your 5 lb loss! Recovering from congestion and coughing as well, hope you stay healthy and avoid this years nasty flu.

The plan for today is another 2 mile walk, 15-20 min of HIIT rowing, and some DDP Yoga. I think I hear my fat crying out in protest at all this unfamiliar exercise. Simmering some pea soup all day with some added veggies in it for dinner, can't beat soup with this cool weather. Eager for Friday night to go out and listen to some live music.

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rockin' my 60s!
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Saw the cardiologist for the first time this morning. (For the new folks, I had angina-type pain on exertion on 1/4, so I'm getting worked up.) My blood pressure is even lower than it was, thanks to the beta-blocker, which is a good thing. My EKG shows nonspecific left ventricular "strain," whatever that is, so I'm getting the full repeat stress test w/ nuclear imaging tomorrow. The hardest thing about that is that you're not allowed to have coffee beforehand—waaaa!

Ubee— I noticed that teling the cardiologist I do 600 leg lifts a day made him be impressed with me: thanks for the tip. Whoa—you've lost 75 pounds: now it's my turn to be impressed—way to go, girl! You rock!

Jane— Great news about the 5 pound whoosh! I'm be crossing my fingers for you that you don't get the flu: Bob and I both got it last year and it cost us nearly the whole month of March, so we were first in line for the shot this past October. Bummer that you weren't able to get it...Is your pool back open for business now?

Andrea— Over 3 pounds in one week is terrific—Yay!! My prayers will be with you that you knock that cancer right out of the park. Is your therapy group a cancer support group?

Pam— Way to go on the 3 pounds down! Sorry to hear you're been busy with meetings & such—those usually aren't any fun—but you have such good positive energy, I'm sure you'll get through it just fine.

Larry— That sounds like quite a job, building that BBQ pit. Make sure you don't go any faster than your body can handle—and contract those abs while you're doing the heavy lifting: they'll help support your spine and hopefully prevent back pain.

Betsy— Good idea about putting your hands on the keyboard in the evening to help stave off the munchies. Any hobbies you have that involve using your hands? I find that doing art helps me, since there's no way I can eat while making collage.

silentarctic— 70-90 kmph winds and zero vis—whoa, you just get blasted and blasted some more, don't you? What kind of books do you like to read? I'm going through a suspense/thriller phase myself, enjoying the novels of Linwood Barclay.

Nightkatt— You don't need me to tell you this, but if your appetite's low, you should focus on protein & veggies, not carbs. Yes, I do have plenty of pics of my mail art: if you go here you'll see my different "albums" of stuff. The ones for the cats and digital art aren't mail art, but everything else is. All my collages are over-sized postcards that go in the mail. If you drop me a private message with your address, I'll be happy to send you one—seriously! The album titled "Other Mail Art" will show you what mail art envelopes & packages look like. =smile=

Sam— Jeez, that's the whole trouble with scale numbers, isn't it? If the number's higher than you expect, you get bummed out and want to eat junk, and if it's lower than you expect, you feel like you can eating junk! =sigh= That's why I only weigh myself once a month: that way I can plan every month to have a healthy reaction on that day to whatever the number is—and just eat right & exercise the rest of the month. And don't forget that muscles are mostly water, which weighs more than fat, and that exercise you've been getting lately may have even made your muscles get a bit swollen.

Chris— Good for you that you're taking care of that shoulder: volleyball can be rough on the shoulders...

JPiper— Welcome on board! Good for you on the healthy lunch plus a walk and Bowflex—you go, guy! Tell us a bit more about yourself when you get a chance....

Terra— Way to go on your walking, but expect the results to show up in how you feel and in your measurements, not so much the scale. Weight loss, they say, is 80% diet, 20% exercise.

edoetsch1— Way to go that you hit 500: now you're technically in the 400's, you know! Do you have a name we can call you by? It doesn't have to be your real name: it's just that names are so much friendlier than handles...

