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Default More than tired of the 200s!

It seems I have been stuck between 206 and 210 forever..... up and down... up then down again... I believe the main cause of this was my break up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago combined with family problems (yes, his timing freakin sucked... big time) and also the stress of classes this term... but finally putting the ice cream down and being on spring break this week hopefully I will be able to push past this stalling weight.... does anyone have any tips on things they might have done when the scale just didnt want to move?
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I just amp up my workout a little, or start zigzagging calories. It's explained in the Calorie Counter thread. It's normal to plateau every now and then, just don't get discouraged! Changing the kind of exercise you do might also help.
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i know exactly what you mean, i have been between 199.6 and 204 for almost a month and a half. im doing weight watchers but i just cant seem to get focused.
i decided to join the forum, not just for answers to any of my questions but i think seeing all these ladies and hearing their stories is going to help me get motivated.

anyway, my advice would be to do something thats going to make you feel motivated, and we will both get to wonderland.
recently i hung a pair of goal jeans that give me massive muffin top, im about ten to fifteen pounds from fitting into them, but now whenever i see food and think "must eat" i just say "no! i want to fit into those jeans."

im not an exerciser, but its all about portions and cutting junk.
ive lost 15 pounds from january to february just by planning out my meals and making sure i come in under calories or in my case points (weight watchers)

good luck.
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dont get discouraged. Though there are plateaus, the scale is not budging for a reason and i am sure that you know what those reasons are. Its okay tomorrow is another day. But you have to have a plan. If you dont already do so, start by writing down everything you eat. It can sound cliche, but it is cliche for a reason because it flat out works. Almost everything has a calorie count (except celery) and that one serving of something might actually be 2 or 3.

My other piece of advice would be to change up some of the foods that you are eating. Hit the grocery store and maybe try 2-4 new foods. When i get in a food rut, i find that the same amount of food doesnt fill me up anymore and I go back for seconds. But when I try a new recipe or food, I am in a "taste tester" mode and full way sooner.

Lastly, remember the reason you started losing weight in the first place. that reason could have changed over time, but its good to know why you started. So whenever things get tough (and sometimes they have to before they get better), you know there is a bigger picture, not just one photograph. You will begin to rethink that scoop of ice cream or slice of pizza and the scale will go down. We promise
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