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working off those pounds
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Default 300+...and ready to try again #671

We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have a bi-weekly 2x2 Challenge.
Our goal is to lose 2 lbs in 2 weeks.
We have a long term goal of losing 300+ lbs within our 300+ group in 2005.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.

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A Work In Progress
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Hi guys! Today has been another good day for me. We had spaghetti for dinner and so I tried whole wheat pasta instead of white. It was not too bad and so much better for me. I also went out and adopted a Jack Russell Terrier. He is a sweety! We named him Bounce. The boys were so excited. They have been wanting a dog for awhile now. Maybe I have a new walking companion also.

Lilion- Isn’t it great when you can make the foods that you love more healthy for yourself and actually like it? I know that I love grilled cheese sandwiches, so now I used lite bread and low-fat cheese and spray ICBINB spray on the pan. Makes it soooo much more healthy! About the fajitas, I know how you feel but it is in the past. You have not failed! Just chalk it up to a lesson learned and keep on going hun!

Michelle- Good to see you! I want to get into scrap booking but the mood has not hit me just right. I have lots of supplies from where I “tried” to do it. Maybe one day I will get the fever. Since our sons are only a week apart, are you finding that Andrew is going through a whiny and defiant stage? Zach has turned into a little terror!

Catherine- You are a great story-teller. Keep them coming!

Joanne- You will get that 10 pounds back off in no time. You have a lot going on and I applaud that you are still a sweety even when things arent great for you.

Julee- I LOVE karaoke!!! I do it as often as I can. I hope to own a karaoke bar one day. I wish I could go every week but my boys would not like that too well. Sorry about your shin. That is a painful place to bump up!!

Julie- How is it in your part of SC? It was GORGEOUS here today! I used to go to TOPS but found that I had the same problem that you are experiencing. It was more like a social gathering for most of the ladies. They had no focus whatsoever on weight loss. It really got me down and I stopped going. There are a couple more close by but now I have heard so much that this is happening at most TOPS meetings that I am leary about trying another. Good for you for splitting! You need to be where the motivation is! I also think that a clothing swap is a great idea. It can be expensive buying a new wardrobe in every size we go through.

MissMeliss- I keep meaning to try the graham crackers and whip cream thing. I have heard that is tastes a lot like an ice cream sandwhich. That sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Well that is everyone that has posted since me. Have a great evening!

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Hi everyone! How's life treating you all? I'm enjoying my first day of being a bachelorette! I was a "showgirl" this afternoon and decided to stay and see Man of the House with Tommy Lee Jones. I suppose I shouldn't say this but man has he gotten old!!! YIKES!!! It was entertaining, BTW, no stellar performances, no Academy Awards, but it was a fun afternoon.

I had a solo lunch shop and a dinner shop so that pretty much took care of food today. I've been getting some "reward" shops (where the employees have to do something in particular and then you get to give them gift cards or certificates or something as a reward) lately. They're really fun when you actually get to award them, however, the last two that I've done, the employees didn't do what they were supposed to do. Today when I approached the manager to say that they had missed, she said that the girl I "shopped" was the same one that was "shopped" the last time and she didn't win then either. You'd think she'd learn. She lost out on $20 in Target gift cards today and $20 the last time she was "shopped". The problem is that she had two things to do and when she did one of them not only did she win, but everyone that was working that shift won too. So she screwed them out of prizes....TWICE!!! That's when this type of job is frustrating. You just want to give the prizes away soooooo bad. Oh well.

Scooter: Glad you're enjoying your visit. That's great about a new niece or nephew. Maybe you can trade in the one that's driving you buggs!

Synn: I did real well getting rid of some of my old clothes on eBay. It's just sooooo time consuming! Hope you have some good luck with yours. I'll be ready to put some more up soon.

Esmaraude: Good for you keeping up with the exercise, even though some mornings you have to push yourself. That's great.

