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Question Where is everyone ????

I was here 3 hours ago for just a minute... and no one has been here since. I assume you are all out having FUN on Fun Friday.
I wrote this off line.... and I am going to paste it first and then go read.

Hello all... No time to respond to anyone.
I am exhausted from these little angels
I tried to sneak in earlier... but I no more read one post and the baby started crying.
Just sent Tina a quick note and had to run.

It is amazing how just one day and this house is the pits from my grandbabies. Bottles, diaper bags, dirty diapers , snacks, sippy cups, toys, toys, toys. LOL
I have to clean tonight because the "perfect" grandma is coming here tomorrow.
Her house is ALWAYS clean, polished, and sterilized.
How is a fat OLD lady suppose to compete with that.
Of course... if she is getting company she pays someone to come clean her clean house. LOL. PLUS... she is married to a man that is a better wife than I am.
Oh well.... some people are neat, smart and clean.... and then there are the CUTE ones like me. LOL LOL

Okay... I am going to post this BEFORE I read a single word so I don't feel compelled to respond to everyone. LOL
If there are any newcomers ... WELCOME !!!
If there are any return posters.... WELCOME BACK !!!!
If there are any lurkers.... WEL COME BACK!!!!!
(I just crack myself up sometimes... LOL LOL)

I LOVE these babies ..... BUT ....
I am soooooooooooooooo glad they are in bed asleep.
Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow.

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