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Default What was the hardest food for you to give up

It could be a specific food, or type of food.

For me, fast food most definitely! Taco Bell, Del Taco, Micky Ds etc. etc.

It's hard anymore though I got over the hump!

So what are all of yours?
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I dont give up on entire foods rather I put them into my plan or treat my self to them sa once a month for some things and once a year for others (the trick is always plan). I would rather savor foods in monderation than tell myself that I can never have them again. For me the hardest thing to cut down on was refined sugars such as candy and baked goods! Oh my downfall at times.

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So close!
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Chocolate. Candy. Milkshakes. Ice cream. Pretty much anything sweet. These are things that just don't have a "healthy substitute" and it kills me. I'm diligent about eating things without the butter, cheese, dressing, toppings etc. that I used to add, and switching to whole wheat alternatives and lean meat was fine, but I just can't find anything that satisfies me like chocolate when I really really want it.

Something I've noticed is that I don't have trouble giving it up, per se - I can pass these things by fairly easily. The problem is that doing so makes me feel AWFUL. I get down in the dumps, stressed, I feel like I really can't live without it sometimes... I know I will often feel worse in the long run if I eat the stuff, but it's still torturous when all I want is a bag of oreos or a twix bar and I can't have it.
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Pizza, tortillas, and TOGO's sandwiches! I won't give them up forever though. I'll treat myself to them again, hopefully soon
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Are we there yet????
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I'm in the process of giving up soda. I'm addicted to Diet Coke. I've also been working on giving up fast food, but I slipped two weeks ago and had a Whopper from BK. Soda will definitely be the most difficult thing for me to give up.
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On my way to a new me!
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southern style chicken sandwich from mcdonalds.... so juicy, love them!
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I will do this.
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crafty I gave up diet coke 4 months to the day today - you CAN do it. It is hard but it can be done. I was drinking at least 6 -8 cans a day!!!! You can do it!!

There isn't hardest food per say for me either -- but hardest thing for me is cooking every day and not eating out all the time.
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Ugh. Diet Coke. And I hate that it's hard for me. It's not even food, for crying out loud.
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Method to the Madness
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Yeah, I haven't really given anything up totally. I just eat bad things with less frequency and in smaller quantities.
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I haven't given up anything completely. However, I do struggle with limiting the amount of chocolate that I intake.

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Just keep breathing!
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Instant blueberry muffin mix!! Oh gosh, those are the best most amazing muffins ever!! YUMM-O!
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regular coke but i haven't had a dropn in 2 months
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Like many of you woman have said, I also do not cut out everything but just limit myself. I have cut out ice cream because i can never limit myself of ICE CREAM haha (makes me want some right now)

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I would say that I had to cut back on pizza, mexican food like nachos, enchiladas and tamales, and pretty much all Chinese food. Now I just have pizza once every couple of weeks and I will have tacos with shredded chicken and corn tortillas with a mix of vegis, and for Chinese food I have lettuce wraps. However, I am pretty sure the sole reason I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy was because of Pronto Pup's corndogs. SO AMAZING.
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