Hilta: I'm glad you stopped in over here. I rarely (read NEVER) get to the other threads in the area other than the Bio, Recipe and Picture threads. I just don't have time to keep up with it all. *I'm glad your Daffodils are not daunted by this weather. Mine are still safe underground. *I think Jay Leno has been a real hoot when it comes to his gag order! The folks he's been having on to do his jokes have been really good. I particularly liked Drew Carey the other night, especially when he came back later to do the bleach label. Sorry, I don't watch Contender.

thefictionalme: Into twoterville! Good for you! That's a wonderful accomplishment.

Melissa: Haven't been doing much on the merchandising side of things lately. I used to do alot for one company, but now they have put most of their jobs online. I was always able to talk them into paying me more when I was on the phone with them. Now when I do it online I don't have any negotiating power. So, I just haven't signed up for many. I know $8.00 an hour is more than minimum wage, but I do make more on the "mystery" end of things, or at least it seems that way.

Lilion: You just can't tell about health in relationship to size or age. My parents were always much older than the other kids' parents when I was in school. They tried for 12 years before they had me and my father was 30 when he and mom married. I was always somewhat jeolous of the other kids and their young parents. Anyway, my best friend has lost both of her folks and they barely saw 70. The mom died of cancer and the father had all kinds of problems: heart, diabetes. I feel real bad for my friend. But MY mother is still kicking. She'll be 84 in July and I'm so proud of her. She still drives (and does it well). She still plays cards almost every day. She loves going to the casino. I'm blessed that she is as old as she is with only a few minor ailments.

Michelle: "I can't believe how many threads have passed since I last posted!!" Uhhhh, YES, that's what happens when you let time slip away and don't get your fanny in here! * Hope you didn't fall and go boom too many times today. Is roller skating like bike riding and sex? You never forget how to do them??? The last time I was on skates was high school and I fell and split my pants up the seam from front to back (waistband to waistband). I'm here to tell you I have NOT been on skates since.

Catherine: You really are talented!!!! I haven't sewed, or is it sewn, in years. I used to make some pretty nice things. When I first started dating my now husband, all of the cousins were all getting married and I would make a new dress for each of the weddings. Can't be seen in the same one twice in the same crowd, ya know. The last couple of times I've even ventured into a fabric store though I found that I could probably buy what I wanted to make for less money. I was forever grateful when I was finally able to fit into things that are sold at Fashion Bug because their prices are a bit more reasonable. * You have really great stories. A mistrial because you fell into the jury box??? Yeah, that's going to happen. I think the judge had it right, you were already embarassed enough. Speaking of stunts in the courtroom, have you watched the new Law and Order: Trial by Jury??? If so, what do you think?

Joanne: Hey, lady. It's great to see you. Sorry about the pounds, but you'll have those gone in no time. I sure hope you're going to come back and stay for awhile.

Julee: I'm so glad opening night went so well (well, except for getting something to eat! ). Your acting career debut! I'm also glad you were able to find a dress for the wedding that you like. I have a wedding to go to April 16th (is that the same day?) anyway, and I haven't decided what to wear yet. I have a long skirt that is black with big purple flowers on it and I have been wearing that with a black top and crocheted jacket to any event that's "dress up" here lately. This is just my cousin's son's wedding so I'm not feeling the need to be too fancy. I did buy a dress at Fashion Bug yesterday. It's black with little white buttons going down the front. It has a "V" neck that has a sewn in little lace triangle thingy. The back is solid but then it has laces up the back for some extra "fit". I'm tempted to take out the white lace piece and the buttons and make it all black. Then I can dress it with jewelry and it might even be more dressy.

Loki: I'm sorry you're not getting what you need from the others in your TOPS group. It sounds funny that just the officers are going to break off and go out on their own though, or did I misunderstand? Just remember, it's like anything else, "you can't want it more for someone than they want it for themselves". It's a shame that the meetings are used more for socializing than focussing on weightloss. I found that when I wasn't focussing on weightloss in my WW group I was the one that left. Good luck to you.

