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Thumbs down 300+ And Ready To Try Again....#164


We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

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Hi guys! Sorry, had to start a new thread we were getting long. Hope you don't mind.

It has been a snacky kind of day. I had a couple of Morningstar Sausage links (YUCK) and Eggbeaters with 2 pieces of lite toast for brunch and then it's been 2 pt. Pria bars and WOW chips and 1 pt. Stawberry Pie. I'm still only at 20 points for the day out of 36 so I'll be fine, but it's just the idea of eating constantly today.

FluffyEwe: Welcome to our humble little corner of 3FC's. We're so very glad you joined us. Don't worry about the weigh in Wednesday. When you're ready, that's cool. Also, you don't HAVE TO share the number at the scale with us either. It's ok. Where abouts in Michigan do you hail from. I'm from Michigan too, a northeast suburb of Detroit. Anyway, I hope that you will be comfortable here. We are an eclectic group of all different sizes, on all different programs, from all over. I know you'll love it here. [[[hugs]]]

2cute: Your photo session sounds like fun, NOT! I'm glad the guy was gracious about it all. That's helpful. * You keep up the good work OP. You're inspiring me to finally get on with the job.

Michelle: I am sooooo bad with magazines. I have stacks and stacks of 'I'll read this later' articles, and 'I'll make this, it looks good' recipes. I'm ready to just pitch the whole dang thing. It would really clean things up around here.

Gonna run. Hope you all have a good night. Love to all.

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Progress..not perfection
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Default Look at my new cutie!

Hey guys! Wanted to show you a picture of my new baby...hehe
Her name is Smoke......(after my favorite racecar driver...Tony Stewart) Isn't she cute?
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Dancing those pounds away
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Arrow Happy May Day !!!!

I am soooooo soooooo MAD !!!!!!!
I wrote a longggggg post and then got knocked off line. !!!!
I have been writing so much off line lately and then pasteing... that I forgot I was on line and had to save. Grrrrrr. And it was soooo good too. LOL
Then I rewrote some of it here... and came to the site.... pasted it... and got knocked off line again.
Here I go again... let's see how long I last.

I will just Welcome Fluffyewe.!!! We are glad to have you join us.
Please don't worry about the weigh in Wed.... I have NEVER posted my weight.
I have share that my first goal was to be able to weigh on a doctors scale and I have accomplished that. I only share what I lose... and I have lost 30 lbs.

Hey guys... do you want to change that Weigh In Wed to another logo.??? I have used Wacky Wed before.
I kind of like "Way to go Wed". We could do some bragging about what we are doing right. Or do you think some will think it means we have a longggg 'way to go' for goal.? LOL
I don't like Wishful Wed. I have been "wishing" this weight gone for too long... it is now time to do more than just wish. It is time to take ACTION !!!!
Anyone else have any ideas.?? We can leave it as is too. It is not as if we adhere to it anyways. LOL

Thin and Michelle....
Take those magazines and TOSS THEM !!!!
I know it is hard to do.... just say "Yes I CAN" and then can them. LOL
Trust me... you will have plenty of new ones that are just waiting to pile up on you.
It was the MOST FREEING thing I ever did.
You know how we are always wishing someone would just come and WHOOSH this fat off of our bodies. One big WHOOSH.
Well you have the power and the control to WHOOSH those magazines that keep your weighted down. They are always there... waiting on you. Just like a little devil ... they may be also weighting on you. YOU CAN DO IT !!!

Okay... I am out of time. Sorry I missed everyone else.
I had a healthy homemade chinese chicken tonight. Mmmm
Plus plenty of water. I JUST LOVE IT when I am not cheating. !!!!
In case I am not here tomorrow.. I am going to try and go see my parents. It has been over a week. I am NOT looking forward to driving.. especially high speeds used on highways .... I think I am getting more antsy with time instead of better.
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I'm on my way!
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I'm back again....just like that bad penny!!!

2Cute...I did the magazine toss today. I went through them and pulled out the recipes and coupons from them first....but they are in the trash out on the roadside as we speak...they will be picked up bright and early in the morning!! You just take your time driving tomorrow! It does get easier...it took me a few weeks to start trusting those other drivers again when I was hit!!

