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Here We Go Again
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I can loose 1lb a week or I can lose 3.5lbs. It really depends on my body and how well I follow my eating plans.
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about 2-3 pounds a month
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I'm lucky to lose 1-2 pounds a month lately!
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well..i'm must starting back this month and i think i lost about 4 pounds. Looking back over my weightloss journals for the past two years (i diet and worked out for about 6 months each year, then kindof maintained) but i lost about 5 pounds a month. When i first start an excersize routine, i only lost about 2 pounds, but then it leveled out and i lost about 5 pounds a month. So, i lost about 30 pounds in 6 months time. I'm hoping to do that again. Hoping that come June, I'll be back to 134 and by july to the 120's. That's my goal.
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I average between 1-2 lbs per week with out exercise. Only because I sprained both my knees. I'm almost better though, so I plan to hit the gym by next week. Hopefully that number will get higher then.
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I haven't lost in like 6 months. But then I've had times where I lost 15lbs in a month (and I started out less than I am now). So who the heck knows!!
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i try to lose about 2-4 pounds a week. If you lose anymore then that, your skin doesn't keep up with the weight loss. My friend lost on average, and unhealthy way, 8-9 pounds a week and her skin was lose and even though the scale was less, she looked more saggy. She has since regained the weight and started to lose it in a healthy way, and she looks fantastic once again!
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in average...i lose 2 lbs a week which is ok with me =D
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i'm still in my first month since starting calorie counting and buying a scale, and i'm really anxious to see. i lost 16 lbs in just over 2 months after i started on metformin (for pcos) and ramped up my running from 2 to 3+ miles. that was awesome and a HUGE surprise when i finally bought a scale at the beginning of the month. it gave me the motivation to actually get serious about this, since i'd never been able to lose weight in the past. but i doubt that sort of change would ever happen again. i think it was just the metformin kicking my metabolism into shape because i hadn't even really changed my diet much at that point. fewer bagels and less pizza, but not any huge change like i'm trying now. fingers crossed...
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I want to lose on average 11.25 pounds a month which is about 2.8 pounds a week. For my goal for Oct. 10, 90 pounds lost (I'm a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding that day).
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I've lost close to 4lbs a month for 15 months.
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I lose about 1-2 lbs a week. Last month I lost 10 lbs and it has slowed this month. Any loss is good for me though.
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