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I have to say rice , i love white rice.......
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Girl Gone Strong
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Key Lime Pie from the Little Pie Company.

Pecan pralines mail-ordered from Sunnyland Farms.

Pecan turtles and pecan logs.

Vanilla buttercream frosting on the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.

Almond butter toffee from the Li-Lac Chocolate Shop.

Kraft caramels.

Hagen-Dasz Dulce de Leche ice cream.

PayDay bars.

(Obviously, I had a thing for piercing sweetness & particularly caramel.)

ETA: I am not sure participating in this thread is exactly good for me. :-(

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Originally Posted by wfonseca3017 View Post
I have to say rice , i love white rice.......
I have to agree. Nothing is the same as white rice. I eat brown now, but I still have a hard time accepting it at the same level as white rice.
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Pizza with all the toppings!
Mexican food
Desserts from restaurants!
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** I have still gone a couple times, but now I get a bol with no cheese **
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Fast food!
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White pasta... still have issues with it
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Pizza Hut pizza...greasy, but oh so good. *sigh*

Although...nothing tastes as good as thin feels!! ~WW motto~
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Ohh i forgot there are these nachos from albertos that i would eat alllll the time.

And yeah, I know you shouldn't really cut anything out completely, BUT it's easier to not eat it, then to stop myself from overdoing it. And fast food in general, even though they do have healthIER options, but most of those things still have higher amounts of fat and sodium, so I just try and eat at home.
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Beer and wings... Very hard to not indulge!!!
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What was the hardest food for you to give up?

Just the extra amount I was eating~I eat what I am in the mood for but I just eat in calorie wise portions.
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mmm nutella
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For the most part things I crave that I consider treats I can eat in moderation, like chocolate or ice cream. I can scale back the amount I eat so that it works with the plan I'm on.

However there are some things I just can't justify! Nachos are one of them. Even eating a small amount of really good nachos is really high in calories and who can only eat a small amount anyway? And there is an ice cream place near my house that makes wicked awesome milkshakes but even for what looks like a moderate amount its like 600 calories! That's more than a third of the calories I eat everyday!!

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Chipotle. Its the only thing I've cut out completely - mostly because its 90% of my points for one meal.

Everything else I've tried to use as a treat once every few weeks. I absolutely love McDonald's (even though it grosses everyone out) but I try to only have it once a month, usually around TOM because that's when I crave it.
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stellarosai'm with you on the McDs. i fell sick 90% of the time when i eat it (which is very rarely now) but i still love it even tho it grosses most people out!
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Pizza, but when I don't eat it much I am thinner!
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