Tina..what a cute baby! How precious! My baby is growing so fast...he is doing just fine in his big boy bed!! Makes me want to have another one! But that ain't happening..... So...how has your day been going? Any baths lately? I mean...twosome baths lately?

Fluffy...welcome to our humble home!! We are glad to have you! Post often so we get to know you. Like Thin said...we are an eclectic group....these are the greatest friends I have...very supportive and caring individuals!! So jump right in and join this crazy bunch!!

Well you all....I am heading to bed since I didn't get a nap today. ANdrew is asleep in his big boy bed right beside me snoring away! LOL

Oh...I just wanted to share one more recipe with you all...you know how you always need something to go with your sandwich or hamburger...something besides potato chips...(heck I'd rather have the chips)....well I made some low fat cole slaw that was sooo good I could have eaten the whole bowl. The whole bowl would have only been 8 points. Just take 3 1/2 cups of the bagged dole coleslaw mix, 2 green scallions chopped, 1/2 cup of raisins (I had the golden ones) and mix them all together. Then in a small bowl mix 1/3 cup of non fat yogurt, 1 T. of light mayo, 1 tsp. of dijon mustard and 1/4 tsp. of dill weed. Mix it all up good and pour it into the slaw mix and stir it up!! Walaa...all done!! And 1 cup is only 2 points. 110 cal, 2g fat, 3g fiber, 3g protein, 22g carb, sodium is 95 mg.

Ok off I go to jump into bed...see you all in the morning!!

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You and Me in 2003
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Hello chickies
Welcome Fluffy to our humble little group.
I worked 8 hours today and was told I would probably get a lot of hours in June also. Food was ok
slim fast meal bar coffee

12 in veggie delight subway
diet coke

2 hot dogs

ww ice cream sand

I'm off tomorrow and work again Friday and off Sat.
better go before I get kicked of
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Hi Everyone

WOW...I have some catching up to do don't I? I did manage to check in yesterday long enough to read all the Super advice about my work problems. By the way....THANK YOU ( I know tomorrow is thank you Thursday, BUT....I am finally ahead of schedule ) for all the WONDERFUL advice!!! I made up my mind to just go intot he office and do my job the best I can do it..and if my sister-in-law boss can't handle it,,,it is HER problem...NOT mine!! After all the support you girls gave me, and re reading the very appreciative letter from one of my sales reps,,,,I know you are all right.....I DO love my job, so I WILL fight for it!!!

I have gotten a little off track with my eating the last couple days though......not real bad,,,,,but enough that I feel guilty. My water drinking is where I am having trouble the last couple of days,,,BUT,,,I made myself a promise to start out again with my water in the morning,,,,I am going to take those baby steps to get back on track!!! I also haven't been very active the last couple of days....I am going to get on my exercise bike as soon as I post this reply!!!! I am going to be strong about it,,and just do it!!!

Well girls, I have printed off the last several posts and I will reply to all tomorrow!! I am looking forward to my reading project before bed!!!!

Tina----I couldn't help but notice that sweet little baby!!!!....What a cutie!!! I have 4 puppies that I'm looking for good homes for as I type.....I hate to part with them, but I do think 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 cockatiel is plenty!!!

GoodNight and I will talk to you all tomorrow!!
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Hi all! Just thought I would check in real quick before hitting the hay. I'm headed to the woman's expo tomorrow. It's like a giant trade show for women. Lots of walking, lots of shopping, lots of health companies and make up and massage, and........... It'll be fun, I'm taking my best friend. We're going to start out early and then she has to be to work by 3:00 so I'll be home in the afternoon to do a quickie job I didn't take care of tonight.

Theresa: It's amazing how behind we get with just a few hours sometimes. Hang in there. I'm glad your head is back on track about the job. Why should YOU have to give up something you love so?!?!

Mary: You are one busy lady. And your food plan looks good.

Michelle: My problem isn't the body of the magazines, it's all of the articles I've cut out over the years. That slaw recipe sounds really good. I will definately try that one.

Tina: You new 'little one' is really cute!

2cute: If you decide to go to your folks, just take it easy. Be safe, my friend.