Tracy: I was glad to hear you mention the whole wheat pasta. I've never tried it, but I think I'm going to. My cupboard is bare as far as the spaghetti stuff goes so now's a good time to see about something new.

For those of you thinking about a clothing swap: Keep in mind that 3FC's does not advocate these. There was quite a conversation recently amongst the mods about the liability of any money exchanging hands.

Lilion and others that love fajitas: Have you ever thought about eating the fajitas without the tortillas. I order them all the time and even though they are still a bit pricey on the calorie side, you save a whole lot by not having the tortillas. You save even more by having the chicken instead of the steak. Here are some nutrition stats on them thanks to Dotti's website.
Classic Chicken Fajitas - 1 order-no sides included (293 cal/5.288 g fat/0.338 g fiber/13.26 g carbs) 6 WW points
Classic Steak Fajitas - 1 order-no sides included (616 cal/44.14 g fat/0.328 g fiber/29.19 g carbs) 16 WW points
1/2 Chicken/ 1/2 Steak Fajitas - 1 order-no sides included (455 cal/24.72 g fat/0.338 g fiber/21.17 g carbs) 11 WW points
And here are the stats on the other stuff that usually is served with them:
Fajita Onions & Peppers - 7 oz. (Amount served w/full serving of Fajitas)
(186 cal/12.79 g fat/3.62 g fiber/16.96 g carbs) 4 WW points
Shredded Lettuce - 1 oz. (0 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/0 g carbs) 0 WW points
Sour Cream - 1.25 oz. (77 cal/7.44 g fat/0 g fiber/1.51 g carbs) 2 WW points
Pico de Gallo - 1.25 oz. (8 cal/0.09 g fat/0.44 g fiber/1.89 g carbs) 0 WW points
Cilantro Sprigs - 4 each (0 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/0 g carbs) 0 WW points
Guacamole (optional) - 1.25 oz. (52 cal/4.94 g fat/1.49 g fiber/2.43 g carbs) 1 WW points
7" Flour Tortilla - 1 (Fajitas are served w/three 7" tortillas (124 cal/3.57 g fat/0.69 g fiber/19.95 g carbs) 2.5 WW points each tortilla
And here are the sides you can usually choose:
Mexican Rice - 3 oz. (107 cal/1.43 g fat/0.67 g fiber/20.96 g carbs) 2 WW points
Refritos - 5 oz. (154 cal/3.82 g fat/8.85 g fiber/23.2 g carbs) 1.5 WW points
Black Beans - 4 oz. (119 cal/1.69 g fat/6.66 g fiber/20.09 g carbs) 1 WW points
Charra Beans - 5 oz. (96 cal/1.71 g fat/5.92 g fiber/15.83 g carbs) 1 WW points

As you can see you could easily have Chicken Fajitas with the onions and peppers, rice and beans for 17-18 WW points if you were willing to give up the sour cream and tortillas. Not too bad for a nice special treat.

I'm thinking I'm caught up now. Boy, these threads are flying by. It's great to see some of the old gals coming back. We've missed you. And as always it's nice to have so many new people coming in as well. I'm not even going to try and mention all those that are missing as I'm sure that I would leave someone out and hurt feelings, so if you're lurking, please stop in and say hello. We really do worry about you when you're not around and haven't said where you're going.

Hugs to all! Love ya bunches.
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Can I join? I'm 345 and looking to loose 165 pounds. Today I binged a little by breaking my diet after three weeks of perfect dieting, tommorrow I'll be back on track.

I have a function tommorrow at El Torito, so I'm not eating all day in order to fall within my calorie lines (that's bad isn't it?)