Well I'm off into the intricacies of French now, because it's time for another letter to my Belgian friend, Robine...
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Good Afternoon!
Fi no coffee? Good luck with your test and I am glad you are getting treatment. I was reading about the Atkins Fat Fast. Have you ever tried it. I am intrigued by it.
JPiper, is your "someone" encouraging your fitness or did they just wake you up? I started my journey 10-29-2012 and have been going ahead ever since. I read the book Shed Your Stuff Change your Life to get my house in order. In the process my weight also got in order. The author said it may happen and I thought "never". Wrong again. Is it OK if I call you JP?
Jane I had to chuckle when you had even better news then losing 5 pounds.
Andrea so glad to see you! Glad your husband has a new job. Hopefully it is just the beginning of good things headed your way. Love your positive attitude of lets get what needs to be done and move on to be even healthier!
Pam good job on ditching those 3 pounds! Keep checking in even if it is a short "Hi" we all understand.
Larry good to see you! I was afraid we wouldn't see you for a few months. Have fun building muscles and a BBQ!
Betsy I have to confess I was eating a salad while reading your post. I just about choked on it when I read about you not kissing Tobys boo boo! You sure are in a good mood. Do you have wine with supper? Oh that is right you always are a chipper gal. What do you mean we in the midwest sound nasal? Come on it is everyone else that sounds weird. My custard was good but next time I am going to add coconut shreds. Does your BIL also have a warped sense of humor?
Silent you and edo do bring up an important point for me. Fear of being immobile is a huge motivator. If I win the lottery I am sending you on a tropical vacation. Don't be surprised if you see Betsy and I at the disco! Drink your tea and read your book. Stay warm and get well!
I haven't eaten a lot today, busy and not hungry. I hope it doesn't backfire later! I am starting to get annoyed with my poor posture and week stomach muscles. I always stood so tall until I piled on my last 70 or so pounds. I want that again. I'll need a dvd to guide me because I need help with my form. Any advice?
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Turning Into A New Woman
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Jane ~ Thanks for telling me what BIL means

Nightkatt ~ Yes Clyde is the dog in my picture with myself, He's a long haired chihuahua

Ubee ~ Why do you say Im a lady of mystery??? Thats cool though lol, Thats nice to know that you like the name Clyde

silent ~ Thanks for commenting on my post

betsy2013 ~ Im glad to know that your brother in law helps you out alot but Im sorry to hear about your sister passing away

Fiona ~ Thanks for the encouraging words on my walking and also thanks for the advice that diet is 80% and exercise is 20%, Thats really good to know, Thanks again

My day started at 8 am this morning, I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, Although I probably should of had oatmeal instead, Oops LOL. Lunch I had a cup of soup and thats all I had for today, Im not sure what Im gonna have for dinner probably something with chicken, Im gonna give Clyde a bath today. I also walked at 11 am this morning and I'll walk again tonight. Im also gonna straighten up my room tonight as well. I like staying busy. Hope everyone is having an awesome day.
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Starting over sucks.
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Fiona Yes my pool is open - I just haven't been able to drag my butt to it! luckily next week bf is gone, so no renovations and no distractions. I can go back to going on my lunch hour.

Ubee I never thought I'd see the day there would be better news either!! Getting my floor finished lasted almost as long as my last stall!

Jpiper Thanks! Hope your enjoy your show tomorrow!
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Hey Everyone!

I just have a moment to pop in real quick since I'm still at work, and it's been a pretty busy day.

I jumped on the scale this morning and my weight went down! I figured it would go down about a pound from my weigh in last night just to try out the scale, but it came in at 328.4, so I am quite pleased with that, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Last night I did not end up eating yucky bad for me food when I was being emotional about the weight that showed up, I just put my chin up and move on. That's all you can do. No point in crying about it, and I didn't .

Last night BIL took me out for a walk and he had me jog through two of the parking lots in our apartment complex. They aren't huge lots but boy it was enough for me! LOL...I'm still doing the 30 day squat challenge while I'm at work, I did 60 today, phew! I also did some other things here to keep my body moving since I'm at a desk all day. Also, BIL is going to take me to the park on Sunday to do a PT test to see where I am so we can record it and see how much progress I'm making over the time I'm making my journey. He said he is really going to help me but wants me to be honest with him if I end up eating something I should avoid and things like that. I know its going to be hard with him up my butt but hey, it will probably help me out a lot in the long run.

I also have some happy news today...I sent DH a text about what to do for dinner and he suggested a salad!! I had a happy moment with him suggesting a salad since I have been leaving him alone with trying to get in shape. Slow and steady, seems to be making an impression on him when he sees me trying to exercise and eat right. My BIL told me he feels bad eating the McD's and such so maybe he's really thinking about working to a better eating habbit.