Goin' to bed. You all behave. See ya late tomorrow.
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Progress..not perfection
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Wink Check in before checking out.....

Just stopping in real quick before I hit the ol' sack. So, how are all of my wonderful friends? Fantastic I hope. Well, I did my walking video today....drank my water and stayed OP....another successful day AND I wore a shirt to work today that I bought about 8 years ago and have never worn because it was too tight.....how's them apples?

Well, technically I know it's not Thursday yet, but it will be in a few minutes......so here are the things I am thankful for:

1. I am thankful to have (and have always had) a DH that loves me just the way I am and has never ever made me feel unattractive...........not even once.
2. I am thankful for two healthy children.
3. I am thankful for my cyber family........when I come here to be with you.........it is my home away from home...


Theresa: I'm glad you are feeling better about your job. I can't say that I exactly know how you feel, because I've never quite been in your situation, but I can imagine. Just keep your head up girl and let your work speak for itself. And if they don't appreciate you.........then it's their loss, not yours.

Mary: Hey woman....how are you today? What about your son? Has he found another job yet. This is a terrible time to be out of work.

Michelle: Ha Ha .....you funny girl. No, there has not been any "twosome" baths.....but thank you for asking. Showers...I can deal with......but actually climbing in the tub together...that's where I draw the line. I do love him so though. What a good man I have. Oh.....and what a wonderful coleslaw recipe! Leave it up to you to have yet another good recipe...you wear me out!

2cute: What about Wacky Wednesday? We could make Wednesday a day for doing something wacky......you know, like doing something that is not part of our normal routine. Trying something new......going somewhere different.....you know, just to shake things up a bit. By the way.....loooooved the striptease.

TT: How are you doing my friend? Thanks for the sweet words about time with the dh. And you are right.....he is just catching up because we haven't been able to spend any time together lately......it just threw me completely off guard when there I was.....relaxing in the tub and here he came and said, "Can I get in?" Would not like to have to explain to 911 how we got stuck together in the tub, so I used my "out" clause. You know the one........get out!!!

Fluffy: Welcome to the group. Come and come often. This is a wonderful group of people who will have nothing but love for you.

Well guys, I am out of here. I know I missed Kat, Malia, Lucky and Baylee......guys, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart, but I can barely keep my eyes open.......but heck, you know I love ya! And if I missed anyone else, I'm sorry.

And in closing, for those of you who do not know who Tony Stewart is...................WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK? Just kidding ....here is a picture of who I am sure will be the next Winston Cup Champion! Go Tony!

What a cutie, huh?

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Hi everyone,

Tina, now I know your secret. Have a fantasy man don't you? This past weekend as I entered Home Depot. Lo and behold who appeared in all his glory on a coke machine? Your fantasy babe. I thought, "look at Tina's cutie." Ahhh, the bonuses of life. Mine is the multitude of men in all eye colors and physiques who come through our office doors. Bonus of the job.

Michelle, what can I say, but I envy you for your healthy teeth. My brother is 43 yrs and had one cavity. My teeth are ruined. I could write a book on the horror stories I encountered. I'll give you a sneak peek. Two most painful experiences. (1) fitting for a crown--the dentist inserts a cord under the gum to take an impression. by then, anesthetic is wearing off and it's painful. (2) oral surgery--anesthetic needle breaks, surgeon doesn't know how much anesthesia given. 2/3 into surgery, anesthesia wears off. open my eyes and see a sickle like instrument and gloves drenched with blood. How's that for a teaser. Okay, okay, no more.

Needless to say, I was very preoccupied with my teeth today. The gum still hurts. I didn't exercise today. First lapse in three months. I slept in and took naps. Ate pancakes for dinner. Pain or not, I'm going back on plan tomorrow.

Take care of your teeth. Floss daily.
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WOW I don't know if I will catch up now....you are a gabby group this week.

Michelle: That coleslaw sounds good - I have it copied, Thanks.

2Cute: Do WE get to see your new photo's????? Come on, share!!!!