Well, I'm glad I found this place (3fc) it's really a good support and it's nice to be around people in a similiar boat.
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Shopaholic: Yes, sireee, you certainly can join us! We'd be glad to have you. And yes, I'm afraid not eating all day is BAD. You will be starving when you go to your function and then eat a whole bunch that you might not otherwise and then beat yourself up about it on Monday. Vicious cycle....not good. A better plan might be to have something small in the morning, maybe a couple of Eggbeaters, a piece of light toast with a piece of 2% cheese. Then depending on how early or late the function is, have a little something again. Usually when I'm going out for something like that I'll have a nice size salad or maybe an apple at home just before I go. That way I'm not inclined to eat as much there. *Now, if I haven't scared you off please stop back and post often so we get to know you better. I'll be sending you my formal "welcome" via PM that will help you navigate our area better.
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I like cucumbers, maybe I'll just have some cucumber salad (25 calorie dressing) for lunch, I get up at noon, and the thing is at 7, thats sufficent for me.
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Hi all,
I know I've been MIA recently - I have been reading the threads but feeling a bit isolated and hibernating.
Things are going ok with work (finally) but I have had some problems with my kids that have been making me feel hopeless. I tend not to want to burden other people with it, so then I stuff it all down - usually with food. So for the last few days I've been eating all the wrong things, avoiding exercise (and other people) and generally just feeling awful. It's really not that easy being a single mum of 4 with no support network here. Today I made myself go exercise for an hour in the pool even though it was cold, but I haven't been experiencing the joy that I used to get in exercising. Maybe it's just because things happen so slowly for me that I don't see the results of the exercise anymore and it feels like I'm wasting my time.
Anyway, sorry for being on such a downer. It's good to see all the success stories on here and the new people that are joining (or returning) with such enthusiasm. Maybe bottle some of it and send it my way??
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Hi Ladies...I am still prety new at his, so I am not going to try to address everyone yet, though you are all great at replies. LOL

I am having a tough time on the food front. I am exercising very well...but seems like I am just not ready to commit to better eating, though I know I feel so much better when I do. I am pretty stressed right now, we have to move at the end of the month, and hubby just went back to work after being laid off for almost two months. This was my first week with all for of my kiddos alone since Violet was born. I was pretty scared at the begining of the week, but it went pretty smoothly. The landlord where we are now started construction this week too, and the contractor is a jerk. <sigh> I will be glad when we are moved.

So I know I want to get on track with good eating again. I am going to go ahead and commit. I know I'll feel better. So, I will drink 3 big bottles of water a day(1 liter each...I am nursing too, so need lots of water), no more than 2 diet sodas a day(yes I'm addicted)for the first week, then no more than one a day starting the second week. And eating lots of veggies, protein, and fruit. There that feels better already. LOL

I just want to say you are all wonderful for being here. Thank you!
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Dancing those pounds away
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WOW ... you can't afford to be gone for any length of time around here.... these threads move !!! I am not even going to try and catch up with replies.

I do want to welcome Shopaholic !!!! We would LOVE to have you join in.
I see you posted a bio too. I will have to check that out.
Your pics were awesome. thanks

Lilion... your photo was awesome too. Thanks for posting them.

I am sooo tired I can't keep my eyes open ... I have to get up early.
My sister's cancer is back. They only give her 6-12 months to live.
I am headed to go see her first thing in the morning so I need to get to bed.
good night everyone.

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Thanks for the compliment 2cute. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Hope the docs are wrong.
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Default computer woes

Good morning ladies, My computer crashed or whatever! I don't know a lot about them, but luckily I have someone that does, and he got it back up and running, at least for now. He says I need a new hard drive. . Just in case it dies suddenly, I want to report a three lb loss for this 2x2 challenge that ends the 14th.

mamamoo, I will share something with you, and everyone else, that I have learned in my old age , if you wait to be ready to start a program or healthy life style change , it ain't gonna happen. You just have to DO IT! I am not saying it is easy, but you can do it.

2 cute, I am so sorry to hear about your sister.

Jill, Two jobs? Girl you have my respect! I think I have gotten a little lazy since I retired.

shopaholic welcome, hope to get to know you better.

These threads have moved so fast and there are so many to reply to, I may have to do it in stages.

Thin, don't get to comfortable in the bachlorette role. , but do enjoy it for now.