Anyway, I'm back to work, and will check in and do my personals this evening! Take care everyone!
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Hello everyone!
Having a good day here and hope you are all having the same! Thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes! Was a great day. My DH surprised me with dinner. He went on to my pinterest board and found a recipe from my "low calorie meals I want to try" board. Very sweet of him!

Fiona W: My name is Erin & I agree its always nicer to be more personable

Ubee: I too have had issues with my knee. I have been on pain meds for over a year due to it, but have actually gone 3 weeks with out taking any!

silentarctic: I also feel sorry for the world when I get to a weight I am good with. I have so many things I want to do that I missed out on. My 1st thing I plan to do is go up in my uncle's parachute plane.

Larry H: I upped my calories also a little. My goal was 1800 but I was finding myself only eating around 1200-1400, which for my size was not enough. I switched to 2000 in hopes I would start eating around 1800.

Radiojane: Great job on the weight loss!
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I built that BBQ pit today. I did it alone with no helpers. I was very tired and had sore muscles afterward but my back feels fine so I must have lifted those 96 concrete blocks correctly

JPiper - Welcome to this thread. I hope you find as much support here as I have. It is nice to have another Floridian here.

silentarctic - My doctors warn me not to take tylenol for pain. Several of my heart meds have tylenol in them and too much will destroy my liver. I also have to be careful about Aspirin and Nsaids due to gastritis. That leaves me with a carefully aimed hammer blow to my head to relieve pain. LOL

Fiona W - "piles o' pretty white stuff all over the place"? I thought all cotton picking was finished for the year. I sure am glad to hear that you are getting a full cardiac workup. I hear you on the coffee, it is one of life's essentials if you ask me.

edoetsch1 - Way to go on that 9 pound loss!!

betsy2013 - I join you in being one of the "Happy People" I have been since I discovered that being Happy was a choice that I could make regardless of external circumstances. I have been miserable and I have been happy, I like happy better.

Terra1984 - Walking is great exercise.

Radiojane - Wow a 5 pound loss!! You rock!!

merstopher - You worried me for a second when I read that you were typing your post from the hospital. That is when I remembered that you are an MD and have different reasons for being in a hospital than I would have.

SamIAm86 - Great job managing that birthday party at work. As for the new scale, I have found every scale gives a different reading and even the smae scale will vary during the day. Keep up the good work.

Nightkatt - I never heard it called Cottage Pie before, I always heard Shepards Pie.

Ubee - I found out that I don't do well on my own without the support of others. So I have no plans to disappear again. I used to be on the Atkins diet. It worked well for me, I lost a lot of weight and my cholesterol numbers looked good. On the downside I got very tired of the restrictions on some of my favorite foods and finnaly quit it. I gained everything back plus some and this time adopted calorie counting. Now I can have anything I desire, just not as much as I was eating. Because nothing is off limits I never feel deprived.

pjvw34 - Congrats on the 3 pounds!!

pluckypear - Be carefull with those steroid injections, You may not be able to compete in the Olympics. LOL

edoetsch1 - Happy belated birthday
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Happy day before Friday!

My week is going alright I guess... Staying on plan. Shoulder is still sore but the range of motion is improving, I think Tuesday night volleyball helped, including NOT running into bleachers! My physio appointment is next Thursday. If I don't have a lot of improvement I will be getting an MRI in about a month.

After this I will head to the gym, do some stationary bike and then into the pool... Fingers crossed I will be able to do some laps today! But don't worry silent. If it's still too sore I will just stretch it out a bit and do some water treading, and get some hot tub time. Then it's relaxing in front of a sens game tonight!

Edo - glad you are having a great day! And you are right to adjust your calories... You need more than 1600 IMHO. Happy belated!

Sam - sounds like you are still on top of the world... Good for you! And baseline metrics will make you feel great when they improve in a couple of months!

Radio - drag your butt to the pool... Why wait til next week? That's what I was doing the last few months... "I'll start next week" and I gained weight! You are eating well, but that's only half of the equation. You'll feel so much better in the evening knowing you dragged your but there and then being able to brag about it to us! . I'll go if you go...

Terra - want to clean my room?

Ubee - what about me? Send me down south too!