Tina: Your new baby is soooo cute. I have a cat that I seem to be constantly arguing with!!!! Of course, he doesn't listen. What does Tony Stewart do? (JUST kidding)

Malia: I always tell my dentist - "you hurt me, I hit".... I hate the way they try to get all my money and more. It's terrible....highway robbery. It's like taking your car to a mechanic, they always find something to they say you need so they can charge more. HATE IT!!!!

Well, I will be treading here until after Sunday (Dad's big birthday) so don't forget me.
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Hi, all! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful. heartfelt welcome!

First of all, let's get the Thankful Thursday under way... I am thankful for:
- my entire family - including my ex (yes, you read that right!), who helped "train" me for my husband today! - my 5 children and 7 grandchildren.
- my husband, who has given me a second chance at happiness
- my health
- a new day

Thinkthinker, I'm from a southwest suburb of Detroit - at least I think you folks out here would call it that! I'm originally from west Michigan, where "suburbs" of Grand Rapids are much closer together! Still trying to get over the culture shock of being in east Michigan , and our goal is to someday re-locate back to the GR area, where all my kids and grandkids are! I miss them all so much

QueenB, you have a beautiful little baby there! Such a little cuddly!

2cute, thanks for the idea to report losses... I will be sure to do that once I get up the nerve to stand on the scale! I like the idea of having a specific day for the weigh-ins/weight-loss reporting - helps to keep us on track and accountable, I think. I know some are into WW, and have their weigh-ins on various days, but for those of us who are doing this "on our own", we need that accountability, too. Just my 2-cents' worth...

Michelle, your cole slaw recipe sounds terrific - can't wait to try it. We just went grocery shopping last night, though, so looks like it will have to wait a week.

Grannie, I wish I had your willpower - sounds like a reasonable menu plan to me! If I could just have ONE day of staying on plan, I'd feel like I could really do this! <sigh>

Theresa, congrats on the job "attitude" - amazing how much that will help! I think we've all been in situations that were helped simply by adjusting our attitude - at least I know I have, many, many times.

Prism, I second your advice to everyone - floss, floss, floss! I've had my share of oral surgery, and don't want to do that again! Hope your mouth feels better soon!!!

Well, it's time to get my buns in gear... and start on the water. That's one of my biggest "problems" - getting the water down. Exercise is the most difficult, though, as my knees scream with pain if I walk too much! What a vicious cycle - My knees hurt due to my weight, I need to exercise to get the weight off, I can't do serious exercise because my knees hurt.... well, you get the picture! One day at a time.....

Will check back on all of you later on today. Hope you all have a great day, inspite of any rain or cloudy skies (like I see out my window today).

btw, do any of you use instant messaging of any kind? Would love to 'chat' sometime!

-- FluffyEwe
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I'm on my way!
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Just popping in to say hi befoe I go to the dreaded scale...I'm scared! BUT...I am going and I am not gonna chicken out!! Really scared though!!

I will be back to post to you all when I get back home this afternoon! Its a yukky day out so dark, dreary and rainy!

TTFN Michelle
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You and Me in 2003
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Hello all
Thankful Thursday
I am thankful for all of you
For my DH who loves me regardless
For my son even though he is worthless

Fluffy: I use yahoo messenger

QueenB: no my son hasn't found a job yet don't think he has been looking. He did take up some landscape timbers yesterday for me. I told him I would not pay his bills other than electricity and water. His cable and truck ins. could go if he didn't get a job and give me the money for them.

I'm off today I may do my shopping for food today since I work tomorrow.
Better go eat breakfast

Thin: The morningstar farms pattie sausage is better than the links. I hate the links also I have tried all three brands of veggie burgers and I think Boca Burgers are the best.
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a work in progress...
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Geez, things move quickly around here in 24 hours! I wasn't going to post this AM, really need a nappie to boost me for the rest of this long, heavily scheduled day, but I figured if I don't read now and reply...I'll NEVER catch up!

First of all, (I know I'm late on this, but....)WELCOME, FLUFFY to our little corner of 3FC! I think you'll like this grand group of gals! Good luck with your efforts in the eternal struggle...that's what it feels like to me, anyway!

I wanted to post individually, but there's NO WAY I can stay awake that long!! I"ll be back later.
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