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Cool Common Things You've Never Eaten (and for no particular reason)

Any common things you've never eaten/drank (for no particular reason)?


- avocado (just think it's weird)
- buttermilk (not sure what this even IS.. something like liquid sour cream?)
- cottage cheese (disgusts me - looks like cellulite and I can't figure out whether it's supposed to be sweet or taste like cheese due to the things people use it for/put on it)
- blue cheese (looks nasty)


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Twinkies (all Hostess cakes in fact), Little Debbie Cakes of all kinds, all common sugared cereals (Fruity Pebbles etc.), Cheez Whiz, Velveeta, Oreos, basically all processed packaged commercial crap!
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You've never had OREOS?? Omigosh.

I've never had any kind of fish that wasn't a breaded fast-food fish stick type thing, or tuna.
I've never had like... salmon, trout, haddock, no shellfish of ANY kind.. no shrimp, no lobster, nada.
Even now I don't eat breaded fish (not since I was 7 and my mother lied and said it was chicken fingers), nor do I eat tuna more than once every three years or so.

Basically, if it lived in water... I have no desire to eat it. That's weird, isn't it?
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Jelbb - I live in FL - on the coast line - grew up here...and I cannot stand to eat most seafood (I'll do it if I have to..and I wish this weren't the case...I really know it is good for you...but I can't stand the smell!!!) Seriously, growing up by the ocean...the smell of dead fish can be prominent some days...and I don't know why more people can't stand it for the same reasons I can't!
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YAY!! A fellow seafood hater!
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Wow, I really can't think of ANYTHING I haven't eaten (other than things like...ants, cat, horse, turtle...).
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Default This is a bit of a stretch...

I've never had Durian (it's a fruit.) Primarily because it's hard to find in the states. I hear it has an unusual/awful smell, but if I ever get the chance I'll try it. That's about it! Now there are plenty of things I won't eat because they are unhealthy, but I've tried just about everything in the past.
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I didn't have rice for the first time until I was 19 years old.
we just didn't eat it in my house.
I was in culinary school at the time and everyone thought I was nuts not only because I didn't know how to cook rice, but that I had never eaten it.
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I have never eaten baked fish or salmon cooked any way
Crystal lite(will try soon)
Just recently had kettle pop corn for the first time(good)
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I'm probably no good on this thread - I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first! I take a great delight in trying everything at least once since I figure I shouldn't comment until I've tasted it.

And avocado is one of my ultimate favs! I'm having grilling salmon tonight We had durians the other day...they really do look strange lol.

I have to admit I don't like oysters and I don't like abalone...but I HAVE tried both.

I just love love love love love my food

But these days I savour...rather than food lol.
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I won't eat steak, pork chops, chicken on a bone, fish with bones, scallops, clams, crab, lobster (pretty much anything that LOOKS like an animal). I've attempted to eat like.. wings before but I usually start picking the meat off and then get disgusted and stop.

I used to not eat any vegetables up until a few years ago. Now, really the only things I hate (that I can think of) are mushrooms and greens.
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Another non fish person here, and shell fish (thats more to do with the texture then the taste, same reason I dont eat mushrooms)

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Originally Posted by Jelbb View Post
YAY!! A fellow seafood hater!
I hated seafood as a kid until I tried whiting and talapia, but my fav. is CALAMARI, yummmy. I don't know anyone who's had the guts to try it that didn't like it. It's sooooooo good.
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I'm one of those people who's at least tried pretty much everything. Well, I've never had the fancy French stuff like snails or frog legs, but being a vegetarian these days, I doubt I'll ever try them (or maybe I will, just to say I did)
I live in the deep south, and I must say, I really hate "southern food", like grits, cornbread, fried chicken, and collard greens. Pretty much every vegetable cooked "southern style" is cooked with a slab of pork fat and boiled until mushy. The first time I had grits, I thought it was applesauce, so my tongue was ready for something cool and sweet... let's just say the shock of that moment was enough to put me off grits forever! :-)
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Lobster, shrimp, most seafood. I have a shellfish allergy and I hate the smell of fish anyway, so I just avoid all of it except canned tuna fish. I've had haddock before when I was younger with no reaction. Then I tried scallops (1/2 of 1 scallop) and had such a bad reaction I wouldn't eat any fresh fish ever again.

Lets see what else...
I've never tried kale. I've avoided it because it will be in a recipe, but not much of it. And I haven't wanted to have a lot of leftover kale and then throw it away (what if I don't like it?) so I leave it out of recipes that call for it. I've also never had collard greens or rhubarb pie, but I hear they are really good!

I also HATE mushrooms and avoid them like the plague! Its texture and taste - a deadly combo

Oh and blue cheese is DELICIOUS - you really need to try it!

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