Fiona - left ventricular strain is non-specific, glad you are getting the full work-up

JPiper - too much testosterone here go away . Where are you from? My "sh*t I have to do something about my weight" moment happened on the 1 st... Not a resolution, just coincidence, the day I finally stepped on the scale and said WTF? And then thought about how I was only wearing a small portion of my wardrobe for "some" reason...

Andrea - glad to hear the good news on hubby's job, hope all goes well with the follow-up treatment. I am feeling very greatful for my health this week... Someone close to me have been diagnosed with metastatic spine cancer, and a military colleague committed suicide in the throws of PTSD. We are lucky to still have our health and luckier to have made it here with the intent of improving the health we have.

PJ - way to go on the weight loss!

Larry - glad to see you back, I follow your daily meal plan on MFP, I know you look at mine! . Seriously I don't know how you and some of the other MFP calorie counters eat so little, I am lucky to be a big (tall) guy with a daily goal of 2500 calories per day, and I've been eating close (but under) to it daily and still losing weight.

Betsy - thanks for the encouragement!

Silent - holy deep post!

Night - thanks for the concern, but see my comments above about being greatful for my health! It's just a shoulder injury after all. I'm sure some day I'll need replacement joints too. Hope your appetite is back!

I can't remember who commented, but don't worry, I work in hospitals!

Have a great evening all...

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Larry - LOL, I was typing my post when you posted yours.

Yes, I am in the hospital all the time! Sometimes way too much, up to 80 hours or more in a busy week. But since going to treatment earlier this year I am on a progressive return to work schedule and right now only allowed to work 40 hours per week with no call, so making the most of it with this weight loss journey... In addition to all the recovery work.

Life is good!

PS - rule of thumb for a healthy liver is max 4 g Tylenol per day... Do the math to see where you are at. Hard to overdose with 4 g and less unless you have some hepatic (liver) issues.

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Good Evening!
Terra you are a lady of mystery because you seem shy about sharing your life. It is OK it takes a while to get used to some of us. We can be pretty overwhelming. That was great advice Fi gave you. Once I learned exercise is for health and diet is for health and losing weight a light bulb went on. Did Clyde like his bath?
Sam good job on the loss. That is so sweet that hubby suggested salad.
Erin Whoa another nice hubby! I wonder if there is a connection between nice guys and fat chicks?
Larry you are the man! You finished that in one day? I'm liking the restrictions on my diet because it is keeping me away from the foods that make me ill. I accidently had something yesterday and got ill with in an hour. Used to feel that way a lot of the time. Yuck.
Chris, you want to head south? Sure I would send you to Antarctica! Betsy and I will not be found at that disco! TMI QUESTION ALERT... So let me get this straight you got done doing your "thing" that requires little clothing and then weighed yourself? Men are from Mars!
People are starting to have trouble that I put my daughter and our family on this diet (It helps with her autism.) They feel she is deprived because she does not get flour and sugar. She likes these healthy foods! Vent over. Thanks!

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You know I never understood people who found their "soul mates" on the Internet before they ever met in person. But looking forward to all of your updates each day and the support and commiseration gives me a great bounce each day. Sounds like everyone is having a pretty good week overall -- although very busy!

Merstopher -- As always, you are just a dynamo. Glad the shoulder continues to feel better. Laughed about your comment of just realizing that it was time to lose some weight. We've talked about our "moment" before.....mine was last year when it took me over 30 minutes to find a position in which I could tie my shoes -- to go to the gym no less. Whatever it takes!

Larry -- You built it in one day? By yourself? Not sure how MFP rates that for exercise, but it's a lot -- those blocks are heavy, heavy, heavy. Glad you're a happy soul as well. Sometimes I do have to remind myself, but I know I'm one of the lucky ones in life.

Edo -- Happy belated birthday. And does your DH have an older brother? What a wonderful way to show how much you mean to him.

Sam -- Sounds like you're in a groove with a pound coming off. And having your DH suggest a salad for dinner -- great present for you! Your BIL is a keeper and all the workplace exercises will eventually pay off in big dividends. Good for you for incorporating them into your day.

Jane -- 5 pounds since Sunday -- you are on a roll. Can't imagine you taking on the hag look as you're far too pretty to get there. Sorry about the chest congestion, but having the floors almost done -- WOW! a major party is in order. How is your Toby adjusting to the new floors -- or is he even allowed on them yet?