Leanne, I can't imagine raising four children on my own. I know that is an overwhelming job at times. If you have teenagers it it twice as hard. I am soooo happy that mine are grown and out on their own. PHEEEW! Anyway, I do hope things get better for you on the homefront and with work.

Tracy, Taking the doggie for a walk can be good exercise as long as it doesn't
want to stop ever two steps and smell and pee. That is what mine would do!

I think that is everybody on this thread. I know there are a lot more of you and I will be back later to say howdy to you. err, howdy to all of you right now. Keep on keeping on! Iwillbe
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I ate it
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Height: 5'4"


So the BF tells me tonight that he scared that when I get down to my goal weight that I won't want to be with him anymore and will want to find someone else. Does that happen??? And I asked him...why exactly would I want to start all over with someone new when you were with me at my worst and through the whole process...why start over with someone new who only likes the "new me" when you loved me at every stage and size of me. I know that this is his self-esteem issues coming to the surface...but does that really happen? Do women get so giddy about being newly thin and fit and cast off their men like their fat pants???

Just a quick ramble at 3:04 a.m.
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Julee I have known of several people who have done just that - lost a lot of weight and then dumped their significant other. In every case its been that they have suddenly gained a lot of attention and couldn't handle it. Pretty immature I guess. I'm with you, if I had someone who had stuck with me through thick and thin, I wouldn't be in a hurry to start over with someone else, no matter what changes had happened to my body!

IWillbe - well done on the 3 lb loss! Sorry to hear about the computer problems - it seems to be the week for them - my computer in my office died, my computer has been overheating and restarting itself and the computer in the lecture theatre on Friday restarted itself in the middle of my lecture too! Yes I have 3 teenagers - two 16 yr old girls and a 15 yr old girl (as well as 10 yr old son). Two of them are giving me grief this week. It all just seems so unfair when their father forgot middle daughter's birthday last year, this year sent a card and some money, and she thought it was the best thing that ever happened. Meanwhile I am running around organising birthday dinners, presents, cake etc ... all of which means nothing. Absentee fathers are the pits. Later that night it was me driving around at 1 am when she went AWOL for the first time in her life. There was a lot more that happened but I won't bore you all with it.

2Cute - so sorry to hear about your sister {{{{hugs}}}} I too hope the doctors are wrong. 7 years ago they told my grandfather (then late 70's) that he had bowel cancer and would have around 6 months to live - he now has no sign of the cancer and is ok. (He's having other health problems but he's also 85 now).

Welcome to the thread shopaholic - everyone here is very welcoming and supportive. It's a good safe place.

{{hugs}} Thin - hope you are still having a good time as a bachelorette!

I have weighin tomorrow morning and I don't want to go. I just know I won't be over the 50 lbs lost mark anymore. Anyway - its after 11 pm and I have a big day tomorrow so I better go.


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CrAzY GiRl on a mission!
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Good Mornign Ladies~

I am not going to try to do individual posts as I am too tired right now, but I will be back later.

Yesterday was a planned bad food day, but I overall still did well. Today is right back on plan as intended. I have not yet had breakfast, but I am not quite awake enough to be hungry yet.

Hopefully while the BF (woo hoo....he hasn't worked in a year ) is at his interview today I can run to the market (they are in the same plaza) and grab a few things that I need for the week, just in case we do not make it to the market until later this week.

I will be back a bit later to catch up with everyone.

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We had a neat treat this morning. Blue sky, sunshine on an inch of bright, new snow and 12 deer, including an 8 point buck who still has last yrs. antlers, wading thru the deep snow in the pines out back foraging for lichen and other edibles. Made for an entertaining breakfast.

I lost another lb. as of yesterday and I'm beginning to feel it in my knees. They're not as sore all the time and I can walk a bit farther than usual before they start to act up. As Martha would say It's a GOOD thing". Food and water have been great, exercise, of these days I'll get going. I'm just not ready yet. (Excuses, excuses.)

Can't stay and catch up. Too much to do around the house. I'm trying to make myself get the work done before chatting.
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