Terra -- Thanks for the kind words about my sister -- miss her every day. Sounds like you're keeping busy throughout the day and eating healthy.

Ubee -- Yes, I'm a selective boo-boo kisser. Good to know that everyone else has weird accents as opposed to our Midwestern nasal twang. I would love to drink wine with dinner, but since starting the coumadin, I'm not supposed to drink much. Depends on which doctor I'm talking to -- one said none, the other said no more than 3 drinks a DAY. Like the second one better. Hope your appetite is just one of those not being hungry days (I've never experienced that myself, but I've heard others say it's happened to them as well.) and that you're not getting sick. Yes, BIL has a warped sense of humor. Whole family does. If you don't have a sense of humor in my family, you're not going to last very long.

Fi -- So glad that you got to the cardiologist even if the answer is more tests. I totally understand about the no coffee. I'm not nearly as happy as I claim to be when there's a coffee ban in effect.

Andrea -- You amaze me with being so positive about the treatments and surgery you've already had and accepting of the fact that there's probably more to come. I agree that I'd much rather know what's coming than be in the limbo state of waiting to hear test/doctor visit results. And in the midst of all of this, you're managing to lose weight -- congrats on the 3+ pounds. Congrats to your husband on the new job.

Pam -- You sound swamped and yet you, too, managed to lose 3 pounds this week. Good to hear from you!

This has been what passes for a busy week for me. Tomorrow I have my yearly financial review with my financial advisor followed up by an exciting morning at the Co-op training a new volunteer how to do the filing. That shouldn't take long as I'm assuming she knows the alphabet. Just glad to be getting some help with the mundane stuff. I actually fought off an army of the munchie ogres this afternoon. I'm not hungry, it's just a habit to be moving my hand from the desk/plate/table to my mouth! Hopefully next week I can begin to report in with some meaningful weight loss, too. Hope everyone has a great evening.
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Hello all!!!

I made it through my meetings today unscathed. LOL. As it turns out I will be getting a 3 day weekend.

Plucky – hope you are soon back to your old self and completely healed and finished with any treatments they deem necessary. It got cold here too for us with a high of 34 today. I know for some of you that it probably warm since I know several live in the north.

Jane – hope you are feeling better soon as well and the flu stays away.

Jpiper – welcome to the board… you are doing great with all that exercise and the soup is great too for your plan.

Fi – thinking of you as you go through your stress test… I pray that it is nothing serious.

Ubee—Way to go girl!!! 75 pounds gone is awesome! You are doing great!!! You and I really think along the same lines as the same fear of being immobile or the possibility of have full blown diabetes has really been a motivator for me.

Larry— Sounds like you did a great job with the BBQ pit. That was some really good exercise for you and I think it was probably a good idea for you to up your calories. Glad your back is doing good.

Betsy— I have to agree with you when I am on the computer typing letters and replies for the board I find that I don’t snack near like I might if I was just watching TV.

Terra— You are doing a great job on the walking and staying busy… keep it up and I know you will see some really good results soon whether on the scale in your measurements or just the way you feel.

Sam— I just want to say I think it is awesome that you have a great support system in your brother in law. The really good part is your hubby and BIL both seem to be getting into better habits. How great is that!!!

edoetsch1— I think it is so Awesome to have such a wonderful hubby who cares enough to try a new recipe to help you along. Thank you for sharing that.

silentarctic— When it gets cold I like to just cuddle under the blanket and read also. I typically read things that are more self help type of books. LOL. as it seems I need all the help I can get.

Betsy – I am so glad you are getting some help with the Co-op. I hope all works out even better than you think it might.

Chris— Glad you are taking care of your shoulder. I also want to add that it is nice to have someone on the board who is very knowledgeable in a medical way.

Nightkatt— I don’t think I have ever had a time in my life when I was just plain not hungry, at least it doesn’t seem like it. LOL. Can you send it to me? Please!

I am sure I missed someone and I am sorry about that. I have a busy weekend planned but it is planned out pretty well down to healthy eating choices. The thing I am not thrilled about is there won't be a lot of down time. I like to have some time to relax on the weekends but there won't to be much of that this weekend. I will check in a time or two but in advance I hope everyone has a wonderful POP PERFECT ON PLAN weekend.
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